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Smart, Safe & Systematic School Dismissal
System With Real-Time Intelligence

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School Dismissal System That Saves
Time & Removes Hassle

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TechAhead conceptualized and developed PikMyKid: A revolutionary School Dismissal
System, that helps parents not only remove hassles and confusion while picking up
their kids but also induces a systematic, smart and efficient system for schools to
manage, track & monitor pick up of school kids in a safe environment.


min the average time teachers get back in their week


of parents adopt the platform when fully implemented


people using Pikmykid for their dismissal process daily


average amount a school can save per year with Pikmykid


less time spent in the car line for parents and staff minimum

App innovators & tech mavens at
TechAhead revolutionized school dismissal activity
with PikMyKid and infused logic, technology,
and unprecedented safety.

Making School Dismissal
Process Safe With Technology

Traditionally, school dismissal activity translates to chaos, time-wastage, and
unpredictability: Parents need to wait for countless hours in front of the schools, without
any prior information or data on how much time it may take. Basically, it’s guesswork. This
changes with the PikMyKid app.


Real-time intelligence

With the PikMyKid platform, TechAhead introduced a unique real-
time intelligence into the entire activity of school dismissal, wherein
parents can get real-time updates about the exit time of their kids,
and accordingly manage their time.


Removing manual process

TechAhead engineers completely removed manual processes associated with
school dismissal activities such as walkie-talkies, clipboards, sticky notes, and more.
With PikMyKid app, schools can now rely on advanced technologies such as geo-
fencing and relational positioning methodology to streamline school dismissals.


Systematic data collection

Using PikMyKid, schools and parents, can monitor and collect data related to
the children’s exit timings, time consumed, and other metrics to make the
right decision, at the right time. Leveraging technology and data, the school
dismissal process becomes highly efficient with PikMyKid.


Overcoming challenges with technology

While designing and developing an effective system for school dismissals, there
came several challenges related to technology and operational streamlining, which
our mobile app engineers at TechAhead resolved and provided state-of-the-art
solutions. With PikMyKid, we infused tech innovation to the next level.


Server optimization

School timings for almost all the children end at the same time, which triggers chaos,
and server logjam, since all the parents and school management access the system
at the same time. This hurdle was removed by deploying robust data fetching
technologies and batch processing of data.


Geo-fencing & geo-bubble

In order to create a safe and protected environment for ensuring seamless school
dismissals, TechAhead brainstormed ideas and created the concept of geo-fencing and
geo-bubble. As soon as the parent’s car enters the geo-bubble, they are visible on the
school’s dismissal radar and trigger real-time intelligence.


Constant monitoring of children

As soon as the kid is dismissed, an alert is broadcasted to the parents and caregivers
which assures them about their children. Even if the kid is traveling via any other
medium, or there is another person who will receive the kid from the school, there
exist systems and processes to make sure that every activity is tracked and monitored.

In-depth profiling
In-depth profiling

Share maximum information about the persons in charge of picking up the kids, and ensure more safety, and more security.

Seamless monitoring
Seamless monitoring

Track and monitor multiple children
across different schools, via one single, comprehensive platform and ensure a seamless school dismissal process.

Full control & visibility
Full control & visibility

Both parents and schools are provided
with control handles and feature-rich functionalities to handle and optimize all aspects related to school dismissals


Mobile app engineers and data architects at TechAhead developed a robust,
scalable, and powerful school dismissal process, that removed all chaos and
confusion and ensured that parents can optimally manage their time with real-time
intelligence and alerts.


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