Quality assurance company that bolsters productivity and customer satisfaction

Quality assurance- Foundation of any software’s top performance

Thoroughly test out the performance of your software and correct all issues, so you’re never bothered by losing customers or their confidence.
QA will convert developed software into tools
for user satisfaction.

TechAhead: Company that turns
software into experience

We don’t restrict ourselves in doing the most for your software. Our team will commit
to developing the best possible version of the software.

Functional Testing

Your Business brings a lot of unique elements with it. TechAhead will assess your requirements and actively ensure that the software performs the way you intend.

Security Testing

Discover vulnerabilities or security gaps that your customers might encounter. TechAhead will ensure that no data leaks and complete privacy is provided for your Business and customers.

Usability Testing

We will turn the software into a superior experience for customers. Our brilliant brains will run the tests from the customer’s viewpoint to meet their primary purpose.

Compatibility Testing

TechAhead will exhaust efforts to check the hardware and software compatibility, including working on plug-ins of your software. Do not miss out on opportunities, and never limit your software’s full potential.

Automation Testing

We utilize the modern automated software testing multiple test suites. This software can compare the expected and actual results for better performance.

Mobile Testing

Get the most usable and functional app that can run smoothly on mobile phones. TechAhead comprehensively tests it for various mobile OS and sizes, so nothing goes untested.

We have memorable stories of
our excellent client service

For over 14 years, we have worked round the clock to deliver unique solutions for each client.
Our technical expertise has been tested now and then, and we have cleared it with flying colors.
Check out such fantastic work of ours.

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Our Featured Clients

  • AXA
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  • Lafarge
  • Great American Insurance Group
  • ESPN-F1
  • Disney
  • American Express
  • Cengage

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We created a robust, systematic, and seamless social media platform with an exquisite user experience.

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The team was able to complete the project very quickly, in a matter of
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ultimately resulting in a successful release onto the respective
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Juan Palma Software Development Director, Ventus Networks

Brilliant quality that becomes the backbone of your business

Supercharge your software’s performance after running it through efficient testing methods. Avoid having buggy software at the last moment and achieve peak customer satisfaction.

Improved User Experience

By testing your software with user experience as your prime focus, your software will prove the premium to your customers.

Test Cases

Every possible scenario that can arise is taken care of by QA. Your customers will never complain about annoying wait times due to overload.

Covering Code

When the QA is performed efficiently, it reduces the chance of bugs and negative reviews regarding the performance of the software.

Enhances Portability

Quality assurance ensures that your plans regarding the upgrades or portability to advanced technology are handled beforehand. You never miss out on time!

Constant Feedback

During QA, customer feedback can sort out minor problems or hurdles before they turn into system failures. You can get a third person’s perspective without fully launching your product.

Measure Goals

Through QA, one can easily detect what their product is offering. Define your goals clearly, and achieve them one by one so the software never lacks Quality.

TechAhead converts technology
into a business supporting ally

We aren’t an ordinary, nerdy tech team but an assembly of business-minded professionals.
Our knowledge about the business environment turns technology into business wonders.

Highly Revered

Over 35 awards reward TechAhead for offering world-class development and everything technology. It motivates us to work even better and deliver the best solutions.

Global Reach

TechAhead is known for its quality work, and that is why it has gained the trust of global icons such as Starbucks, Disney, Audi, etc.

Team Diversity

We bring the world together to make the most optimum product for our clients. TechAhead combines the creativity of American designers and the innovation of Indian developers to give a multicultural edge to your products.

Established Results

When TechAhead develops your products, it is bound to grow your Business. Our work has achieved over 2 billion interactions for our 600 clientele.

Constant Guidance

Our company is obsessed with your satisfaction and sticks with you until you’re thoroughly clear with your product’s functionality.

Fair Pricing

Our business ethics make us transparent in dealing with prices. Our fixed cost, time, and effort or staff augmentation pricing models will provide the most optimum way of getting the most at minimal prices.

Quality Assurance company:
Everything you need to know

How does documentation help in QA?

QA is documented so that it can be repeated when the need arises. All the specifications, cases, bugs, and reports are stacked together for easy reference and what to check.

What happens when a bug is discovered in an app?

During QA, close contact is maintained between testers and developers. If the bug is discovered, it is immediately reported to developers who handle it by keeping other modules in mind.

When is QA testing stopped?

There is no particular limit. It mainly depends on the complexity of the software, and therefore specific parameters are kept like success percentage of test cases, code coverage, bug rates, etc.

What are the significant roles of QA/Test Managers?

QA testers have an idea of the development behind the software, and they increase teamwork and productivity by assigning modules to each team. They maintain a close relationship with the developers and assess the skills of their staff to put them to best use.

Is automated QA testing helpful?

It depends on the size of the enterprise. For large enterprises, it is beneficial as it will save a lot of time in testing an enormous number of modules. At the same time, small projects may find it inefficient and time-consuming because of the learning involved and applying it for the small number of adjustments.

What is a test plan?

It details the path for testing software. They lay down the guidelines for testers and put all aspects of the software concisely and understandably. It ensures that everything is tested before launch.

We’d appreciate your time in learning more
about tech. We’re here to help

Our brilliant team just can’t stop talking about tech. This shared passion converts into deep
research about the happenings in the tech industry. We‘d love to share our take and knowledge on
various technical concepts. Check out our blogs for the same.

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FAQs- More on QA testing company


We are obsessed with technology, and that is why our strong team can handle several technologies, be it IoT, App development, cloud computing, designing, testing, etc. We are your one-stop solution for all technical needs.


TechAhead takes immense pride in being home to 200+ staff who go the extra mile to deliver fantastic work every time. TechAhead is a place for forever learners and doers.


Yes, and that is exactly what we practice. Our clients are the most prominent stakeholders in the software, and we make sure that they ultimately know its status and how it performs.


You, the product, will entirely own it and its code. TechAhead will only develop it and sort out issues that might come up. We are ethical professionals and practice it diligently.


We offer three pricing models: time and work, staff augmentation, and fixed cost. You can choose whichever suits your need and budget. Get in touch with us to know more about these plans.


Yes. Our team will get on it and sort out any problems or bugs that hamper the performance. TechAhead will carry the promise of user satisfaction even after the launch, so don’t worry and bring us whatever issues you face with our products.

Schedule a free expert session with our quality assurance engineer

Deepak Sinha

Chief Technology Officer

Deepak is CTO at TechAhead, where our team develops the next-gen quality assurance for global businesses. He will consult you on the quality assurance project.


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