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Don’t shoot blindly, by assuming and approximating your mobile app users’ behavior: Scoop out
the ultimate truth, discover what triggers conversions, sales, and engagement with our
state-of-the-art, technologically superior mobile app analytics & big data services.

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We at TechAhead are specialists in mobile app analytics, and in the last
12 years, some of the biggest global brands have chosen us to create,
monitor, and optimize their mobile and data platforms, and experienced
stunning results. When you partner with an organization that has served
brands like Amex, Disney, Audi, AXA, and more, then you are choosing a
partner that can transform your business.

Embrace for impact, because TechAhead will reveal the hidden secrets
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Mobile App Analytics: Our Methodology

Mobile app analytics is both an art and science; it feeds on data and information and delivers
insights and wisdom that enables mobile app businesses to decode their users, understand
their pain points and solve their problems in a better way.

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Mobile App Analytics: Our Offerings

TechAhead is empowering startups, organizations, and enterprises to unleash their potential by
leveraging the power of mobile analytics, big data and trigger unprecedented growth, consistently.
Our offerings under mobile app analytics services have been designed and conceptualized to
make use of powerful technological innovations, aligning them with your business objectives.

Big Data Analysis

Our Big Data services are offered as part of enterprise-wide architecture management, wherein we will deploy cutting-edge on-Cloud platforms to capture, analyze and export big data for your organization. Using big data analysis, you can get stunning clarity on your mobile app usage, customer preferences and market sentiments.

Business Intelligence

The optimal use of data and analytics is deriving business intelligence, to make swift, smart and impactful business decisions. For example, If you are aware of which products and services are generating maximum revenues, which sections of the application are getting maximum conversions and which competitor is trying to bring in new business models, then it will empower you to understand and decode your market and business in a better way.

Data-Driven Growth Hacking

Data is the new oil: If you have exact, precise and meaningful data about your customers, their behavior, market trends, your competitors, and the tech innovations, then you have the ultimate power and means to achieve anything. We offer powerful, scalable data-driven growth hacking services that leverage the power of analytics, big data and insights to give you an unbeatable competitive edge.

Image & Documents Analysis

Our high-end, state-of-the-art analytics tools and software will enable your organization to deeply analyze images, documents and pdf files to scoop out amazing facts and insights about your users’ engagements, behavior and intent while using your mobile application. With this information, you can have more control over your visual & textual content, and make smarter decisions to drive more engagement and more action.

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We have nothing but wonderful things to say
about TechAhead. It’s been a very difficult project,
and they have given us excellent service.

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