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Build scalable, feature-rich Angular apps tailored to your specifications that can be scaled up to the Enterprise
level. Reduce development time, minimize costs and get high-quality apps with cutting edge
technologies when you hire Angular developers from TechAhead.

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Tap into the potential of Angular whether you seek an enterprise-level web application with easy scalability, powerful dashboards, and security features, a Single-Page Application (SPA) with an interactive and fluid user experience, or Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that blend the easy accessibility of a web app with the interactive experience of a native app. Our proficient software development team includes Angular experts who can assist in fulfilling your objectives.

Choose a Leading Angular Development Company

What Makes Us an Ideal Choice for
Angular Development Services

We are a leading Angular app development company with decades of experience. Our team comprises over 250
talented developers based in LA and India with skillsets to build robust apps using cutting edge technologies.
We are among the top-rated mobile app development companies, with awards and accolades to prove it.
It's why some of the top global companies and brands choose us as their digital transformation partners.

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Why Hire Angular Developers from Us

As a leading Angular development company, our team offers the invaluable benefit of hands-on experience and
in depth knowledge of the Angular framework and related technologies: HTML, CSS, TypeScript, JavaScript,
RESTful APIs, and HTTP protocols, among other skills. Moreover, our Angular development projects cover diverse
industries and enterprises, ensuring the success of your project through our commitment to excellence,
innovation, quality, and creativity. Here's what you can expect when you hire an Angular developer from us:

Dedicated Development Team

Besides highly skilled developers with experience in building web apps with the Angular framework, we offer the benefit of a dedicated team focusing exclusively on your project. With seamless communication and exclusive focus, you can be assured of an app that delivers optimal results and caters to your unique requirements.

Flexible Hiring

Our flexible hiring models can cater to specific needs, whether you require an experienced Angular developer or prefer to hire an expert on hourly engagement for a focused task. With easy scalability, you can hire developers based on your project demands or business needs.

We employ Agile methodologies for all our software development, ensuring iterative, adaptive, and collaborative processes that facilitate rapid development, continuous feedback loops, and quick response to changes during your Angular web app development.

Transparent Approach

You can be assured of open communication with dedicated developers, frequent progress updates, and complete transparency during the entire development process, as transparency is paramount to us. We follow a partnership approach to development to build trust and confidence.

Direct Access to the Software Development Team

We offer the benefit of direct communication to the developers working on your project, ensuring better communication and quick problem resolution. You can directly contact the software development team working on your project to voice concerns or resolve problems.  

Our commitment to your success extends to post-development support and maintenance. We offer a full range of post-delivery support and maintenance services to ensure your Angular web apps operate smoothly, perform optimally, and benefit from timely updates.  

Our Featured Clients

  • AXA
  • Audi
  • Allianz
  • ICC
  • Lafarge
  • Great American Insurance Group
  • ESPN-F1
  • Disney
  • American Express
  • Cengage

Benefit from Full-suite Angular Development Services

If you are looking for a highly experienced developer , learn what to expect when you hire an Angular developer from TechAhead. Our end-to-end solutions help you progress effortlessly through every stage of Angular app development.


Our team's Angular expertise extends to various aspects of the design process. From the app's overall architecture to patterns, they are well-versed in every stage of the process and employ best practices to deliver scalable apps.

Code Development

Proficiency in TypeScript, HTML, and CSS ensures our dedicated development team has the ability to write high-quality code. We follow established standards and guidelines to ensure clean and efficient code.

Component Development

Our expertise extends to creating and maintaining reusable components for use across the application, saving time. With experience in working with Angular's component-based architecture, we strive to create modular components that are simple to use.

Performance optimization

Our experienced Angular developers optimize the application's performance by identifying bottlenecks, such as lazy loading modules or unnecessary data requests, and implementing performance improvements to deliver interactive web applications.

The Best Way to Hire Angular Developers

A Guide to Our Angular Development Services

What skills do your Angular developers have?

Our developers are proficient in TypeScript, a Superset of JavaScript traditionally used for writing mobile and web applications, and its features help produce efficient codes with high performance and fewer bugs. Additionally, they are experienced in working with Angular to cater to business logic and effectively manage application states with RxJS or state management libraries. Their knowledge and skills include HTML, CSS, RESTful API integration, continuous integration environments, and SPA (single-page apps) development.

What are the merits of hiring Angular developers from you?

Hiring Angular developers from us ensures numerous benefits, including access to deeply vetted, highly experienced professionals proficient in Angular framework, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, and more. Our developers undergo rigorous screening to integrate with your team and deliver top-notch solutions seamlessly. With dedicated teams, flexible hiring options, and transparent communication channels, we provide comprehensive support and maintenance for angular components of your projects, ensuring they exceed expectations and drive success.

