Platform that connects car owners
with drivers & empowers both to make money


Unique collaborative platform
for car owners & drivers

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With HyreCar, car owners can earn upto $720/month from their idle car, without doing
any extra work. At the same time, expert and vetted drivers can hire cars directly from the
owners, based on their convenience, and start earning money without any investment.

  • Client: HyreCar
  • Industry: Car Rentals
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Passive Income For car owners
without any investment

TechAhead brainstormed ideas and developed business logic to empower car
owners and help them generate upto $720/month, per car, without any investment.
This way, car owners can maximize their earnings from their idle cars,
and generate passive income without doing any work.


Seamless listing

Car owners need to list their cars, enter their car’s description,
set the price, and then start making passive income.


Choose your drivers

The car owners will receive requests from drivers who wish to take their
cars on rental, and then choose which drivers they want to work with.


Collaborate & Earn

Once the collaboration is finalized, car owners can hand over their car
keys to the drivers, and then sit back, and start earning money.


Opportunity for drivers
to make more money

With Hyrecar, TechAhead engineers and business architects developed a
unique platform for drivers wherein they can leverage the power of the gig
economy, and generate money using their skills and experience.


Discover cars for rideshare, delivery & more

Based on their own convenience, drivers can rent cars for delivery or rideshare, or
any other form of car driving service: Based on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Cloud-based document management

All documents for drivers are safely stored on the cloud, which means
100% compliance with all the regulations, without any hassle.


Drive & earn money

Drivers can directly get in touch with the car owners, finalize the conditions,
get the keys, and start driving to make money without any investment.

Rent gigs on your terms
Rent gigs on your terms
Rent gigs on your terms

You can extend your rental at any time
based on the length of your rental.

Connect your gig
Connect your gig
Connect your gig

You can seamlessly connect your rental
to any rideshare or delivery service.

Drive with any gig

Using HyreCar rentals allows you to utilize
multiple services simultaneously.


Our dedicated and on-demand staff augmentation services is helping Hyrecar
to scale a powerful collaborative platform that connects drivers and car owners and
empowers them to leverage the power of the gig economy to make money.


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