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We developed AnyFans as an innovative and disruptive social media platform,
by introducing a new, exciting monetization model for creators and influencers. We
enabled users to connect with the creators they like, and reward them with their
love and monthly subscription fees. A win-win social media platform

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Solving the most complex
social media problems

Digital social media has been present for decades now, and the problem of monetization remains
as it is: How to financially reward the content creators and influencers, which is fair, transparent, and
seamless? We partnered with AnyFans to solve this problem by developing a one-of-its-kind social
media platform that inspires and rewards creators, and nurtures an engaging community.


Problem: Motivation for creators

Team TechAhead conducted in-depth research and analysis to understand the problem
of motivation for content creators and influencers. Why should they keep on creating world-
class content, if they are not able to monetize it, and earn money? In the absence
of this monetization, creators were ditching this industry.


Problem: Reward system

We conducted surveys and did research to understand the inherent problems faced by
creators in monetizing their skills and content, and one of the biggest problems is the reward
system. In the absence of any comprehensive reward system, the fans and users are not
able to reward their favorite creators, and we filled this void with AnyFans.


Problem: Filtering junk content

Team TechAhead collaborated with AnyFans founders and brainstormed ideas to solve the
problem of junk content, which seems like a Hydra with multiple heads. Some of the biggest billion-
dollar social media behemoths attempted to solve the problem of junk content being shared on their
platform, but couldn’t find a feasible, scalable solution. AnyFans is able to solve this problem.


How TechAhead transformed
social media with AnyFans…

Our team of business analysts, mobile app engineers, and UX veterans joined forces
and conceptualized an innovative, next-gen social media app in the form of AnyFans, that
is solving the most inherent problems faced by content creators, influencers, and users.


Swiftly transforming ideas into reality

Our UX team captured the ideas, converted them into prototypes, and swiftly
initiated the development work, which resulted in the fast execution of the
project. We embedded a human-centric design philosophy which triggered
more action and more engagement.


Unique monetization model invented

Our team developed a seamless reward system, wherein everyone gets
benefitted, and the flow of rewards is transparent and just. AnyFans deducts
a nominal 5% commission to ensure that the platform is up and running,
and this creates a meaningful, engaged, and trusted community
where innovation is the currency.


Junk content eliminated

In order to ensure that high-quality content, our team developed a concept
called Hangs, where hosts moderate each and every content being shared. This
way, the participants are able to access only top-notch content by influencers,
curated and moderated by the hosts for nurturing a tightly-knit community.

Unique reward system
Unique reward system
Unique reward system

Users can connect directly with the creators,
and reward them by opting for monthly
subscription fees. Thus, creators are always
motivated to create the best content.

Live streaming & podcasts
Live streaming & podcasts

Live streaming & podcasts

Creators can not only live stream their
performance and art to a wide audience
of content-hungry users, but also
record podcasts in real-time.

High-quality content
High-quality content

High-quality content

Content is created and shared via Hangs,
which is moderated and controlled by Hosts.
This way, the users are able to access
only high-quality content.

Outcome: Rewards & motivation for creators & influencers

We developed AnyFans as a social media platform with a unique
monetization model for creators, along with a tightly moderated content
ecosystem, where everyone is a winner. With AnyFans, TechAhead developed
the next version of social media, and it is changing the very concept of
engagement, fan-following, and reward systems.


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