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Implemented IBV technology – empowering client to give secure loans in 5 mins


FlexiLoans gives you instant loans using state of the art IBV technology without a credit check. Users can get loan approval of $200 to $1200 credit with the paperless application in 5 mins.

Project Summary

Flexiloans is a fast and secure platform to borrow small loans for daily needs in an emergency. We created an easy and robust lending platform which is fully automated and reduces loan processing time. Lending platform updates users at every step of the process, right from application submission to loan approvals.

What we did

Flexiloans provide loan to users in emergency situations. In such a scenario, each extra second of processing time counts. We created fast and secure platform which checks customer’s credit score, do KYC verification, give automatic recommendations to loan processing field staff, and process the loan in under 5 minutes.


Fast Loan Processing

We re-organized the database architecture and optimized the query, resulting in better performance and faster loan processing in 5 mins.


Automated Decision System

We integrated Credit Score API for KYC and bank account verifications. Redesigned the database and added additional fields to capture client details and automated the process which helped back end Admin team to make quick loan processing decisions.


All in One Admin Dashboard

We created robust all in one Admin dashboard to process everything – management of the borrower account, application status, automated alerts, loan disbursal status, payment status etc.

Technology Stack

  • HTML 5

    HTML 5

  • jQuery


  • Wordpress


  • PHP


  • MySQL


  • Azure