Pickleball Sports Community App Case Study
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Pickle Play

Everything you wanted in the
pickleball app is here NOW!

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  • Pickle Play Wireframe
  • Pickle Play Wireframe
  • Pickle Play Wireframe
  • Pickle Play Wireframe

PicklePlay mobile app is a pickleball
community in the making to find likeminded
players, nearest courts to your location,
competitive events, and clubs.

Pickle Play

PicklePlay is a backed by Tyson Mcguffin, a top-ranked Pickleball champion.
PicklePlay’s vision was to create an ultimate Pickleball app which can revolutionize
the pickleball community with the best features possible in the single app across
the world – one can find players, locate courts, create your own Pickleball
events, review courts etc – you name it and it is there!

Pickle Play

What we did.

PicklePlay wanted to take the application to a global audience – so we designed a robust
application on Serverless Scalable Architecture which can withstand millions of users with
server autoscaling infrastructure. We optimized the application for performance resulting in a
smooth and highly engaging user experience, which is helping the PicklePlay to get massive
app downloads through “word of mouth” – even though marketing has yet to start.

welcome pickle play
welcome pickle play
welcome pickle play

Technology Stack.

  • Node.js


  • React Native

    React Native

  • Angular 8

    Angular 8

  • Azure


  • Redis



Community Platform

PicklePlay brings visibility to the Pickleball sports
at a global scale with highly intuitive app which has
everything any Pickleball player ever needs and more
– search for courts, clubs, events anywhere
anytime with just a few clicks.


Azure Serverless Architecture

We designed the application using Azure serverless
architecture with auto scale infrastructure, enabling the
application to handle millions of users with ease.


Intuitive User Journeys

Designed highly intuitive and user-friendly
user journeys, helping app users to perform any
operation easily in minimum clicks/taps, helping
client to win multi-million dollar contracts.

left quote

We have nothing but wonderful things to say
about TechAhead. It’s been a very difficult project,
and they have given us excellent service.

Pickle Play

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