Why Outsourcing App Makes More Sense than In-House App Development

Why Outsourcing App Development is Better than In-house Development?

Defining Outsourcing: A long-term strategic partnership with a specialized organization that agrees to perform an activity or a bunch of several activities on behalf of the businesses? Core vs Non-Core Activities: Before diving deep into Outsourcing and Odds in favor of it, it’s important to understand important concepts like Core Activities and its counterpart, non-Core… read more

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How to Take Advantage of DevOps in Mobile Apps Testing

Development, IT Operations and Quality Assurance teams in today’s IT organizations are collaborating in a cohesive framework called DevOps. Term ‘DevOps’ is derived from Development + Operations that signifies end to end value delivery from applications development. DevOps helps deliver software in continuous manner. It focuses on continuous development and feedback (including customer feedback loops).… read more

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Top Alternatives to Parse! The Game is Still On

Parse is a cloud-based platform that provides scalable cross-platform services and tools for developers. It lets app developers focus on creating unique and engaging apps without having to worry about server maintenance or infrastructure. It helps build apps easier on any platform. As the saying goes, “Time spent on infrastructure is that you aren’t spending… read more

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Native vs Hybrid: Which App Best Solves your Requirement

Like most entrepreneurs, if you too are caught in a debate on what kind of cross platform app, Native or Hybrid will best suit your requirements, then here is a happy read for you, as we delve into the pros and the cons, the high points and the benefits that each—the native and the hybrid… read more

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5 Potential Big Growth Markets using Apps for the Internet of Things (IoT)

5 Potential Big Growth Markets using Apps for the Internet of Things (IoT)

From building and home automation to wearables, the Internet of Things (IoT) touches every facet of our lives. Here we define five key markets where IoT apps have potential for exponential growth. Building and home automation: Though “home automation” is an early stage market, the industry is full of exciting promise. Google’s acquisition of Nest… read more

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Android N: The New Upcoming Cool Features

Well, if you had been patiently waiting to preview Android N, you have a reason to smile. The month of April has been very exciting with the launch of Android N’s developer previews, and has the whole tech industry talking about its marvels. Launched 2 months ahead of its planned release, the developers preview not… read more

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Meet TechAhead at HKTDC International ICT Expo in Hong Kong

HKTDC organises more than 30 exhibitions in Hong Kong, from which form the 10 largest marketplaces of their kind in Asia, including four that are the largest in the world, attracting 750,000+ trade visitors from 190 countries and regions. HKTDC International ICT Expo is one such expo and TechAhead is proud to showcase our services… read more

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Apps on IoT (Internet of Things) – Revolutionary Update in HealthCare

The Overview The long-predicted IoT revolution in healthcare apps is already here. IoT is fast becoming building block of automation and machine-to-mobile communication. With the addition of the service layer the infrastructure for healthcare is complete. Large hospital based imaging systems can be joined with smart monitoring devices using multiple sensor nodes which are integrated… read more

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