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Cloud engineering triggers
seamless growth in revenues

Our powerful Cloud engineering services will be
the catalyst for transforming your business and
igniting long-term growth and consistent success.
We will understand your niche business needs,
devise an ROI-focussed Cloud strategy and deploy
scalable and robust Cloud architecture using a
state-of-the-art technological stack.


Cloud engineering services for
your niche requirements

Our state-of-the-art Cloud Engineering Services are designed and conceptualized to
solve your niche business requirements.

  • Cloud Consulting

    We will empower you with knowledge, insights, and experience to extract maximum benefits from your cloud deployment.

  • Cloud Migration

    Our expert Cloud engineers will guide you for 4 major types of Cloud migration: lift and shift, SaaS, application refactoring, and re-platforming.

  • Cloud Product Design & Development

    Our Cloud Engineers will conceptualize, design, and develop powerful Cloud products, and assist you from ideation to execution.

  • Cloud Architecture Design & Development

    We are experts in Cloud architecture design and development, which includes data center hardware, back-end infrastructure, and virtualization layer.

  • Cloud Application Development

    From monolithic to microservices, our native Cloud Application development services encompass DevOps Methodologies & Modernisation Toolkits for faster results.

  • Cloud Security Services

    We will analyze and mitigate all external and internal threats related to your existing or new Cloud deployment, and make your Cloud infra fully secured and safe.

Our featured clients

  • AXA
  • Audi
  • Allianz
  • ICC
  • Lafarge
  • Great American Insurance Group
  • ESPN-F1
  • Disney
  • American Express
  • Cengage

Inspiring success stories of
our cloud engineering services

This is how we empowered businesses by leveraging the power of Digital and Cloud
engineering and enabling them to generate more business and more profits.


Robust ERP for Contractors

We eliminated manual processes, developed
a feature-rich, Cloud-based mobile ERP
solution for contractors.

Find Out How

IoT-powered smart homes

We leveraged IoT, human-centric design &
powerful tech to bring a never seen before
smart home solution.

Find Out How

Empowered Fortune 50 Company

We partnered with AXA, world’s 2nd biggest insurance
firm & provided 80% faster roadside assistance.

Case Study

One of the best things about TechAhead has been how
accommodating they’ve been to us piling on features into the
app. After the team got a good understanding of our vision,
they sketched out a prototype pretty quickly, which allowed
us to visualize our product and then add
features incrementally.

Co-FounderOnline Opinion & Debate Platform

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Our out-of-the-box Cloud
engineering strategies

Our powerful strategies for Cloud engineering are not
one-size-fits-all, but it’s highly customized and personalized,
ensuring that your unique business needs are met
and fulfilled.

Let's talk

Business Needs Assessment

We will start from scratch, and find out the exact requirements for your business, with respect to Cloud deployment and Cloud engineering.

Cloud Roadmap Analysis

Once the existing business processes are mapped, we will conduct an in-depth Cloud roadmap analysis and find out the feasible Cloud solutions.

Cloud Migration Assessment

We will find out how Cloud migration can impact your existing business operations, and how to optimally initiate the migration process.

TCO Analysis

Before we start the actual Cloud deployment, we will carry out an extensive TCO or Total Cost of Ownership analysis, for complete transparency.

Cloud Deployment

Based on the approved Cloud deployment roadmap, we will execute Cloud deployment for your business, ensuring that the business needs are met and fulfilled.

Cloud Monitoring & Maintenance

Once the Cloud applications, platforms, and services are deployed, we will continue Cloud monitoring and Cloud maintenance for seamless productivity.

Why TechAhead for Cloud
engineering services?

Leverage our decades of experience in unleashing Digital Transformation using Cloud technologies,
and take your business to the next level. We are Microsoft Certified Cloud Gold Partners and
AWS Certified Cloud Architects.

Power of Team

Work with a digitally native, full stack team of 250+ trained professionals who will leave no stone unturned to ensure your success.

13+ Years of Experience

We have 13+ years of experience in Cloud technologies along with Digital and Mobile engineering, ensuring stellar success.

Best of Both Worlds

While our talented designers and UX/UI experts are based in Los Angeles, USA, our sharp Cloud engineers and programmers are based in Noida, India.

Seamless Delivery

We have successfully delivered 2000+ mobile apps, Cloud products, digital solutions, and IoT platforms for 700+ clients all across the world.

Trusted By Brands

Some of the biggest global brands such as American Express, Audi, AXA, ICC, Disney and more have trusted us and believed in our vision.

