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Hiring React Native Developers: FAQs

How to hire the Best React Native Developer?

To hire the best React Native developer one needs make sure that the candidate ticks all the boxes of the following points:
Relevant experience in React web & mobile.
Comprehensive understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and front-end programming languages
In depth knowledge of fundamentals of react like component life cycle, component state, virtual DOM, JSX
Apprehension of mobile app development life cycle.
Grasp over UI and design.
Problem solving skills and effective communication skills.
Ability to write neat codes

How do I select the best Python Developers?

The best and the most experienced Python developer must have knowledge about Python web frameworks, event-driven programming, Object Relational Mappers, and more. But relax! We at TechAhead have conducted exhaustive interviews and tests to select the best of the best Python developers, who will be suitable for your projects.

How Can a ReactNative Developer Help My Team in Getting Desired Results?

To summarize, a React Native developer constructs UI components of a mobile app and works with JavaScript and native platform. A react native developer can help you build app components and UI from wireframes and prototypes. They can ensure front-end performance by removing performance bottleneck. Like these there are so many ways in which a react native developer can help your team getting desired results. Feel free to reach out to us for more information. Our dedicated team will be more than happy to help.

How does TechAhead select the best ReactNative Developer?

At TechAhead we make sure that the selected candidate for our pool of developers is highly skilled, talented. We conduct regular tests, interviews, and check assignments along with participation in live projects, ensuring success for your project.

How Much Time Will It Take Me to Hire a React Native Developer?

Within 3 to 5 days you can onboard a developer for your project and start working, however it can be higher or lower in accordance to your company’s policies, but that’s a general average according to our data.

How much does. It cost to hire a React Native developer?

That absolutely varies depending on your project but to give you a perspective it costs between $30-50/hour to hire any developer from us. Let’s discuss if you any further queries.

What if I Don’t Like the Work Done by the ReactNative Developer and Wish for a Replacement?

Relax! That is very unlikely to happen and we would never want you to settle for something less than what you’ve signed up for. In case a situation like this arises, all you need to do is contact our support team. They will get back to quickly with an appropriate solution which will be in your best interests. If required we will replace the developer with a more experienced one.

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General FAQs

Who created React Native? Why was it created?

React Native was created by Meta Platforms Inc. It was originally developed to support iOS, however its library can now provide UI for both android and iOS.

Is React Native relevant in 2022?

Due to its fast development times, incredible performance, and reusability of code between web, android and iOS it is undoubtedly the best option for cross platform application development and definitely relevant in 2022 and will be so for upcoming years.

What is the difference between ReactJS and ReactNative?

Reactjs is a JavaScript library which supports both front-end web and server . Moreover, it can be used to create UI for mobile application and websites. Whereas ReactNative is a cross-platform mobile framework that uses JavaScript available on the host which allows you to build cross platform apps.

Did Facebook use ReactNative?

Facebook uses ReactNative for developing its own app like Ad Manager etc. It enabled them to develop hybrid mobile apps that run on different platforms from a single codebase.

Which Big Tech companies are using ReactNative?

React Native is used by big tech companies like Salesforce, Baidu Wix, UberEats , Shopify etc.

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