{The And} Relationship Card Game App Development

Tech Stack

  • Flutter


  • Mixpanel


  • Python


  • AWS


  • AWS Lambda

    AWS Lambda

  • Firebase



Deploying deep design thinking, and using some of the most
powerful technology stacks, we designed and developed {The And}
relationship card game that delighted their users.


What is {The And} game

{The And} Relationship Card Game has been conceptualized and created by
an Emmy award winning team that aims to amplify conversations between people,
creating millions of meaningful moments between people. This relationship card
game is based on interesting, fascinating questions and can be played between
couples, family, friends, first dates, ex-couples, and even strangers.

Find out how we created history

The And

The expectations from clients

Since {The And} game is targeted at those who wish to improvise their relationships, and
understand each other better, the client wished for a unique, immersive user experience that is
not interrupted due to technical limitations. The technology powering such an innovative relationship
game was expected to scale easily and provide a seamless gaming experience.

The And


Look & feel should be unique, soothing

First and foremost request from the client was that the look and feel of the mobile
app for {The And} Relationship Game should be unique, soothing, and provide a
completely immersive experience for more engagement.


Video experience should be seamless

Since video-based calling is a critical element of this game, it should be smooth,
seamless without any buffering. Unless the users received the desired immersive
experience while on the video call, the purpose behind the game would fail.


Technology should be powerful for instant scaling

Despite being feature-rich, and loaded with audio-visual elements, the mobile app should be fast,
light, and should scale without any hiccups. Even with thousands of concurrent users involved in
the game at the same time, every user should be able to get that seamless user experience.


We accepted the challenge.

The And App

Our secret recipe

This was a unique, artistic project and the requirements were no doubt very demanding.
The primary requirement here was to impact the heart & soul of the users, and this needed
special skills, all right. The technology that supported this endeavor had to be powerful,
scalable, and top-notch, and it needed several experiments.

And finally, we delivered what the client asked for, and the result was a landmark
mobile app that set new benchmarks in mobile app development.


Customized, highly immersive design

We collaborated with the client and understood the pain points of the audience. We
researched their inclinations, their habits, and their way of interacting with relationship card
games. Based on these inputs, we used Flutter platform for a creating cross-platform app, for
both Android and iOS users. Combined with YouTube, Firebase, Mixpanel APIs, we delivered a
highly customized design that provided a soothing, immersive experience to the users.


State of the art video calling

Video calling is the foundation of this game, and this is the reason we focussed extensively on
delivering high-quality video calling via Agora.io platform that ensured ultra-low latency with
adaptive resolution for different network conditions. Using Python for reading the APIs, and
with a powerful AWS server in the backend, we ensured that the video calling experience of
this app is unbeatable.


Powerful technology stack for scaling, performance

Considering the unique and niche requirements of the mobile app, we deployed a robust,
scalable tech stack that helped instant scaling and supported thousands of concurrent users to
experience the game at the same time. AWS server architecture ensured that the app is
technologically advanced and robust to support limitless scaling. With AWS Pinpoint, we
deployed accurate and dependable push notifications along with SMS, email-based alerts

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TechAhead managed to deliver a breath-taking, mesmerizing user
experience to everyone who participated in the fascinating {The And} Relationship
Game, and we ensured that their overall user experience is not hampered due to lack
of technology. We helped to create more love in this world, and we matched the
intensity of the Emmy award-winning team that developed this game.

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