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IoT enabled Smart home thermostat
which slashes 50% off energy bill

We brought physical world to digital
for Heatmiser, UK’s leading smart room
thermostat manufacturer


Heatmiser provides a line of Neo Smart Control products, including neoStat,
neoUltra, and neoPlug, which are standalone room thermostat control systems.
The ability to control the devices – set daily schedules, heating reminders,
frost protection to save pipes, etc. through the comfort of their mobile.


Technology Stack.

What we did.

TechAhead designed and developed the iOS and Android app for Neo Smart
Control products to help users set their heating only when they need it, thus helping them
save energy bills. We designed a simple and intuitive mobile interface that is integrated with
HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT, thus allowing users to set up automation
rules and take control of the Heatmiser Neo accessories fully.


Welcome to Heatmiser

GO Wireless

Living Room


Simple Intuitive UI

We analyzed the entire information architecture of
the application and designed user journeys to create
simple and intuitive user interfaces, resulting in
enhanced user experience and 15X increase
in user engagements.

Heatmiser Home


Smart Profile Settings

Smart profiles enable users to program time
and temperature settings. Any subsequent change
are automatically applied to those zones
using the profile.

Living room


Multi Zone

The app has flexible geolocation and smart
profiles that helps control the heating of the entire
house based on your preferences. Up to 32 zones
can be controlled from anywhere using the
global features in the neoApp.

Add New accessory


Temperature Hold

Lock Neostats

Temperature Hold

  • Google Home

    Google Home

  • Home Kit

    Home Kit

  • Alexa




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