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Call of Duty- Warzone

Gamification that triggers action

En Garde is not just an e-sports app: It’s an adrenaline-rushing sporting
platform that pays you money to play video games! Hailed as the world’s
first match-making platform for both casual and competitive gamers,
players can swiftly sign-up, stream, and queue for a match,
and earn upto $10,000 by winning 25 matches.

Min entry fee
After 25 wins
~20 Sec
Time to join a match
  • React Native

    React Native

  • React JS

    React JS

  • Node.Js


  • AWS


  • MySQL


We developed the world’s first
matchmaking platform for gamers

Our team at TechAhead incorporated powerful gaming engineering and induced
action-oriented design elements to create the world’s 1st matchmaking platform for
gamers: Based on interests, passion and desire to compete, gamers can match with each
other, and start playing in 20 seconds via PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo, and also
stream to their fans via Twitch and start earning money for every win!

Monetization of passion

If there is one word that subtly describes En Garde, it’s ‘Action’. Players and users are
offered different monetization models for spending time on the platform, and that includes
earning money by winning the matches, and by betting on the matches being played.
In fact, users and audiences can bet on every match, with different amounts.

Forever growing game list

god of war
gotham knights

Why gamers love En Garde:
transparency & fairness

We incorporated a multi-layered hierarchy for the players so that there is always an
element of transparency and fairness in the games being played. The ‘Host’ of any match
is given authority to monitor the players, their moves and ensure that the right player is
able to claim victory. Various checks and parameters have been imposed
to ensure fairness and transparency.


Pathbreaking UX that inspires more engagement

When gamers meet and interact, the magic is bound to happen! We collaborated
with En Garde to incorporate unique community features that enable gamers to create
and/or join a team, interact with each other, invite their offline friends into this community
and have a gala time while playing and winning matches. We ensured that
the gaming community thrives, and prospers with En Garde.


What makes En Garde different?

Here are the 5 biggest USPs of En Garde, that makes it especially unique,
and an out of the world gaming experience for all:

# Advanced matchmaking of gamers

# Takes less than 20 seconds to join a match

# Multi-platform support: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo

# All you need is a Twitch & Paypal account to join

# Earn money by winning and betting


Powerful programming logic for seamless gaming

Our gaming engineers deployed React Native as the framework for developing the game so
that the same code-base can be used for both Android and Apple platforms, besides offering
a comprehensive rich web-based experience. While ReactJS was deployed for the Admin
panel, NodeJS was used for REST APIs, ensuring powerful and scalable output.

Seamless gaming

Pick your favourite games,
match with other gamers and start
playing in less than 20 seconds

Earn while you play

Pathbreaking monetization model,
where talented gamers earn money
by winning their games.

Fair & transparent gaming

Earn money by both playing and betting.
Complete transparency and fairness
is assured for every game.


We joined forces with En Garde to demolish the myth that casual gaming is a time-sucking, non-productive
exercise. We helped to nurture a community of gamers, where they can play with the best of the best
talent and hone their skills to become masters of their respective games. Our team at TechAhead
literally converted gaming into a hustle, and a medium to earn money by playing games.


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