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Employee Referral Software Platform
Igniting Employee Powered Hiring

TechAhead partnered with ERIN to develop a cutting-edge referral management software that
streamlined recruitment processes, enhanced employee engagement, and simplified referral
tracking within organizations.

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Witness the software's impact and its
transformative results

5X Employee Referral Hires  
50%Decrease in Turnover
2M+ Employee Powered Hiring
75%Reduction in Cost Per Hire
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TechAhead has allowed us to scale with the needs of our customers. We've been able to add resources as our demands have increased and have been able to get their advice and leadership in technical areas that we previously were not experienced in.

Mike Stafiej
CEO & Founder - ERIN

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About ERIN

ERIN is a cutting-edge employee referral software platform that streamlines referral management
to inspire increased employee engagement in making referrals. Through ERIN, employees can
effortlessly use any web browser, whether on mobile or desktop, or the dedicated mobile app to
conveniently monitor their referrals, bonuses, and rewards, earn points for their activity, and
seamlessly share referral links across various social media platforms.

What ERIN Wanted

ERIN wanted a user-friendly and cross-platform solution that seamlessly integrates with Applicant
Tracking Systems (ATS). The software needed to empower employees to effortlessly refer
candidates, track their progress, and streamline the entire recruitment journey.

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We Accepted the Challenge

TechAhead utilized React Native to develop an agile, cross-platform referral software empowering
employees to swiftly view, refer, and track candidates within 30 seconds. The software streamlines
recruitment processes while offering real-time alerts, efficient bonus tracking, and intelligent Smart
Referral recommendations. Additionally, we undertake white labelling for ERIN, enhancing the
product's brand customization for a seamless user experience.


Effortless Referral Process

Empower your team to effortlessly refer candidates through email and text, streamlining the entire
referral process for a quick and seamless experience.


Instant Notifications

Stay in the loop with immediate real-time alerts for new job referrals. The software ensures that everyone
stays informed and can act promptly.


Automated Bonus Management

Simplify bonus management with the automated waiting periods. This feature ensures that bonus
processes are streamlined, efficient, and require minimal manual intervention.


Customizable Branding & Mobile Functionality

Tailor your experience with customizable branding and mobile functionalities. Admins and employees
alike benefit from the flexibility to personalize the platform, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.



TechAhead's collaboration with ERIN successfully transformed recruitment processes for
organizations worldwide. The feature-rich, cross-platform software not only simplifies referral
management but also enhances employee engagement, providing a seamless and efficient
experience for both employers and employees in the dynamic landscape of HR Tech.

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