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Automate bill tracking, split-bills, recurring payments

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Our lives are now governed by hordes of recurring payments, bills, the hassles
of splitting bills with friends, and colleagues, and the inconvenience of tracking all the
bills and payments. WellPaid is a one-stop payment solution created by TechAhead
engineers for solving all these problems, via one single, comprehensive platform.

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A powerful bill manager that
infuses intelligence & automation

TechAhead partnered and collaborated with GetWellPaid to understand the
problems faced while managing and monitoring digital payments, and solved them
by leveraging business logic, intelligence, and technology.



Stop auto-renewals

Stop all unnecessary and redundant auto-renewals, and subscriptions from all
your bank and credit card accounts, and save your hard-earned money.


Auto-split bills

Set rules and terms for all bills, and auto-split those bills among your friends and
colleagues, without any hassles and uncomfortable conversations!


Track & monitor bills

Monitor and track every bill and subscription as a group, and
induce transparency and fairness in sharing the charges.


Sorting digital payments with
logic & intelligence

Managing and monitoring digital payments can be a daunting task, and often overwhelming
due to the sheer volume of transactions, participants, and payment options. TechAhead created
GetWellPaid with an aim to sort digital payments for all users, seamlessly, and automatically.


Automate money transfers

Our mobile app engineers induced a tech-powered payment solution
and bill manager, which enables the users to automate money transfers
such as rent or utility bills and auto-save from deposits.


Ideal for these users

GetWellPaid bill manager is ideal for roommates, couples, co-parents, landlords,
colleagues, friends, and anyone who wishes to split bills, automate bill payments,
streamline recurring payments, and more.


Free & premium plans

GetWellPaid offers both free and premium plans for users, with a host of features
such as bill payment and tracking services, automated bill splits, and more.

Unified bill manager
Unified bill manager

One single, comprehensive platform
to manage and monitor all bills, accounts, credit cards, and more.

Seamless bill splitting
Seamless bill splitting

Automate the process of split bills,
which includes house rent, restaurant
outings, travel expenses, and more.

Automate bill payments
Automate bill payments

Remove manual processes to make bill
payments, and credit card payments and get
more control and gain more visibility.


TechAhead mobile app engineers and system architects developed
GetWellPaid as a powerful bill manager and digital payment solution which
streamlines bill payments, and recurring payments and helps to automate
bill splitting with ease and convenience.


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