Melltoo is a social marketplace where users can buy and sell products. It is also ranked among Top 3 marketplace apps in UAE. It helps you buy and sell your preloved things. You can turn your stuff into cash in a one go just by posting a snap of it. Know who you are dealing with by checking out a user’s profile and his buying/selling history and avoid uncommitted buyers and sellers. Built-in chat feature will let you crack your deals quickly with faster communication with buyers/sellers. Browse your listings by category with powerful search and filter option.

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Acre Guru

It is a platform for property listing. It helps you out to view the service providers on map and make an order to the service provider closest to your place to save time. It has a great network of efficient service providers in most efficient way. It helps you out to have your task done from paying dues, selling furniture, joining a car pool, discuss local and society issues with neighbors, getting circulars from society etc. List your society today enjoy the app.

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FitGang is a fitness based social platform for users to track their fitness and also discover health clubs on the basis of location proximity, Budget , Facilities – like No. of branches, upcoming health clubs, no of equipment’s, Category – Dance, Yoga etc.

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Headlines Today

Headlines Today is India’s leading news app that gets you the latest breaking news, current affairs, business news, entertainment news, sports news and LIVE TV all through just one application. Headlines Today is a 24-hour English news television channel run by TV Today Network. Headlines Today covers breaking news, latest news, entertainment, bollywood, business and sports. Headlines Today news channel was launched in 2003, covering news with unparalleled passion, accuracy and speed. Headlines Today provides latest India news, breaking news, world news and much more.

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Allianz Assistance

Enterprise solution for vehicle assistance and appliance assistance services. The app runs in stealth mode on Android for assistance fleets. While login the app captures the selfie, timestamp and location of the fleets. The locations of fleets are known to call center team and based on that they assign jobs to fleets. Once they assign a job to fleets they will share a job number. Fleets have the option to capture different events related to the job, fill job description, accept payments and generate receipts. The app works in offline mode as well.


MagicBricks is India’s No.1 Real Estate App for Buying, Selling and Renting of Properties.  It offers 800,000 property listings across various cities in India. Whether you are looking to buy property or rent it out, MagicBricks will help you save both your time and money. Refine your search with the help of filters like price, bedrooms, locality, etc. and find detailed description about the property and the amenities. You can create alerts for property’s sale or rent and get matching properties updates directly in your inbox. If you want a property on rent without a broker, you can simply deselect broker.

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The app is comprehensive solution for managing the entire school dismissal system. This app has also won Best Startup App Award at Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce. PikMyKid makes school dismissal smarter, safer and cheaper. It helps schools to overcome the drawbacks of a manual school dispersal system. Schools can effortlessly eliminate the drawbacks of the current system with the help of the teachers’ and parents’ app centrally controlled by PikMyKid Student Dispersal System. This app brings you the power to manage your kid’s pick-up schedule and talk to your school directly from your App. You can get real time updates on your kid’s dismissal bus riders, after school programs etc.

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BuddyPass is a social networking app designed to connect you to friends and people nearby with similar interests and passions. This app was also featured on Discovery Channel by Newswatch TV. Select your interest and BuddyPass will instantly connect with others who are into the same things as you. You can also find or create events, plan an adventure and find out who else wants to join in. BuddyPass finds the best fit for you based on: location, interests, age and more. Create your profile and share your latest adventures and let people know what you are all about. BuddyPass is about creating real friendships and doing things together.

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FA News

FA News is a News Aggregator App for Chinese Media House. It aggregates feeds from more than 800 different sources to get you information about everything. You can find all vital information relevant to local life on this platform including local city thing, automotive information, real estate property, home life, travel style, fashion food, education, science and technology. The app allows you to bookmark, follow and get notified about your favorite content. You can also share interesting news with your friends.

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Fruity is social networking platform where user can create a profile and upload any photo of their choice. Photo will be liked on a scale of 5-10 by others and the ratings are added to the profile score which are ranked on leaderboards. The users can battle it out with other users on the leaderboard for the number 1 spot. Users can also create custom leaderboards for their friends to battle privately. Random fruity search option in the app will allow the users to search for specific profiles and rate them.

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Michelangelo is a powerful app for real estate in the hands of homeowners, business owners, interior designers, contractors etc. who wish to browse & visualize how their efforts would look like before investing money and helping to take a good decision. It helps to save huge money in remodeling, providing you platform to visualize your dream kitchen and bathroom realistically. The development of an Augmented Reality app required it to be user-friendly along with keeping up with Stone industry. Lookout for remodeling your home.

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