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We helped 2 Million Moms
lose 6 Million Pounds:
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Unleashing the power of tech to
help moms stay healthy & fit


Scaled userbase to 2 Million
with 100% growth


Million Acquired by
Halo Food In 2022


Ranked among top 100
fitness app worldwide

The Healthy Mummy

We provided moms with a beautiful,
enriched and connected platform to start
the journey of weight loss.


We empowered World’s #1 Mum’s
fitness app to attract 2 Million Users in
less than 365 Days

Find out how we revamped and re-engineered world’s biggest
mommy’s only healthy living app in less than 12 months,
and empowered them to serve 2 million users.

This time, we pushed
ourselves beyond all limits
Find out how we created history
The Healthy Mummy App

The Client

The Healthy Mummy was launched a decade ago, with a very
strong theme of helping all mothers to eat healthy, stay healthy
and lose weight.

The Challenge

Their mobile application was outdated, slow and was not able
to manage the existing traffic that stopped its overall growth and
spoiled their user’s overall experience. The client wanted no
downtime while transitioning from the old app to
the new, and they wanted fast scaling.

What We Did

We turbocharged The Healthy Mummy mobile app with new,
scalable technology, re-engineered the overall user experience
with stellar design and induced a new energy that helped them
to scale to 2 million users. As a results, Halo Food acquired The Healthy Mummy for $17 million in February, 2022,
providing an industry-beating ROI to the founding team.


Without any downtime,
and disruption to the live app,

We re-launched the native app across Google Playstore and
Apple Store in less than a year. We made sure that the business
suffered no loss, and the transformation from the old to
the new was seamless, almost magical.

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TechAhead has once again met tight timelines
and very high expectations. Appreciate working
with a fantastic team.

CTO, The Healthy Mummy

The Healthy Mummy App

Our Success Recipe

Our experienced Solution Architects and Programmers brainstormed
new ideas and concepts for turbocharging The Healthy Mummy mobile app,
and suggested some sweeping changes to the client. Once the suggestions
were approved and deadlines earmarked, we began our journey to
empower world’s #1 mum’s app to make them invincible.


Developed a powerful architecture

We started from scratch and re-engineered the entire architecture of the
mobile app and website to make it robust, powerful and scalable. Using cutting edge
technology platforms like Cloudflare, Semaphore, Docker and more, we ensured
that The Healthy Mummy gets a solid foundation for decades to come.


Jaw dropping new design

We understood the market where our client was venturing, and we deeply
researched the psyche of their target audience. We deployed a stunning design
philosophy that ensured more engagement, more action, and better user
experience. We re-designed user flow and user interface to make
the app more agile, more flexible and highly attractive.


Unprecedented Scaling

The mobile app architecture we deployed for the new app ensured
unprecedented scaling, that our client wanted. We ensured that new users are
able to seamlessly install the mobile apps, without any technological disruptions.
We enabled more concurrent users to access the mobile app, and engaging
with the platform without worrying about downtime.


Incredibly Fast Global Deployment

We worked around the deadlines, and ensured that the deployment is fast, and
without delay. In a record breaking spree, we were able to deploy the new,
revamped and re-engineered mobile app at Google Playstore and Apple Store
within 12 months. Users from all over the world were able to access the new,
native app without any downtime, and this stunned our clients.

Quote iconWe are proud to state that The Healthy Mummy has
helped mothers lose whopping 6 million pounds. And we are extremely
glad to state that our technological innovation and initiates have
a very important part to play in this achievement.

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