What is the scope of the Angular development projects you have undertaken?

Our Angular applications cater to diverse industries, empowering businesses to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth. Our Angular apps cater to diverse needs, from e-commerce platforms revolutionizing online shopping experiences to healthcare systems improving patient care management. Angular's versatility and scalability make it a cornerstone of innovation and efficiency in several industries, including finance, education, logistics transportation and manufacturing.

Do you have a local team, or will remote Angular developers work on my project?

We offer the best of both worlds. You can benefit from offshore development of your software development projects coordinated by a local consultant, making communication quick and easy. Our remote setup allows us to access a global talent pool, ensuring we can match your project requirements with the best-fit developers regardless of geographic location. Rest assured, our remote team communicates through reliable channels and uses project management tools to facilitate seamless collaboration and ensure your project's success.

How long will it take to hire an angular developer?

Depending on the type of project and your specific requirements, hiring an Angular developer could take around 3 to 5 days. Once you fill out a simple contact form, our team will contact you, after which we will schedule a meeting to finalize the details of your project before they identify an ideal Angular developer to start working on it.

Can I hire an Angular developer for a specific task?

Whether you want a full stack developer for your Angular project or an expert at testing frameworks, we offer the convenience of hiring on-demand or for the entire development process. Moreover, you can be assured of the right angular developers who deliver innovative solutions as our team matches the ideal angular developer's skillset with your specific requirements.

Stay Updated on Angular Applications and Technical
Expertise with Our Blogs

Get insights into the process of developing an Angular application or the latest trends, related web technologies, and best practices to ensure you make the best decisions. Our informative blogs have lots of information to help you decide what's best for you.

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FAQs About Working with a Leading Angular Development Company

AngularJS, or Angular, is a JavaScript framework developed and maintained by Google. It simplifies the process of developing dynamic web applications by providing a structured framework for developing client-side applications. AngularJS uses a model-view-controller (MVC) architecture and allows developers to create reusable components, manage data binding between the UI and the application logic, and handle routing and navigation within a single-page application (SPA). Its declarative HTML templates and powerful features like dependency injection and two-way data binding make Angular popular for modern web applications.

Angular, a framework known for its versatility, can be used to build various web apps, including Single Page Applications (SPAs) with dynamic content loading and updating without full page reloads, delivering a smoother and more responsive user experience. It also works well for Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), with features like service workers, responsive design, and offline capabilities offering native-like experiences across different devices and platforms. Angular is also used for enterprise applications as its modular architecture, dependency injection, and powerful features like Angular Material make it ideal for building applications with complex requirements. It can also be used for building e-commerce platforms, social networking platforms, Content Management Systems (CMS), and real-time data visualization dashboards.

Angular is a comprehensive framework with a solid approach to building web applications. On the other hand, React has a lightweight library focused on building UI components. The choice between Angular and React often depends on project requirements, developer preferences, and ecosystem familiarity.

Angular is immensely popular for several reasons; first, it was developed and maintained by Google, assuring reliability and continuous improvement. Moreover, its full-featured framework offers a wide range of tools, libraries, and out-of-the-box features, simplifying the process of building complex, single-page apps without depending on third-party libraries. Its modular, component-based architecture allows developers to create self-contained components that integrate seamlessly into different applications.

Angular is immensely popular for several reasons; first, it was developed and maintained by Google, assuring reliability and continuous improvement. Moreover, its full-featured framework offers a wide range of tools, libraries, and out-of-the-box features, simplifying the process of building complex, single-page apps without depending on third-party libraries. Its modular, component-based architecture allows developers to create self-contained components that integrate seamlessly into different applications.

Primarily, the Angular framework is used for developing web applications. However, its responsive design capabilities and support for mobile browsers ensure it delivers an optimal user experience across various mobile devices, allowing users to access web apps from their smartphones and tablets. Angular also supports cross-platform development of web apps that work seamlessly across desktops, mobile devices, and tablets, making it an attractive choice for businesses targeting a diverse audience.

Yes, Angular apps are relatively easy to maintain due to their modular architecture, built-in dependency injection, TypeScript language features, and reactive programming principles with RxJS. The Angular CLI provides tools for automating common tasks and enforcing best practices, while comprehensive official documentation and a large community offer valuable resources for troubleshooting and maintaining applications. Overall, Angular’s features and ecosystem contribute to the ease of maintaining scalable and maintainable applications over time.

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If you need to hire an Angular programmer, we can help. Send us details of your project scope or requirements to hire the top Angular developers on our team. Ask for a complimentary quote depending on the Angular services you need. Whether you want to hire senior developers on demand, augment your existing team or get help with unit testing or code review, benefit from our Angular development services to build dynamic and scalable web applications.

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