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  • Decades of Experience

    We’ve been here since you downloaded your first mobile app, gathering data and perfecting our craft.

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    Audi, AXA, Disney, ICC, and other companies choose us as their digital transformation partners.

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    Over 250+ talented individuals in LA and India are working towards building state-of-the-art products.

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    Complete digital transformation solution with services in domains like low code, IoT, iOS, Android, Web, and more.

  • Recognized as Market Leaders

    We’ve been instated as ‘Market Leaders’ by standards of Clutch Leaders Matrix in the category of ‘Top Multicultural App Developers.’

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    We’ve been recognized and talked about by media houses such as Yourstory, Entrepreneur, CBS, and more.

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Hire AWS Developers: FAQs

How to select the best AWS developers for my project?

AWS developers you are hiring should have exposure and experience in working with AWS Software Development Kit, which is the fundamental base. Besides, the candidate should have a passion for programming, and know about large-scale system design, along with SQL, HTML, Advanced JavaScript, and CSS.
Our team at TechAhead on-board only the best of the best AWS developers, who are vetted and examined for ensuring the best results for our clients.

How can AWS developers ensure the best results for my business?

AWS provides a wide array of 70+ services, which includes a cloud-based database, analytics, mobile apps, software, tools, and more. Expert AWS developers can streamline your IT infrastructure, and deploy powerful, scalable, and secure Cloud computing services for your business, ensuring top-class results and ROI.

How does TechAhead ensure that only talented AWS developers are enlisted?

Applicant developers go through an array of stringent screening rounds before being onboarded to the team. The screening algorithm gauges their subject matter expertise in tandem with the real-time pressure simulations, to filter out the best, both in terms of skill and work ethic.

How much time will it take to hire and finalize AWS developers?

3-5 days is the average based on our data. However, the intent here is to find the best match. Based on the time spent zeroing in on the candidate, the process might shorten or stretch by a couple of days.

What is the procedure for hiring AWS developers via the Staff Augmentation model?

Subsequent to understanding the scope of the requirement in detail, we curate a requirement specification document. The requirement is then shared with the pool of developers specializing in relevant skills. Screened candidates are then made to interact with the client. Based on the agreement, you’re good to go !! And the best part, all the mundane scheduling, billing, documentation, and whatnot, are diligently managed, tracked, and reported by our team at TechAhead.

What if we don’t like the work delivered by AWS developers?

Techahead resonates with timeless client trust derived from the standards maintained and delivered throughout the entire project span. However, if in case a client’s satisfaction is not met and the project calls for bespoke attention, Techahead is an email away to cater to each and every problem in real-time. We can also switch the developers, and present before you other experienced and talented AWS developers to make sure that your project is not delayed.

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FAQs- Everything You Need To Know About AWS

What exactly is AWS?

AWS is Amazon Web Services, which provides on-demand Cloud solutions, APIs, and tools to businesses for deploying Cloud Computing for their operations. Right now, AWS is the world’s biggest Cloud computing platform and is much bigger than Google and Microsoft in terms of revenues and clientele. AWS was launched in 2006.

How many companies are using AWS?

More than 150 companies are right now using AWS for meeting their IT infrastructure needs. Many of these companies have a business turnover of more than $1 billion per year. Some of these companies include SAP, Disney, Sony, General Electric, and more.

How can AWS help me increase productivity?

AWS provides a host of productivity tools and applications, which helps employees to work faster, backed with world-class security, and making them location-independent. With AWS, not only employees, but the entire business can experience a boost in productivity. Examples are Amazon Honeycode, Amazon Chime, WorkDocs, and more.

Can AWS help me to save IT expenses?

With AWS, companies don’t need to maintain and expand data servers, hire full-time IT managers or spend huge capital on procuring expensive systems for managing data and operations. With Cloud computing backed and hosted by AWS, businesses can drastically reduce their IT expenses.

Do you also provide Certified AWS Developers?

Yes, we provide Certified AWS Developers, who have years of experience in deploying and optimizing Cloud Computing setups.

Is AWS relevant for fast-growing startups?

AWS is very relevant for fast-growing startups. Two most relevant reasons: Unprecedented scalability, and reduced IT expenses. Get in touch with our team to find out more about the benefits of AWS for fast-growing startups.

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