Business Expertise

We have the expertise and experience of partnering with 700+ enterprises, SMEs, startups and corporations, empowering them to embrace the power of Cloud & Digital.

Embrace sustainable, fast-paced
growth Cloud engineering services

Cloud engineering services for
different industries

In the last 13 years, we have designed, deployed, and maintained Cloud infrastructure for hundreds
of organizations, spanning several niches and domains. Leverage our multi-domain expertise
in Cloud engineering and empower your business operations. We specialize in both
B2B and B2C businesses.

Cloud engineering company: Everything you need to know

What is Cloud Engineering?

Cloud engineering involves leveraging Cloud computing and Cloud technologies to solve business problems, and to enable more productivity and more ROI. With Cloud engineering, we can re-host, re-platform or re-engineer the existing systems and processes, and deploy Cloud across the organization.

Benefits of Cloud technology?

Three biggest benefits of Cloud technology are: Scalability, Cost effectiveness and Security. With Cloud, any business can scale their operations to literally any dimension, without spending a fortune on data servers and IT infrastructure. Besides, data hosted on cloud is safe, secured, and protected, thereby ensuring the highest ROI over the investments.

Why TechAhead for Cloud Engineering?

TechAhead has over 13 years of experience in Digital and Cloud transformation, and have conceptualized, deployed and maintained Cloud apps, Cloud services and Cloud infrastructure for hundreds of organizations. We are Microsoft Certified Cloud Gold Partners, AWS Certified Cloud Architects.

What are the top brands TechAhead has worked with?

Some of the biggest brands and corporate behemoths who have trusted and partnered with TechAhead include American Express, Audi, Disney, ICC, AXA, and more. We have worked with more than 700 startups, enterprises, fast-growing companies, and SMEs in the last 13 years.

Where will my data be saved?

For Cloud engineering services, all the data will be saved on the Cloud, offered by Amazon and Microsoft. We are Microsoft Certified Cloud Gold Partners and AWS Certified Cloud Architects, which translates to professionalism, integrity and high-end specialization in Cloud computing.

I am concerned about Data security and safety..

Both Microsoft and Amazon offer world-class data security and data protection, which ensures that your data is always protected and safe from any cybercriminals. Besides, at TechAhead, we deploy advanced security mechanisms such as data encryption, secured keys, and firewalls to make sure that every bit and byte of your data is safe.

Tools & technologies used
for Cloud Engineering services

We deploy only state-of-the-art, top-rated, and highly scalable tools and technologies for deploying
Cloud engineering and Cloud products for our clients. This is the reason we are always
one step ahead of our competitors.


Insights on Cloud &
Digital Transformation

Check out our deeply researched and insightful blogs and articles on the various strategies of
Cloud and Digital transformation, and make the right decision, at the right time.

FAQs- More on Cloud engineering company

Is SaaS the same as Cloud technology?

SaaS or Software as a Service is a subset of Cloud technology: SaaS based products and services are hosted and deployed via Cloud, and besides SaaS, Cloud has several other utilities and offerings.

Which services are offered under Cloud Engineering?

Some of the advanced Cloud engineering services we offer include Cloud Consultancy, Cloud Migration, Cloud app development, Cloud security and more.

How Do I select the best Cloud consultant?

Before finalizing the Cloud consultant, always have a thorough check of their track record, and expertise in Cloud engineering. Find out their reviews, and check what their previous clients are saying about them. Also check their market reputation by following their reviews on renowned listing portals such as Clutch.

How should I develop a Cloud strategy?

Cloud strategy depends on your long term vision about your business, and the business objectives you need to fulfill: Do you wish to increase revenues? Or save on the existing costs? Do you want a high end application to run or wish to scale fast? Our Cloud consultants will analyze your business requirements, and suggest the best Cloud strategy.

How should I prepare my business for Cloud?

Our Cloud consultants are experts in Cloud Migration services, wherein we map out the existing business processes into Cloud, and devise a seamless migration process without interrupting your existing operations.

How much will Cloud deployment cost?

The actual pricing will solely depend on the level of Cloud deployment and Cloud computing your business needs, and how much storage and processing power is needed. Get in touch with our Cloud experts to have a details outlook on the pricing factor.

Schedule a free expert session
with our Cloud App Engineer

Deepak Sinha

Chief Technology Officer


Deepak is Chief Technology Officer at TechAhead, where our team develops robust cloud apps. He will consult you on the cloud app development project.

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