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Get the right help in making the
big cloud leap with TechAhead

You are on the right track to making your business
cost-effective, faster, and increasing productivity &
business. TechAhead is your stop for all cloud-based
consultancy. Cloud technology might sound a lot,
but we have the right brains to cut it to the core
and make it easier for you.


A Choice that benefits you far
ahead while cutting the costs

TechAhead is your reliable partner in researching your business functions and utilizing
the technical skills to make the most out of Cloud services. At TechAhead, we do work that
benefits your business consistently.

  • Amazon Web Services

    The experienced hands of TechAhead will make AWS business-friendly cloud service. Leverage AWS services such as the one-point management console, command line, SDKs, etc., and your organizational requirements.

  • Microsoft Azure

    Upgrade your grasp on business with Azure’s built-in support for key data insights, and integrate with your existing IT support. TechAhead will serve all these and more for your unique business.

  • Analytics and Reading Insights

    TechAhead designs customized cloud solutions that can display data in a meaningful way. You can read reports and track data with it. The insights will improve your knowledge about performance and guide you in making action plans.

  • Google Cloud

    TechAhead will bring out Google’s reliable security model to protect your business data. We will make cloud computing easy for your pocket with Google Cloud’s time-based billing, so you never pay for new service time.

  • Cloud App Development

    TechAhead will turn collaboration with remote teams into a smooth ride with Cloud Infrastructure, an ally of cutting costs and faster delivery. Our cloud certifications will prove handy for your development.

  • Cloud Migration

    Take your business to the next level of performance with improved speed and the scalability offered by cloud migration. Take a backseat as TechAhead transforms your business for the modern age.

Our featured clients

  • AXA
  • Audi
  • Allianz
  • ICC
  • Lafarge
  • Great American Insurance Group
  • ESPN-F1
  • Disney
  • American Express
  • Cengage

Scripting successful chapters in our
story of glorious work

We are committed to exceptional work and user satisfaction. Moreover, we have been able to
deliver the same as well. We want to share our innovative services with you with colossal pride.
Do check them out to understand us better.


IoT Solutions For Real Estate

Deploying IoT-enabled solutions along with
mobility and digital transformation, we revolutionized
real estate.

Find Out How

India’s No.1 language-specific app

We empowered DailyHunt to serve 300 million+
users with customized news stories, delivered
swiftly via Cloud.

Find Out How

More Sales For American Express

We empowered American Express to generate
more sales, more revenues by leveraging
the power of Mobile & Cloud.

Case Study

The team was able to very quickly, in a matter of weeks,
able to understand the existing source code and leverage the
project API to adjust and update the project with new features,
ultimately resulting in a successful release onto the respective
app stores.

Juan PalmaSoftware Development Director, Ventus Networks

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Cloud Consulting that
will ripple a positive
business effect

You are correct in your search for expert cloud consulting
services. Take the right turn in your technical upgrade using
TechAhead’s terrific services. Our solutions do not follow a
one-fits-all approach but are customized according to
your business requirements.

Let's talk

Proper Assessment

Our team will closely assess your existing systems and check the readiness of cloud deployment. The expense and the time will be estimated and shared with you transparently. TechAhead will design ways that suit your business needs.

Cloud Migration

We’ve got you covered, even if it is the modernization of legacy systems, data migration, or cloud optimization and testing. TechAhead will do it all and more in making cloud services an integral part of your business.

Top-notch Security

We will ensure that all the regulatory and legal compliance are carried out while setting up the most secure methods for cloud services. Whatever you need from identity-based access to encryption, it will be served.

DevOps Strategy

TechAhead believes in quality work with prompt delivery, and that is why your cloud services will always be on the go. We follow the DevOps strategy for CI/CD and continuously work towards infrastructure improvements.

Careful Monitoring

We offer cloud-based monitoring services and create customized parameters for your unique wants and needs. TechAhead designs personalized alerts so you never miss out on essential updates or actions to take.

Efficient Partnerships

Your choice of a cloud platform isn’t going to compromise our services. TechAhead holds numerous skilled staff and partnerships with leading cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft’s Azure, and IBM Cloud computing. We don’t cut on our services.

TechAhead is the platform where
business owners meet innovators

Stop and look no further when you connect with us. TechAhead will drive your cloud
consulting professionally, so you walk away with its business benefits. Come, join hands with
a group of ingenious innovators.

Multicultural Outlook

You should never settle for anything less than perfection. TechAhead, a team of brilliant Indian developers and creative American designers, is the right choice for bringing multicultural thoughts behind your projects.

Outstanding Results

TechAhead is making considerable waves in the industry with its products. Our work has touched on the bases of leading companies globally and achieved groundbreaking user interactions of over 2 Billion!

