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Client: Adjust My Crown

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Tech Stack Used: React Native

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TechAhead built a revolutionary subscription-based photo-sharing app designed for women,
helping them choose the best outfit to wear. Posting on Adjust My Crown is like seeking advice
from your best friends for that perfect outfit, but better. Just start a poll and share your outfit
options, set a deadline, and witness a supportive and stylish global community
crown the winning look.

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Meet Our Client

Adjust My Crown is a subscription-based photo-sharing app where you can post outfit polls, and
a global community of style-loving subscribers will help you decide which to wear. Users tap into a
global community for collaborative style advice, eliminating detrimental social media elements
such as constant comparison and negative comments. Retaining the feel-good aspects,
AMC encourages appreciation, empowerment, and inspiration. Subscribing to AMC means
opting out of the comparison game and infusing joy into the process of getting dressed.
Say goodbye to stressful outfit decisions and hello to a positive space for
style inspiration and uplifting interactions

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What AMC Wanted

Adjust My Crown wanted us to develop a bespoke app to assist women in choosing outfits for
various occasions, prioritizing a stress-free experience devoid of likes comparison, negative
comments and low self-esteem triggers common on social media platforms. They also wanted to
ensure privacy within the app, enabling subscribers to post anonymously, fostering a feel-good
environment and enhancing the joy associated with the process of getting dressed.

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We Accepted the Challenge

We meticulously addressed our client's specific requirements and successfully deployed a robust
app for AMC. Subscribing to this platform means stepping away from the comparison game,
entering a positive space for style inspiration, and uplifting others.


Start a Poll

Effortlessly upload pairs of outfit pictures for various occasions. Select the event type, add a description,
set the poll duration, and let the AMC community decide the winning look. Repeat as needed!


Stay Anonymous

We recognize your need for privacy, that's why the app allows subscribers to remain anonymous.
By concealing names and blurring backgrounds and faces, individuals can confidently showcase
their outfits, letting subscribers choose the most fitting look for the event without revealing
their identity.


No More Comparisons

The app prioritizes mental well-being by eliminating stress-inducing factors such as the quest for likes
and exposure to negative comments. The platform focuses on the positive aspects of crowdsourced
voting, fostering confidence without displaying metrics like likes or comments. Subscribers can freely
express their preferences, promoting a supportive and inspirational atmosphere where the chosen look
gets crowned by the community.



TechAhead partnered with Adjust My Crown to bring forth a revolutionary app for women,
incorporating a feel-good element. Our collaboration aimed to focus on the positive aspects
of social media and photo-sharing. The outcome is a subscription-based photo-sharing app
designed to assist women in selecting the perfect outfit. Through a straightforward poll,
a global community of style enthusiasts decides the winning look, making the process
a lot more joyous!

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