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This Is How We Enabled
Order Now To Deliver Happiness

  • Client: Order Now

  • Industry: Food Delivery

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Online delivery platform in Costa Rica connecting businesses with customers
to sell their goods and services which are delivered to the customers to their doorstep.
All deliveries are made on demand basis, allowing the user to track their
order with real-time updates.

Order Now, a food delivery app was empowered
with incredible cross-platform capabilities,
unlimited scaling & robust backend.

Wishlist of Order Now

Using the winning combination of React Native and Node.js, we developed Order Now mobile
app and ensured that the app is uniformly accessible across Android and iOS. We created a strong
backend order processing system, and enabled fast scaling using advanced server architecture.
Due to our efforts, the vendors and chefs at Order Now were not only delivering food,
but also delivering happiness to all their customers.

  • Order Now Wireframe
  • Order Now Wireframe
  • Order Now Wireframe
  • Order Now Wireframe
  • Order Now Wireframe

One-single platform

Rental Hosts wished for a single platform to manage all rental business related tasks such as
service requests, bookings, invoices, enquiries and more. The platform needed to be robust
enough for handling all sorts of business processes, on auto-pilot mode.


Seamless, auto scalability

Travel business is unpredictable, and during peak seasons, sudden surge of new bookings and
new enquiries are witnessed. The clients wanted a powerful, tech-fuelled platform that can
scale up automatically.


Support multiple platforms

Since community was powering the business of Rental Hosts, they received bookings and
queries from multiple sources: website, app, telephone, email and in-person. They wished for
one platform that can streamline this data from multiple sources and provide one single-view
for the admin.


Our secret recipe

We deeply researched the business model of vacation host rental business on a
global level and brainstormed ideas and concepts with the client to transform their
existing platforms. We suggested new business models, and features, and gave
them ideas on how to scale their platform without heavy investments.


Unified platform for all business processes

Using the React Native framework, we not only ensured cross-platform capabilities
but also shortened the development cycle, and enabled swift go-live and incredibly fast
maintenance and upgrade process.


Robust backend system for order processing

Since Order Now is based on the marketplace business model, we developed a robust and
powerful backend system that enabled swift order processing, monitoring of the existing
orders, and seamless communication between delivery partners and vendors/customers.


Unprecedented Scaling

Using powerful server architecture and cluster technology, we enabled unprecedented scaling
of the mobile app: We ensured that due to a sudden burst of new users and new orders, the
app didn’t fail or crash, and all customers were able to get their orders delivered successfully.

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We Built a feature rich application which hosts as a marketplace
for businesses to help them list their goods and services

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