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Our expert digital & mobile architects deployed a powerful technology stack and human-
centric design engineering to sculpt a robust and scalable platform that connects
customers with genuine service providers and helped them forge long-term
relationships. Created for Ecuador, this platform is solving the biggest problem that
customers face while choosing service providers: Trust.

We created a powerful platform
that connects customers with verified and
trusted service providers and solved the
problem of trust and discoverability.

Right service provider for the right customer

In the services industry, trust is a major roadblock, which stops customers from choosing
their service providers. We are solving this problem in Ecuador, with ToDoServy. Using this
platform, the customers can search and locate expert, vetted, and verified service
providers across different domains and fulfill their needs seamlessly.


Trustable platform for customers

With ToDoServy, customers based across Ecuador can choose the right service provider
such as doctors, plumbers, lawyers, fitness trainers, carpenters, and more, and safely
conduct their transactions. All these service providers are verified and vetted
by the team, which ensures trust and dependability.


Scalable solution tor service providers

For service providers, ToDoServy offers a powerful, scalable, and feature-loaded platform,
that enables them to register, and upload their profile, and seamlessly get new customers,
on a consistent basis. Since the payment is managed by the admin team, there is
absolutely no discrepancy and ambiguity, and entire business operations are managed


Forging professional relationships

Once the customers and service providers are connected via ToDoServy, they can
transparently negotiate and finalize the terms and conditions of their business transaction,
and this helps both parties to forge long-term, professional relationships. Customers are
assured that the service providers are vetted and verified, and the service providers are
assured that the payments are directly handled by the management of ToDoServy.
A win-win situation.


Solving the inherent problems of the service industry

Trust & discoverability are the biggest problems, faced by the customers and vendors
within the service industry. In the traditional model, the customers are not able to discover
vendors, and once found, they are not sure, whether the service provider is genuine or
not, and on the other hand, the service provider is always apprehensive about getting
their payments on time. TechAhead solved both these problems with a single stroke.


Discover numerous service providers

Our talented mobile and digital solution providers brainstormed ideas and studied
business models to derive a scalable and robust platform, focused on providing
customers with a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to selecting service
providers. With ToDoServy, customers can choose from a plethora of options, and set
filters to find the right vendor, at the right time.


Trusted & verified service providers

Our solution architects deployed a unique model, wherein the service providers can
seamlessly create their profiles and upload their services, but their accounts are made
active only after the management at ToDoServy checks and verify their profiles. This
means that only vetted and trusted service providers are able to offer their services.


Interactive UI & UX with powerful technology

We always believe that the soul of any digital and mobile platform is the UI and UX: the
users of the platform should be able to seamlessly solve their problems. We deployed
human-focussed design philosophy to create intuitive and interactive UI, which ensured
a delightful user experience. And this was backed by a powerful technological stack such
as PHP Laravel Framework, AWS Cloud, REST Web Services, and more.

Myriad Service Providers
Myriad service providers

One single, comprehensive platform for customers to choose from hundreds of professional, verified, and vetted service providers.

Wide Network Of Service
Wide network of service

ToDoServy is present across all major cities of Ecuador, thereby helping customers from different regions and cities to select service providers.

Seamless User Journey
Seamless user journey

Customers can compare and check various service providers before making the final decision. This gives them more control and brings in more transparency.


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