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Volatiles Lighting

  • Client: Volatiles Lighting

  • Industry: House & Home

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Volatiles Lighting

Who are Volatiles Lighting

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Based in Berlin, Volatiles is an award-winning lighting innovator, which started as
an academic project. They develop customized and flexible smart surface lighting for
homes, shops, and commercial establishments with unique functions and designs.
Their specialty lies in Glass mosaic tiles, which they have equipped with LEDs,
sensors, and radio technology using ultra-thin modules.

What did Volatiles want?

Volatiles wanted a cutting-edge, technologically powerful mobile app that enabled
users to program and schedule different light scenes, for projecting them on their own
custom-developed smart tiles. They wanted to introduce a new concept of lighting
solutions via mobile app and offer an immersive lighting solution
based on the mood and location of the users.


Stream lighting scenes on the smart tiles

The client wanted an Internet of Things (IoT) based solution provider that can enable their
mobile app users to download light scenes from their collection and stream them directly on
the smart Glass mosaic tiles which are equipped with LEDs and radio technology.


Provide light scenes on both Android & iOS apps

The next important and critical requirement was to enable a system wherein complex light
patterns and scenes are available for both Android and iOS users to download. This needed a
mixture of mobile app programming and machine learning expertise.


Hardware consultancy for creating lighting solutions

Since IoT and Machine Learning were critical for developing such a smart lighting solution,
they also required expert hardware consultants for making this dream a reality. They needed a
team to consult on which processors to choose from, which hardware to select, and more.

Volatiles Lighting

Our secret recipe

Based on design thinking methodology and philosophy, we conceptualized
and developed a robust, innovative, and powerful mobile app that has set new
benchmarks in the smart lighting industry, globally. Using the Internet of Things
& Machine Learning, we deployed cutting-edge technological platforms for
developing this mobile app that gave power of lighting back to the users.


Breathtaking user experience

Using advanced haptic feedback, we allowed the users to create touch-sensitive lighting
effects. They can now download complex, beautiful light patterns/scenes, and project them
directly on the smart glass tiles. Both dynamic light scenes & static unicolor scenes
can be selected for the right light scene, for the right moment.


Amalgamation of IoT, hardware & machine learning

We researched deep into the hardware compatibility and suggested MiniZed single-core Zync
7Z007S processor with an inbuilt wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.1 adaptor, which proved to be
the game-changer. With advanced features such as inbuilt motion, temperature sensor,
and a digital microphone, the hardware game was upped to the highest level.


Pushing the boundaries of lighting solutions

The mobile app for the end-users is equipped with some of the most advanced features,
never seen anywhere else. Users can select from 15 pre-installed light scenes in the app, that
can be projected on the glass tiles seamlessly, while adjusting brightness, color temperature,
speed of light scenes, edit the background color/images, and more customizations.

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Using Internet of Things, Machine Learning and disruptive
design elements, we developed a pathbreaking mobile
app for smart lighting solutions.

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