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What is Haulink?

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Haulink is a project by BT Trucking, which is one of the oldest, most influential
transportation companies based out of Chicago. For decades, they have been providing
state of the art transportation services to enterprises across America.

With Haulink, BT Trucking wanted to introduce a new,
exciting, and empowering platform for truck drivers, and
owners, wherein they have the power to choose
the transportation gig they wanted.

Find out how?

Leveraging technology and business acumen, we triggered a revolution in the business of
trucking and transportations across the USA. With Haulink, truck drivers and owners are now
able to generate more revenues with far greater flexibility and control.

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What Haulink aspired to be?

Haulink’s main objective was to enable truck owners, truck drivers and brokers to earn more
revenues, using the same resources they have. BT Trucking, owners of Haulink wanted it to be a
platform for connecting customers and clients with service providers.


A new way of Trucking Business

Client wanted Haulink to be a one-stop destination for generating more business. A platform,
where truck drivers and owners/brokers can choose the transportation business they wished to
do, at their own terms and conditions.


Simple user interface for non-tech savvy

One of the prime focuses of Haulink was to develop an easy to use, simple interface for non-tech
savvy users, since truck drivers are not that proficient in handling technology. A user experience
that involved minimum steps but didn’t compromise on the functionality.


Secured, safe & digitized process

Although the interface was planned to be simple, the critical freight and logistics data had to be
secured with a state-of-the-art encryption process. This data, if not secured properly, can give undue
advantage to the competitors, and Haulink wanted this information to be protected at any cost.


Our secret recipe

Using our years of business acumen and experience of handling transportation clients,
we collaborated with BT Trucking to deeply understand their needs and requirements, and
suggested multiple tech-enabled solutions for the same. We used advanced, cutting edge
technology such as Angular, Flutter and Microsoft Azure to conceptualize path
breaking mobile-based solution architecture.


Embraced the power of simplicity

We embraced simplicity in a never-seen-before manner. Using simple, intuitive, and minimalistic
design elements, we created a user interface that enabled non-tech savvy users such as truck
drivers to seamlessly use the mobile app without any hassles. Besides, the bi-lingual capability
in English and Spanish helped a vast majority of drivers to adopt the new Haulink mobile app.


Complete digital transformation

We triggered a complete digitization process of the trucking business and removed a majority
of manual processes that boosted the productivity of all parties involved. We converted the
manual process of logistics business such as log-sheets and resource allocation into a simple,
digitized process, and introduced innovations such as digital pen signature
for validating documents on the go.


Safe, secured, scalable & spectacular platform

We leveraged advanced technologies such as Microsoft Azure to help scale the system to
millions of users, working simultaneously. We deployed AI and Machine Learning to make the
system robust and safe and ensured that the critical data such as freight and supply chain
information is only accessed based on strict user-roles. We enabled real-time tracking of the
trucks and deep analytics for fleet owners, which helped them take smart business decisions.

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We were able to trigger a revolution
in the transportation & logistics business,
thanks for TechAhead.

Team Haulink

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