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How IoT-enabled heating
controls cut energy bills by 50%

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Using powerful IoT technologies and
human-centric design, we remodeled UK’s leading
smart home heating control manufacturers

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Heatmiser: Enabling temperature
control, the smart way

Heatmiser is UK’s leading smart home heating control manufacturer,
offering standalone room thermostat control systems under their Neo Smart
line of products. With options such as daily schedules, heating reminders,
frost protection to save pipes etc, Heatmiser offers mobile-based
advanced temperature control solutions.

Find out how we created history

The challenge

Heatmiser’s existing mobile application was complicated to use, with layers of
unnecessary webs of information overloading. The user often found themselves
lost, this decreased their overall user-engagement, which meant less and less
people were using their heating control app.


Our focus: Enchanting user experience

We understood the information architecture of the app and found out how it will help the users
of this app. We deployed a human-centric approach to design and used powerful IoT technologies
to provide tech-enabled heating control solutions for the entire house, segregated by user profiles.
This resulted in an immersive user experience, more engagement, and more control.


We gave control back to the users

Using one single mobile application for heating control, we gave the control back to the users.
Not only can they now manage temperate settings with minimal clicks/taps, but they can also control
temperature at each nook and corner of the house, create profiles, and deploy time-based
temperature control. A new paradigm in IoT-powered smart home mobile app.

Our success recipe

Using a combination of IoT technologies, human-centric user interface and
automation rules, we turbocharged Heatmiser’s heating control solutions with
advanced features. This helped both Android and iOS users to
save upto 50% off their energy bills.


Minimalistic user interface

We conceptualized & designed user journeys based on the information architecture
of the app, and enabled upto 15-times more user-engagement. Our minimalistic approach
to user-interface proved to be a big hit with the overall user experience.


Smart profile based settings

Using profile settings, users of Heatmiser can now set their temperature control
based on various factors such as location, time of the day and more. This gives more
control and flexibility to the end-users, and heating control becomes easy.


Multizone heating control

We facilitated upto 32 zones for smart heating control, that covered every corner
and section of the house. These detailed geolocations, combined with smart profiles
translates to more flexibility, and more control for temperature settings.

Using one single mobile interface, the user can control the temperature of the
entire home, based on geolocation settings and profile. We call it IoT based magic.

360-Degree View

The user is now able to view, control and monitor the heating of all the rooms in the house, via one single dashboard.

Smart Heating Controls

The control is now back with the users: Schedule heating for every room, based on their personal preferences.

Delightful User Experience

We developed a visually striking user interface, that inspired the users to engage and interact with the platform, seamlessly.


Heatmiser wanted a robust, powerful and comprehensive mobile application
that enabled their users to control and monitor temperature, across every part of
their house. We not only conceptualized a delightful, and minimalistic user-design,
but also leveraged the power of IoT and machine learning to develop
a smart app, for a smart home.


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