TM Training

Specialized app for the leader in electrical
utility – reduce human errors, save lives

TM Training

TM Training JHApp standardized
processes and procedures to help electrical
professionals reduce human error and
increase productivity

TM Training

TM Training needed a real-time system to track electrical utilities job status data
proactively along with Digital job hazard analysis, which is customizable and allows live
streaming of the tailboard conversation to the supervisor. The application should also track
total time of jobs, scope changes, and assist in identifying opportunities for targeted coaching
by collecting real-time data that informs supervisors what is happening in the field.

TM Training

Technology Stack.

What we did.

We designed and developed ground-breaking and innovative “TM Training JHApp,” which
assist electrical utilities in standardizing processes and procedures, leading to a reduction in
human error and an increase in high-quality work. The app makes the whole process
digital and improves communication and data management.

Client TM App delivers real-time data and notifications, providing supervisors with critical
information on every job and every crew. We created a platform on web, iOS, and Android
for the employees and admin to assign JHA jobs and manage them digitally.

Emergency Services

Digital Transformation

We digitized the complete job management between electrical utilities, supervisors, crew leaders, and teams via robust web and mobile apps. Team leaders can complete the job onsite and update status & data through the mobile application.

Emergency Services


Real-Time Job Management

Information about job descriptions is often not filled due to lengthy and tireless paperwork, terrible weather conditions at the job site – leading to confusion between on-site crew and supervisors. We provided features such as digital Job management, live audio streaming, photo gallery, emergency services, and daily weather forecast in the app leading to fully updated job data.



Use Cases & Trainings

Data specific to each job, which includes job details, audio recordings, status, checklist, and photo galleries, are kept in the database for research and training. App also provides weather forecasts for job locations so that the team can view the scenario for their work locations.

Crete New Job

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