Shining Client List

TechAhead is a development company trusted by global brands and many Fortune 500 companies. Our work is relied upon by prominent names like Disney, Starbucks, AXA, Audi, etc. It is your time to join our glorious client list.

Relevant Experience

In over 13 years, we have amassed significant knowledge optimally utilized for your benefit. Our experts keep in touch with the latest happenings in the tech, so you never miss out on quality. Trust us to bring a change in the way you do business.

Recognized Work

We do things beyond the milestones set for us. It is our user-centric approach that delivers outstanding & effective results. We take pride in being recipients of over 35 awards, including the Clutch Award 2022, in recognition of exceptional work. But there’re many more to come!

All Ears to Clients

We understand that your requirements are constantly changing, and you might need technical support every step of the way. That is why TechAhead will always connect with you over everything you need. We don’t back down from our commitments.

Leverage the best cloud consulting
services for your business

Focussed industries for
cloud consulting services

TechAhead brings the best solutions for each industry. We carefully analyze your requirements
and study your target audience to bring forward industry-specific cloud consulting services.

Cloud consulting company:
Everything you need to know

What types of clouds can you work upon?

TechAhead is a premier expert in developing Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). We can make whatever your needs demand or suggest based on our understanding of your business.

Will you be able to handle the integration to the cloud of my legacy systems?

We don’t provide false expectations or promises. Rest assured, TechaAhead will conduct a high-scale assessment to understand your systems, and based upon that, the most optimum way of deploying cloud technology will be figured out.

How will I access analytics from the cloud? Will you add such features?

TechAhead is at your service. We want to create cloud tech that makes your business swell. Don’t worry about analytics or any feature, as we will add them and train you on how to use them.

Is there a cloud service provider best suited for me?

All cloud providers offer the same baseline functions, but there are obviously few differences in their features. It depends on the type of industry you’re in like government sectors need to ensure regulatory compliance. Choose TechAhead and let them advise you about choosing the right cloud provider.

Where can I access my data, and where’s the provider’s center?

There are different laws regarding data sovereignty in different countries. If your service extends to a global audience, it will require more research, while it is simplified if you’re located and operate in a single country. Yet again, whatever the case, TechAhead is there to make things easier for you.

What do I need to prepare beforehand?

When we say we are in business for the long run, we mean it. Our services are expanding the range of user satisfaction. TechAhead will work with you to guide you through whatever happens so you can sit back, relax and focus on business operations. We will handle everything the tech needs to make cloud migration a success for you.

We are always rigorously learning
and serving you better

TechAhead is the place for lifelong learners who are constantly exploring every dimension
of the tech. We promote our learners to bridge the gap between ideas and reality. In our endeavor
to share our expertise, we curate blogs, and we hope you’d want to explore them to enhance your knowledge.

We are always rigorously learning
and serving you better

TechAhead is the place for lifelong learners who are constantly exploring every dimension
of the tech. We promote our learners to bridge the gap between ideas and reality. In our endeavor
to share our expertise, we curate blogs, and we hope you’d want to explore them to enhance your knowledge.

FAQs- more on cloud consulting company

Do you have experience in my project type?

We have over 13 years of experience in multiple sectors and industries, which have become a success factor for our clients. TechAhead has relevant experience in hand in your business niche.

Where are you located?

TechAhead brings the twin benefits of being based in India and the USA. We bring together a global team so that we are never out of ideas. Our communication is strengthened with our clients east or west, and your global businesses are developed keeping multicultural aspects in mind.

How do you price your services?

We have three pricing models- fixed cost, staff augmentation, and time and work-based. Depending upon your need, you can choose any. Our transparent pricing will fit your pocket and provide outstanding work. Do connect with us to know more about it and customize the plans as per your requirement.

Why should I trust TechAhead?

Good question. TechAhead is trusted by global giants like Disney, Audi, AXA, and American Express, and we have served some unique work to them. In our 13+ glorious years, we have created products with over 2 billion interactions; We are eager to learn and take up challenges.

What if your work turns out buggy?

We take pride in our development services and complete ownership of whatever we provide you. In such cases, do not hesitate to bring it to us, and we will be delighted to work on it. You are putting your trust in a reliable company, and we will stand by it.

I don’t understand tech. Will you own my business code or functions somehow?

We don’t follow fraudulent practices and take strict measures to uphold our greatest asset, our work ethics. Your project will entirely serve you and will stay with you. Moreover, we will sign NDAs to prevent any data leak legally. Our mentors will explain the whole procedure to you so that your lack of technical knowledge doesn’t hinder your understanding.

Schedule a free expert session with our mobile app engineer

Vishal Sahu

VP- Technology


Vishal is a Vice President- Technology at TechAhead, where our team develops the next-gen mobile apps for global businesses. He will consult you on the CMS development project.

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