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TechAhead started in 2009, and we’ve been learning, discovering, and growing ever since.
We specialize in creating digital form factors that are simply usable, functional and intuitive enough to
make life better. Trust is the central aspect for Long-Term Professional Relationship Success so, we have
brought here a few of our client reviews who loved our work. You can read our all reviews
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“They really exceeded all of
my expectations, and my team
had the same impression.”

TechAhead optimized the app so that it functions perfectly on both Apple and Android devices, and the app’s primary users are very pleased with the new features. The techahead crew responded quickly and acted like a part of the internal team. Their efforts to meet client needs were noteworthy.

Bruna Tadross,
CEO, Access International School

“The TechAhead team
went the extra mile to
meet our needs.”

The app that TechAhead built had a successful
launch and acquired over 2,000 downloads and users
within its first few weeks of being live. The team was
accessible and met every deadline. They were a customer
service-oriented partner who was willing to go above
and beyond to meet the business needs.

Cristian Pacheco,
CEO, Order Now Corp

“Their attention to detail,
immediate communications,
and overall management.”

The continued successful development has
led to an ongoing partnership between teams.
TechAhead provides high-quality apps in a timely
manner according to the specifications of the
third party client. The team is hard-working,
creative, and personabl

Amir Jafari,
CEO, Fivespot

“They’ve gone above and
beyond to get this done on
our timeframe.”

TechAhead delivered a user-friendly, well-designed, and functional app that has already garnered high praise from early users. The personable team communicated seamlessly and demonstrated an impressive work ethic. Internal stakeholders intend to maintain a long-term partnership with them.

Austin Ollis,
Founder & CEO, PicklePlay

“TechAhead has allowed
us to scale with the needs
of our customers.”

TechAhead’s support has allowed the client to effectively scale according to rising demand. The team has provided exceptional leadership, filling all of the client’s technical gaps. They go above and beyond to ensure that the client is completely satisfied. They’re also able to hit all deadlines.

Mike Stafiej,
Founder, B2B Startup

“Their willingness to push my
ideas even further has helped to
build a better app overall.”

The applications are on schedule to launch in March 2020 and receive overwhelmingly positive feedback so far, exceeding project stakeholder expectations. TechAhead’s team is creative, professional, and personable, delivering all promises and taking time to walk through each step with the client.

Devin Tustin,

“They cleared up a lot of confusion
that we brought to the table, so I would
encourage trusting them with a project.”

The site experiences greater traffic than its
predecessor, and it performed well during its first
vote-gathering processes, a sign of its potential for
organizational growth. TechAhead worked beyond
the scope of a normal business day to ensure clear
communication and quality service.

Program Manager,

“They can ramp up quickly,
and they’re flexible in their

The first country implementation has gone live
with the new web portal and apps, and gradually,
the new technologies will be provided to more users.
With flexibility and on-time delivery, this team delivers
strong technical experience and abilities. They’re working
to improve their project management as needed.

Program Manager,
Insurance Multinational

“TechAhead’s team doesn’t sleep
at night. They worked around the clock,
and were extremely responsible.”

TechAhead is recommended to all startups and
entrepreneurs because they aren’t afraid to handle a
very complex technical project with a condensed timeline.
TechAhead is complimented for their speed of delivery,
technical knowhow, and dedication to the project.

CEO, Restaurant Service
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