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Client: Human Touch

Industry: Health and Wellness

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TechAhead partnered with the renowned wellness brand, Human Touch, to create an IoT-enabled
mobile app, empowering users to control their Human Touch Massage chairs via their phones,
offering a tranquil escape. With seamless integration, immersive meditation audio, and a suite
of features, the Human Touch App becomes the go-to for ultimate relaxation,
rejuvenation, and recovery.

Top Mobile App Development Company

A testament to our commitment!

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Meet Our Client

For more than four decades, Human Touch has been revolutionising wellness by curating a diverse
range of top-notch massage chairs, ergonomic zero gravity recliners, and targeted massage
products that redefine relaxation, alleviate pain and reduce stress on a day-to-day basis,
regardless of your hectic daily routine. Their products not only captivate the eye
but also elevate the ambiance of any space they inhabit.

Client’s Expectations

Human Touch wanted a mobile app, empowering users to control their Super Novo and Gravis
chairs with their phones effortlessly. By downloading the app, users could gain seamless access to
a plethora of features for enhanced chair control.

Top Mobile App Development Company

We Crafted a Tailored Solution

Our team of IoT and AI/ML experts developed a robust mobile app seamlessly
integrated with HumanTouch massage chairs. Users can effortlessly control and access
all features via their smartphones – a simple connection transforms their phones into
the key to unlocking the full Human Touch experience.


Remote Control on Phone

Take full control of your massage chair, effortlessly access all features from your phone,
ensuring a tailored & convenient massage experience at your fingertips.


Emersive Meditation Track

Access exclusive meditation audio content for an unparalleled relaxation experience,
immersing yourself in realistic sounds that transport you to serene environments.


Personalised Seating Memory

Save your preferred seating position effortlessly with memory settings and indulge in your
favorite Super Novo massages, creating a personalized and luxurious experience tailored
just for you.


Daily Reminders

Never miss a moment of relaxation! Set daily reminders to ensure you enjoy your scheduled
massage therapy, making self-care a consistent part of your routine.



The synergy of cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design comes together in the Human
Touch chairs, offering a revolutionary massage experience. TechAhead's collaboration with
Human Touch resulted in an innovative IoT-based mobile application. This app empowers
users to control Super Novo and Gravis chairs effortlessly from their phones, unlocking a
seamless access to all features. It's a testament to the commitment to enhancing user
experience through the marriage of technology and wellness.

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