Reporting Management System for Construction Professionals
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Construction Daily Reports

Wasting time on unproductive reporting
to utilizing time on project delivery.

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CDR is a user-friendly, fast, and
professional way to log construction hours.
Get construction site reports in minutes.

Construction Daily Reports

The client asked us to create robust and scalable – web and mobile apps, which
can be used by every construction professional to simplify and automate manual time
logging processes, and manage projects efficiently.

Construction Daily Reports

Technology Stack.

What we did.

TechAhead built robust and scalable web and mobile apps for CDR,
which help construction professionals manage their turnkey project sites,
generate reports in minutes, log construction hours effortlessly – thus
bringing all the stakeholder on a common platform.

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Power of Simplicity

CDR is being used by construction professionals
who may not be tech savvy. We researched how
construction professionals use project logging
sheets and designed simple and intuitive
user interfaces.



Save time, Make more money

We made project logging intuitive; automated mundane
reporting tasks; made reporting hassle-free – thus helped
construction professionals save more than an hour
every single day!

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Customize and brand ‘em

We understand each construction company
has its own reporting and compliance needs.
We provided custom dashboard for account
managers to customize and brand app
screens and daily reports.

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Easy and affordable to use and much better
than other options. Saved a lot of time and cost
by switching over to CDR.

Dean B, Superintendent Construction

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