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Whether you want to hire seasoned QA engineers for test automation or establish dedicated remote test teams to collaborate on your project, our in-house experts are proficient in various aspects of QA engineering and testing methodologies, encompassing both manual and automated approaches.

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developer selection

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Once the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is approved, developers begin tasks directly

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Adjust team size as necessary, with assistance from an account manager


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TechAhead’s seasoned QA Engineers leverage a cutting-edge technology stack to deliver high-quality, bug-free, and scalable applications.



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Why Hire QA Engineers from TechAhead?

Our QA team excels in navigating diverse technologies to develop bespoke applications tailored to your company's specifications. With a track record of over a decade, we've assisted numerous businesses in cutting costs and enhancing software quality.

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From building secure and scalable cloud platforms for Fortune 500 companies to developing award-winning mobile apps with AI-powered features, we’re your all-in-one innovation partner for digital excellence.


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Frequently asked questions


What are the advantages of hiring a QA engineer from you?

When you hire a QA engineer from us, you gain access to professionals who prioritize product quality, possess technical expertise in automation testing, SDLC, and Agile methodologies, and are proficient in the latest mobile and web technologies. Our engineers are skilled in various testing tools and techniques, from test documentation to regression testing, possess basic programming knowledge, and excel in operations management, ensuring comprehensive QA coverage for your projects.

How do you evaluate the skills of QA engineers for my project?

We assess potential candidates' ability to perform requirement analysis, comprehend design and coding principles, and thoroughly understand the defect life cycle. Besides this expertise, they should be adept at problem-solving and have a sharp eye to pinpoint areas of the code with the highest number of defects, collaborate effectively with developers, and ultimately enhance the overall quality of the product, ensuring delivery of the highest possible quality. In addition, we test their communication skills and soft skills to ensure they seamlessly integrate into your existing software development team.

How much time will it take to hire a QA engineer?

On average, it takes 3-5 days to hire and finalize skilled and experienced QA developers from TechAhead. However, the duration may vary depending on your company policies and specific requirements.

What does your QA process involve?

The QA process involves evaluating software based on functionality, performance, and adaptability while also encompassing the quality of the processes used in software development, testing, and release. Our expert QA team handles the entire software development lifecycle, including requirements management, design, coding, testing, and release management. They help establish procedures and standards to develop products systematically, ensuring the software meets quality requirements.

Which programming languages will your QA engineers use?

For test automation, Java is the predominant language utilized by our QA engineers. Additionally, we ensure they continuously upgrade their knowledge and acquire new skills to meet current demands.

Why should I choose your services over hiring a freelance QA engineer?

When you choose us over hiring a freelance QA engineer, you benefit from our team's collective expertise, collaborative approach, and proven track record of consistently delivering high-quality results. You benefit from scalable and flexible hiring, reliability, and accountability with us, ensuring your project's success and satisfaction.

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