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Laravel Development FAQs

What Kind of Digital Products Can a Laravel Developer Work On?

Laravel leverages the MVC structure, using which we can develop large-scale solutions for the enterprise. So, primarily a Laravel developer functions in two ways; individually or in a team-based environment. If you’re working on a few product features, then a Laravel developer can work on development, maintenance, security checks, bug fixing, and more on an individual level. But if you’re scaling an application through Laravel, a developer can pitch in and improve upon one aspect that needs high-priority care.

How To Hire a Perfect Laravel Developer?

We already make sure to do a thorough background check before listing any of the Laravel developers on our platform. But to double-check, you can also check a developer’s knowledge. A Laravel developer must be good at website design, handling databases, PHP, Laravel, and other related frameworks, and having a deep understanding of MVC architecture and many other things.

Can a Laravel Developer Handle End-to-End Project Development Without Any External Help?

It is possible that a single developer can pretty well manage if the project load is comparatively less. But hiring more than just one individual to develop the project at hand is best and recommended. Otherwise, the project depends on just one individual; if something happens, the timeline will be stretched, resulting in an unaccounted loss of resources.

How Much Time Does It Take To Hire a Laravel Developer With TechAheads Platforms?

It takes around 03-05 days to onboard a Laravel developer, but the number can be higher or lower concerning your company policies.

What If I Am Unsatisfied By The Work of Laravel Developer Hired From TechAheads Platform?

Suppose you’re facing problems within the first two weeks of hiring a remote Laravel developer from TechAhead. In that case, you can go for a replacement, which will serve the remaining contract duration.

I Have an Unlisted Query. How Can I Reach Out To You?

We’re happy to help you and thus, looking forward to your call. All you need to do is drop your contact details by clicking here.

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FAQs- Everything You Need To Know About Laravel Platform

What Is Laravel, and Where Is It Used?

Laravel is a PHP framework that was introduced in June of 2011, and since then, it’s on a high-rising trajectory for being one of the most popular PHP frameworks.
It is most widely used for developing web apps and similar projects. The benefit of using PHP is that it makes the coding less stressful for the developer, bundling some commonly used tasks and providing a seamless implementation.

What is a PHP Framework, and Why is Laravel one Of The Most Preferred PHP Framework for Building Web apps?

PHP is a scripting language, and a PHP framework is just a library bundle for commonly used functions
Previously, the developers were using the CodeIgniter framework, which lacked user authentication and authorization functions.
Thus, in search of a solution, Taylor Otwell developed Laravel; the rest is history.

What Is MVC or Model View Controller In Laravel, and Why Is It So Important?

The Model View Controller Model of development makes it much easier to handle large chunks of data, work in large distributed teams, and process data efficiently.
Here, the system is divided into three parts, each of which performs a unique function. The controller is responsible for performing all the interactions, whether taking input or output from the user, model, or view
While the model only handles operations done on the database, the view presents rendered data dynamically.

What Are Some Most Commonly Used Applications Built With Laravel?

Applications such as e-commerce websites, customized enterprise web applications, job portals, CMS, and much more are built using Laravel.
With Laravel, you can build beautiful web apps in less time than any other framework.
The official website of ‘Laravel’ says that it’s made for web artisans, and the use case justifies the saying

Is Laravel Still Relevant In 2022, Since Technology Is Evolving With Such Rapid Speeds?

In the USA alone, more than a million websites operate on Laravel, which is quite a considerable number.
Moreover, the MVC architecture, high level of functionality, and ability to understand the framework quickly makes the scope of Laravel relatively high in terms of robust future technology.

Laravel V/S Django, Which One Is Better?

Django is faster due to being based on Python, which is relatively faster than PHP, upon which Laravel is built.

But Laravel is much more popular than Django, and thus, you’ll find the other resources much easier compared to the competition.
Ultimately, it becomes a choice you have to make for yourself, according to your preferences.

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