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Revolutionizing Global Real Estate
with the power of AI and IoT

TechAhead collaborated with Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), a Fortune 500 global commercial real estate services leader, to develop a robust, cutting-edge mobile and web-based enterprise application called Intellicommand. This AI and IoT-powered app is a commissioning platform that enables users to proactively identify problems and anomalies in 5.4 billion square feet of property and facilities worldwide using real-time data monitoring and predictive machine learning algorithms.

We partnered with a Fortune 500 company
to enhance the efficiency of maintenance work for
its global commercial real estate properties

30% Decrease in equipment downtime
20%Reduction in energy
30%Increase in
equipment lifespan
$10M Saved annually, reducing cost of maintenance & operational expenses
5.4BSquare feet of properties monitored in real time across the globe
60%Reduction in unplanned
maintenance events.

Swift Maintenance with IoT-driven
Smart Building Solution

While performing equipment maintenance, it’s very critical for the technician to have access to equipment performance history, its current status, and data about any operational issues. TechAhead with its proptech solution empowered maintenance technicians to access real-time, updated information about the equipment installed in 5.4 billion square feet of property and facilities worldwide.


IoT & NFC technology with real-time data access

TechAhead system engineers and mobile app developers successfully incorporated next-gen IoT technologies, which enabled technicians to access real-time data of building equipment. Transfer of critical, time-sensitive information was made swift, based on user authentication and access rights.


Data security mechanism with restricted access

Our engineers incorporated several data security and user privacy measures since both JLL and 3rd party technicians are using this equipment maintenance application. For example, only those technicians who are registered and within the vicinity of the equipment and property can have access to the equipment’s health data. And the supervisors of the technicians can monitor and track the users who are accessing these sensitive equipment data, with detailed user logs and time stamps.


Intuitive and human-centric UX/UI

Our UX/UI experts and designers at TechAhead collaborated with the JLL team to figure out how the user journey can be made seamless, simple, and without complexities. This is the reason we incorporated a color-code-based user interface, which helps the maintenance engineers and technicians to quickly understand the health of the equipment, and take prompt action without any delay. Real-time dashboards, bigger fonts, and seamless display of technical data are the USPs of this next-gen app.


Why this mobile application
was conceptualized?

For technicians who need to maintain and monitor different, complex types of equipment at residential and commercial establishments, the biggest professional roadblocks are real-time information access and seamless data access about the equipment’s health. Most of the time and resources are consumed for these two activities, for which this new IoT based application was developed for building automation by TechAhead engineers effectively resolved.


Enhancing the productivity of technicians

Once the access is granted, the technicians can swiftly scan NFC tags and/or QR codes on the equipment, and get swift access to all aspects of equipment health data within seconds. Since the technician is already in the process of maintaining and optimizing the equipment, access to the equipment health data in real-time has saved tons of time for the technicians and made them more productive.


Graphical representation of technical data

Critical equipment health data such as temperature, setpoints, thresholds, current, time scales, geolocation coordinates, etc have been designed to showcase in a simple, immersive manner with dedicated color codes for every data set, for easy identification and monitoring. This helps the technicians to understand and acknowledge the issues pertaining to the equipment(s) in a swift, and seamless manner, leading to precise maintenance operations, and ensuring the best results.

Equipment health monitoring

Effortlessly monitor equipment health in real-time with colored-pie charts, empowering technicians totake prompt action. Stay informed with accessible updates on open work orders, analytics alerts, and more.

IoT-enabled data access

NFC-powered equipment allows technicians to effortlessly scan and access real-time performance history, monitor anomalies, and stay updated with the latest information.

Strategic maintenance planning

Elevating maintenance planning by providing strategic insights and detailed assessments for optimal facility management.

Real-time asset allocation

Optimize asset allocation in real time with location tracking, ensuring efficient and strategic deployment for enhanced operational effectiveness.


We collaborated with a Fortune 500 enterprise to optimise maintenance operations for its worldwide
commercial real estate portfolio, resulting in a 20% decrease in equipment downtime and a 30% increase
in equipment lifespan. The app’s predictive maintenance boosted JLL’s efficiency, cutting emergency repair
costs by $10M annually, proving its proactive approach delivers substantial financial gains.


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