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Roadside Assistance was made
possible for AXA customers

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AXA Assistance

AXA Roadside Assistance

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Imagine being stranded on the road – each second seems like days.
Our challenge was to provide robust, scalable roadside assistance app to the AXA’s
customers with One-click in the shortest time, thus restoring safety and peace of mind.

We sculpted a powerful digital platform
for world’s second biggest financial services firm:
205 year old AXA, with market value
of €780.9 billion.

What AXA needed?

AXA Drive Easy aims to provide end to end Roadside Assistance system to its customers.
Our engineering team wrote complex algorithms to automatically filter and suggest the
nearest workshops, drivers, and providers for a case.

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Axa Features

Real-time assistance

Effective & efficient emergency assistance

Via Drive Easy platform, AXA wanted effective and efficient
roadside rescue operations for their customers, who were
stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken car.

One-click assistance

Tech-powered rescue operations

Technology was the fulcrum based on which AXA Drive Easy
roadside assistance was conceptualized and planned. AXA
wanted technology as the driving force behind providing
roadside rescue services, and to make it effective that way.

Operation excellence

Superior assistance in less time

Time is a critical essence when it comes to roadside
rescue. If the assistance is not provided in time, then it
won’t be meaningful. Hence, AXA wanted a tech-fuelled
assistance service that can save time.

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Our Success Recipe

Using advanced algorithms and geo-positioning tools, we conceptualized and
designed AXA Drive Easy road assistance app which proved to be a savior for
drivers. We ensured that customers are able to get access to timely and
accurate roadside help, based on their precise location.


Real-time information sharing

AXA customers were able to get timely roadside assistance, due to real-time information
sharing with the operations team. The system was able to locate customers’ coordinates,
and share the information with the backend team in real-time.

This ensured reduced operational expenses for the client, quick and timely
roadside assistance for the customers and a seamless, automated process for
delivering assistance in real-time.


Roadside assistance in one-click

In literally one click, AXA customers were able to receive roadside assistance
from the operational team, which proved to be the gamechanger.

We created a system that automatically pulled 80% of the critical data about the
customers, and shared them with the backend team for quick action. Using that data,
the nearest workshops were contacted, and roadside assistance was delivered.


Tech-enabled operational excellence

In an emergency situation, the only thing that matters is time, and ensuring that
no time is wasted in providing quick roadside help. Our powerful digital and mobile
platform for AXA Drive Easy enabled seamless collaboration between Operational
and Finance teams, and helped them to coordinate rescue efforts on a global level.

We created new benchmarks for operational excellence.

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First country implementation has gone live.
With flexibility and on-time delivery, this team
delivers strong technical experience and abilities.

Program Manager, Insurance Multinational

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