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Why TechAhead for developing
real estate app development?

We are unleashing a revolution in the global real estate market by conceptualizing
and launching powerful mobile apps that are helping millions of users to seamlessly
buy or sell properties. Here’s our secret of success.

Impeccable Team

We are proud of our 250+ team members, who are digitally native, passionate, and eager to solve real problems for our clients and help them succeed.

Unbeatable Experience

With over 13 years of experience in unleashing digital transformation, we are a name to reckon with in this industry.

Creative Powerhouse

Leverage the creativity and diversity of our powerful team spread across Los Angeles, USA, and Noida, India for maximum impact.

Seamless, Swift Delivery

We have delivered more than 2000 mobile apps, IoT solutions, digital platforms, and portals for hundreds of global clients.

Business Expertise

We have partnered and worked with 700+ global businesses, unleashing digital transformation for them, and enabling them to generate more revenues, more profits.

Trusted by Global Brands

There is a reason why brands like American Express, Disney, AXA, Audi, ICC, and others trust us and believe in our vision.

Inspiring success stories of our
real estate app development services

In the last 13 years, we have digitally transformed and optimized hundreds of global businesses,
by infusing human-centric design philosophy, and cutting-edge mobile engineering. Check out
our fascinating success stories that set new benchmarks in service excellence.


Powered Volatiles With IoT

We infused emotions & IoT into walls, enabling
users to deploy spellbinding lighting solutions
via mobile app.

Find Out How

IoT-Powered Smart Homes

We leveraged IoT, human-centric design &
powerful tech to bring a never seen before
smart home solution.

Find Out How

Our featured clients

  • AXA
  • Audi
  • Allianz
  • ICC
  • Lafarge
  • Great American Insurance Group
  • ESPN-F1
  • Disney
  • American Express
  • Cengage

IoT Solutions For Real Estate

Deploying IoT-enabled solutions along with mobility
and digital transformation, we revolutionized
real estate.

Case Study

TechAhead has delivered the full stack. They had been very
communicative and flexible with their management. The internal
team had direct access to their development team, who led a
responsive workflow, as well. Overall, the team carried out
great quality of work.

Al Romero Product Manager, Real Estate Company

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Stunning features of our
real estate mobile apps

Our real estate apps are customized and tailor-made
for different business requirements and objectives,
enabling both buyers and sellers to seamlessly discover,
finalize, and transact online. Here are some stunning
features of our real estate mobile apps.

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Registration & Authentication

First-time visitors can quickly register on our real estate app, and start discovering their properties without hassles. Besides, we have secured user authentication for data protection.

360-Degree Visuals

We will incorporate high-quality photographs and videos with a 360-degree view of the entire apartment/house and the locality.

Advanced Search Options

Sort, filter, and search with some of the most advanced features for ensuring that the users are able to select the best properties.

Seamless Communication

In-built chat options can be incubated in the mobile app, for instant communication between the buyers/sellers, and/or the users and the agents.

In-Depth Content

Our real estate apps are content-centric and provide ample space for including in-depth information about the properties.

Swift Financing

We can also add financing options for buyers for quick transactions and confirmations. There are tons of digital payment options we can incorporate into the real estate mobile app.

Feature-Rich, scalable real
estate app development services

Disrupt the $11 trillion online real estate market with our world-class real
estate app development services, customized for your unique business needs. Here
are our niche real estate app development solutions.

  • Real Estate Apps

    A full-fledged real estate app for selling or renting out properties with exciting, futuristic features like virtual tours and more.

  • Property Management Apps

    We will develop a complete end-to-end property management app, that can help you to monitor your properties, optimally manage the rents, contracts, and more.

  • CRM Solutions

    A powerful CRM solution for managing all your customer data leads history about their interactions and unique requirements, all via one single platform.

  • Real Estate Agent Apps

    We will design and develop a feature-rich real estate mobile app for real estate agents, covering both B2B and B2C businesses.

  • Lead Management

    Manage, nurture and motivate your real estate leads with our robust lead management platform, designed for real estate businesses.

  • Rental Apps

    Simplify & optimize the process of renting out your real estate properties, with our advanced rental apps, for long-term success.

