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    Search for your next talent using our database of more than 1000+ talented iOS developers ready to join your organisation.

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    We’ve made a name for ourselves regarding AI, ML, IoT, Robotics, Mobile App Development, WebApps, and much more.

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    Clutch Leaders Matrix crowned us the most prominent Market Leader in the ‘Multicultural App Developers Across The Globe’ category.

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    Names such as Audi, AXA, Disney, and more trust us when it comes to digital transformation.

  • Building On Decade Old Legacy

    We’ve built over 2500+ solutions and worked with 650+ global brands in our 13 years of industry experience.

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In the last 13+ years, we have successfully delivered more than 2000 mobile apps, and digital portals
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Hiring iOS Developers FAQs

What Does an iOS Developer Do?

The role of an iOS developer is to study the apple ecosystem, build apps for the iOS platforms, fix bugs, perform maintenance and try to bring innovation into the space using the power of technology, coding skills, and their vision.

How To Find The Perfect iOS Developers; What Qualities To Prefer While
Interviewing Candidates?

The perfect iOS developer you’re looking to hire is someone with working knowledge of Swift and Xcode IDE (including Apple’s SDK for development).
On top of that, if your candidate owns a device powered by macOS to run the Xcode smoothly. Surprisingly, the lowest end or legacy devices also work perfectly for development.
These are some of the minimum requirements that should be met before a developer can join your organization. The level of knowledge and experience with the tech stack differs for the kind of role (intern/junior developer/senior developer), and you should look for skills accordingly.

Can an iOS Developer Be Used For Development of macOS Application
As Well?

It can happen for sure, but it’s not always a possibility. If you’re looking for a general developer with experience building products for Apple’s ecosystem, then you should go for that. But in this case, most of the time, you’d find a developer who is highly experienced in iOS development only with intermediate knowledge of the macOS when it comes to development.

Do We Need Distinctive iOS Developers When My Organization
Already Has a Bunch of Android and Webapp Developers?

Yes! And we say that because ‘Android and iOS’ are the opposite of each other. While finding someone with expertise in both is very much possible, it’s still rare.

How Much Time Does It Take To Hire an iOS Developer With The
Help of TechAhead?

It generally takes a hiring authority between 3 to 5 days to close a resource requirement when hiring through TechAhead.
The steps included are sorting the candidates, interviews, and extending a formal offer letter. The actual onboarding may take more time per the formalities, which differs from organization to organization.

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FAQs- Everything You Need To Know About iOS Platform

Is It Worth Entering The iOS Market When Android Controls Majority Share Of Mobile Operating System Market Globally?

Android has such high market penetration because of the attached cost of ownership. While you can get an android for less than $100, it’s not possible to do that in the case of an iOS device.
So, from an entrepreneur’s point of view, who wants to invest in iOS applications, their target audience will be the people with quite a high spending power.
And who doesn’t want an audience like that for the product they sell? This is why iOS not only opens up a different distribution channel for your products but also introduces you to an audience that will probably convert even at prices higher than usual (if you provide quality).

What is The Total Market Share For iOS in The Year 2022?

Apple’s iOS accounts for 13.8% of the global market share, which may look like a small number.
But the catch is, for most developed countries such as the United States of America, the market share is always in a range of 50% to 65%. Countries with more per capita income prefer iOS over Android.
Even a developing country like India saw a rise in iPhone sales post-pandemic.

What Coding Language Is Used For Developing iOS Applications?

Swift is the primary language used by iOS developers as it’s much more efficient, has all the latest features one can ask for, and, most importantly, produces apps that run lightning fast.

How is iOS Different From iPadOS and macOS?

IOS is built to run on iPhones, which are mobile devices offered by Apple. While macOS is an entirely different OS built for the desktop, workstation, and notebooks provided by Apple.
The use of chipset, and different architecture, makes them utterly different OS types. Since the launch of M1 chipsets, it’s very much possible to cross-run apps over both platforms, but when it comes to development, that is a very different case.

What Makes People Switch to iOS?

The ease of use, compatibility with Apple’s ecosystem, and much more robust security, along with advanced features possible due to world-class chipsets and tech stack, make iOS a very potent choice for those who cannot compromise on quality.

Is 2022 The Right Time To Enter The World Of iOS Development?

There can not be a better time than 2022 to enter the market at a rise. If we go by stats, the number of sales for iPhone devices that use iOS has shot up significantly since the launch of the iPhone 12.
Even in a country like India, where the average income per household is capped at $500-$750 and is whopping low compared to the world, we’ve seen a 48% increase in the sales of iPhone devices since the year 2021.

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