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Hiring Back-end Developers: FAQs

How can we hire the best backend developers?

Backend developers are professional programmers, who will develop the backbone, the foundation of your digital and mobile products. While hiring them, the first and foremost aspect to check is their efficiency, skills, and passion for programming and development-related work. At skill level, they must have experience in languages such as Python, Java, PHP, HTML along with experience in backend frameworks, hosting, Cloud, version control system, database management, server handling, APIs, and more.
Sounds too technical? Relax!
Our team at TechAhead can handle all aspects of hiring backend developers, and present before you the best of the best backend developers, who will work with your organization, and become a part of your team, via Staff Augmentation model.

How can backend developers help to get results for my project?

Backend developers will program the server side of your product by developing and deploying components and features that the end-user will eventually use via user interface. Hence, they form the foundation of your digital and mobile product and ensure that the system works as per your vision.

How does TechAhead make sure that only high-quality backend
developers are available for selection?

We have a rigorous and exhaustive recruitment process, wherein we vet, verify and check all credentials of the candidates, and finalize them after checking their skills and knowledge via real-time skills assessment. We ensure that the only best of the best backend developers are presented before you for final selection.

How much time does it take to hire and finalize backend developers
via Staff Augmentation?

Normally, it takes 3-5 working days to select and finalize the backend developer, via our Staff Augmentation model. For some specific and niche programming skills, it may take a bit longer. Our team will handle all formalities and documentation so that you can focus on the core activity of hiring the candidate.

Can you please describe the procedure to hire backend developers
via the Staff Augmentation model?

We have a vast pool of vetted and verified backend developers, who are selected after a rigorous selection process, and verifications. This pool of backend developers is presented before you for final selection. Based on your requirements, you will select the desired candidates. Once they accept your proposal, they will start working on your project, immediately.

What if the work done by backend developers is unsatisfactory?

In a highly unlikely scenario, in case the work delivered by our front-end developers is not up to the mark, then we will intervene, and sort out the issues. In case you are still not satisfied, we will replace the candidate for your project, and ensure timely delivery of the mobile app/website.

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Hiring Backend Developers: Everything You Need To Know

Who exactly are backend developers?

Backend developers are expert and specialized software programmers, who create the server-side components, features, and capabilities that form the backbone of any website or mobile app.

What are the skills which backend developers need?

Some of the critical skills that backend developers should have: Knowledge of backend frameworks, front-end technologies, programming languages, database management, version control systems, APIs, security, and software architecture.

What can backend developers do?

Backend developers are responsible for creating, maintaining, testing, and debugging the entire website, mobile app or any software for providing business solutions. They make sure that the requests made via the frontend of the digital/mobile product are fulfilled, and delivered.

What is the difference between frontend and backend developers?

Frontend developers build and design the visual aspects of a website or mobile app or even software, which the end-users interact with and experience in real-time. Backend developers create the systems, configurations, components and blocks which support the frontend’s functionalities, and ensure that the digital and mobile product works as desired. While the frontend is client-side, the backend is server-side.

When should a business hire backend developers?

A business should hire backend developers when they need specialized programmers and software developers, who can optimally handle the server-side aspects of any digital or mobile product. For maintaining and optimizing an existing mobile app or a website or any software, backend developers are required.

What is the cost of hiring backend developers?

The cost of hiring expert backend developers totally depends on the specific requirements, skillsets desired, and overall experience. Get in touch with our team to find out more about costing of backend developers.

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