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Hire AWS Solution Architect

Drive success by hiring AWS Solution Architects! In the pursuit of optimal cloud
solutions, skilled architects play a crucial role. Our team excels in crafting scalable, reliable Cloud Services, providing a blueprint for navigating AWS
architecture. Secure efficiency and scalability for your business by entrusting your cloud infrastructure to our seasoned AWS Solution Architects.

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Embarking on the adventure of cloud computing in today's digital world is not just a smart move—it's vital. Picture yourself working on scalable app deployment and intricate cloud infrastructures. Hiring an AWS Solution Architect might be what you need. We've navigated those same tricky channels, working tirelessly to ensure our mobile application development services don't just keep pace but set the speed. Take heart; we speak from experience when we say tackling these challenges is part of our journey, too. Our team boasts AWS Solutions Architects with credentials that aren't merely ornamental—they're a testament to their prowess in devising advanced answers and ratcheting security protocols.

We’re excited to reveal why bringing on board an AWS Certified Solutions Architect can catalyze your endeavors in the software development process, inject a spirit of innovation, and innovate faster into your team’s bloodstream. It's time for us to guide you toward making your next game-changing hire—with an arsenal of AWS infrastructure knowledge as your steadfast ally.

The Benefits of Hiring an
AWS Solutions Architect

Enlisting a solutions architect propels your cloud infrastructure to new heights, offering a blend of expertise that can dramatically transform
how you develop mobile applications.Our professionals bring knowledge and proven track records in designing scalable systems
that respond dynamically to your business needs. Our grasp on implementing AWS best practices ensures performance
optimization and cost savings with no strings attached when they identify areas where efficiency can be boosted.
We recognize how essential our software development process is to be agile and secure, precisely what skilled
AWS solutions architects deliver. We easily navigate the complexities of the AWS platform,
allowing us to innovate faster and extend our global reach without compromising on reliability.

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Skills and Experience to Look For in an
AWS Certified Solutions Architect

When considering the right architect for your organization, it's essential to look for specific skills and experience that will ensure the successful implementation of AWS cloud solutions. Understanding the benefits of how to hire AWS solutions architects is essential. Here are some essential tips for making your solution architect the best choice: Here are the key attributes to consider:

Understanding the Role of a
Solutions Architect

Building on the advantages of having the right AWS Solutions Architect, let's dive into their core responsibilities. These professionals
are pivotal in designing and optimizing cloud infrastructure to meet client needs. They combine knowledge of Amazon Web
Services with innovative thinking to solve complex problems. It's their job to understand the intricate web of AWS services,
including AWS Glue for data integration or scalable storage options like S3. AWS Solutions Architects must possess
a versatile skill set beyond technical expertise. They need strong communication skills to translate tech speak into
clear language for clients, ensuring everyone is on board with the proposed strategy. Effective project management
is crucial as they collaborate with architects and stakeholders, weaving various technologies into one
cohesive system.They are tasked with crafting custom-built architectures within an AWS environment
that can grow with your company's transformation journey. From choosing the right mix of services to
implementing scalable features without fail, these architects ensure that your architecture
supports your ever-evolving business landscape while staying cost-efficient and secure.

Why Should You Be Hiring a TechAhead Certified
AWS Solution Architect?

There are many reasons because of which over the last 14 years we have been the market leader for app development services
with a range of fortune 500 clients & excellent portfolio we have been dominating the market.

Choose the best hiring
model for your business

Some companies prefer a model that prioritizes speed. Others may focus on the quality of hire or cost-efficiency.Each model affects the cost of hiring, speed, and quality. Choices should be made accordingly.

Time & Material

Time & Material


Staff augmentation


Project based

Why Your Organization Should Hire an
AWS Solutions Architect

With TechAhead, you can seamlessly revolutionize cloud infrastructure and services managment of your organisation by hiring a solutions architect. By crafting tailor-made solutions, these AWS experts can smoothen all the operations of your company. You get a smooth transition to the cloud at the same time while also maximizing performance.

Projects Delivered

In the last 14+ years, we have successfully delivered more than 2000 mobile apps, websites, and digital portals
to customers, impacting millions of users and counting. Here is a glimpse of our fascinating success stories.

Choosing the Right Partner for
AWS Solutions

After identifying the necessary skills and experience, top companies must focus on choosing the right partner for AWS Solutions Architecture. Look for an AWS solutions architect with proven expertise in effective architecture, enhanced security, and scalability. Finding a partner like TechAhead who can align with your organization's specific needs and goals while demonstrating a deep understanding of AWS offerings is essential. Seek a partner with credentials such as a Certified Solutions Architect - Associate or Professional, showcasing their advanced knowledge and skills in the cloud computing software domain.Additionally, look for someone who can provide actionable guidance and has a track record of creating customizable solutions that optimize clients' use of AWS services. By partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable architect, you can ensure your mobile application development will be built on a robust, reliable architecture designed to meet your unique business requirements.


The web developer you are hiring should have experience working with the AWS Software Development Kit, which is the fundamental base. Besides, the candidate should have a passion for programming and know about large-scale system design, along with SQL, HTML, Advanced JavaScript, and CSS.
Relax! Our team at TechAhead is on board with only the best of the best AWS architects, who are vetted and examined to ensure the best results for our clients.

AWS provides 70+ services, including a cloud-based database, analytics software, mobile apps, tools, support, and more. Expert AWS developers can streamline your IT technologies and deploy powerful, scalable, and secure cloud technology services for your business, ensuring top-class results and ROI.

Applicants go through an array of stringent screening rounds before being onboarded to the team. The screening process and algorithm gauge their subject matter expertise in tandem with the real-time pressure simulations to filter out the best skill and work ethic.

The average is 3-5 days, based on our data. However, the intent here is to find the best match. Based on the time spent zeroing in on the candidate, the process might shorten or stretch by a few days.

After understanding the scope of the requirement in detail, we curate a requirement specification document. The requirement is then shared with developers specializing in relevant skills. Screened candidates are then made to interact with the client. Based on the agreement, you’re good to go!! The best part is that all the mundane scheduling, billing, documentation, and whatnot are diligently managed, tracked, and reported by our team at TechAhead.

TechAhead resonates with timeless client trust derived from the standards maintained and delivered throughout the project. However, if a client’s satisfaction is not met and the project calls for bespoke attention, TechAhead is an email away to cater to every problem in real time. We can also switch the developers and present other experienced and talented AWS developers before you to ensure your project is not delayed.

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