Turbocharge your real estate business
and trigger unstoppable growth

Real estate app development
services: Everything you
need to know

What exactly is a real estate development service?

Real estate app development is the art and science of conceptualizing, designing, developing, and launching real estate mobile apps, for enabling users to buy/sell or rent properties. Enhancing user experience, and providing a solid technological foundation are the main features of any real estate app.

What are the benefits of real estate development services?

With real estate app, businesses can completely digitize their business and accelerate their business growth by leveraging the power of technology and digital platforms. With a mobile app, real estate businesses and real estate agents can streamline their operations, generate more leads, and trigger more revenues and profits.

How to choose the best real estate development service partner?

One of the best ways to finalize and select your real estate app development partner is by checking out their previous works, and feedback/review of their past projects. Checking market sentiments via renowned listing portals such as Clutch is also recommended to have a clear picture of their capabilities and skills.

Why TechAhead for real estate app development service?

TechAhead has a rock-solid experience of 13+ years, in unleashing digital transformation for 700+ global businesses and Fortune 500 companies. We have delivered 2000+ mobile apps for diversified businesses, empowering them to scale their business and attract millions of new customers. We have a proven track record in real estate app development services and initiated industry-wide innovations.

Which are the top mobile apps developed by TechAhead?

In the last 13 years, we have partnered and worked with leading global brands such as American Express, Audi, Disney, AXA, ICC, and more. We have also worked with startups and small businesses and helped them to streamline their business operations, and attract millions of new users and customers.

I am concerned about the security and safety of user data. Any solutions?

Our iron-clad promise to all our clients: Your data and information, and all intellectual properties are protected and safe with us. We deploy some advanced data security and safety mechanisms, such as data encryption, firewall, secured keys, and more to ensure that every bit and byte of data is protected and safe.

Who will provide real estate app maintenance and monitoring?

We will! We at TechAhead are global leaders in offering world-class app maintenance and monitoring services that ensure that our client’s mobile apps are delivering stunning performance, and results. We will proactively report bugs, issues, and anomalies, and suggest the best customizations and tweaks for optimizing ROI and results.

Insights on real estate
app development strategies

Read our exclusive and deeply insightful blogs on real estate app development, strategies, and market
trends, which will enable you to take the right decision, at the right time.

FAQs- More on real estate app development company

Who owns the designs, concepts, and prototypes of the real estate app development?

Our clients are the sole owners of all designs, concepts, and prototypes that we use and deploy for real estate app development. Once the project is over, we will hand over all designs, concepts, and prototypes to our clients.

Will my ideas for real estate apps be kept confidential?

Before we initiate any project, we sign an NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement with our client, specifically stating that every idea and concept shared by our clients will be kept confidential, and protected.

How are apps revolutionizing the real estate industry?

Real estate app developments make it convenient for both buyers and sellers to list their properties on a common platform easily. One does not need to be present to see tens of properties physically.

Apps have revolutionized the entire buying and selling process in the real estate industry by personalizing search, providing complete information, and direct seller to buyer contact instead of brokers and agents in between.

Digitization has also made the lengthy paperwork much easier. It enables easier acceptance and rejection of offers, thereby making the process instant.

At TechAhead, with the help of our real estate app development, transform your real estate business today. We provide all kinds of solutions for real estate app development.

How is TechAhead a leading real estate app development company?

As a top real estate app development company, we have the experience and skills to make your app gain popularity in its category. As a real estate app development company, we develop robust, scalable mobile apps for real estate. We provide post-delivery support, which includes software upgrades, design updates, and new device compatibility.

Are you looking for the best real estate app development company for your project? Give us a call to get started!

What are the benefits of having a mobile app for the real estate business?

Our robust, rich real estate app development includes easy user navigation, highly Interactive features, appealing & rich designs, which allows you to keep your customers connected with the latest schemes, latest work status, show all ongoing projects, show properties on sale, and much more.

What are some good features a real estate app should have?

Some good and recommended features for real estate app development are: showing all new schemes and projects, keeping the user updated with the construction status, showing property details, showing all properties on sale or rent, scheduling a meeting, showing the details of all the agents and advisories, property owner contact details and chat options.

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