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Artificial Intelligence Development is
the choice for future-ready businesses

Artificial Intelligence Development:
Revolutionary Technology now in
your hands

Cut down on costs, errors, and dependency and
maximise revenue and productivity with artificial
intelligence. TechAhead designs software that will
bring out the curious cat in you and, at the same
time, enhance your business functions by
developing insights. You can learn more
from the new business data using AI!

Cross boundaries in business growth with
TechAhead and never look back

In the attempt to offer high customer satisfaction, TechAhead has left
no stone unturned. We are a determined team of passionate techies obsessed
with your success. Come check out what sets us apart.

Proven Work

You’d be mistaken if you think our Work is just a great show and might not stand the test of the relevant function. TechAhead has designed stellar applications that have achieved over 2 billion user interactions.

Globally Recognized

TechAhead has been consistently chosen by international brands like Disney, AXA, Dailyhunt, Audi, and Starbucks. We have garnered trust from giants only because of our commitment to our Work.

Power of Unison

We have our offices in the USA and India and work closely to serve the best of both worlds. Our designers from Los Angeles and New Delhi developers cooperate in designing unique projects with exceptional ideas.

Upscale Technological Partnership

Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, Google’s Development Agency partner, AWS Certified Engineers, and we can keep going, but you got the idea. We are skilled, certified, and excited to make extraordinary things happen for you!

Always in touch

Our dedicated team is always at your service, before, during, and after Work. Our valued consultancy will help you make the right choices for your project, and you will always stay on the trend.

Transparent Pricing Models

We hear you attentively and draw out your project’s roadmap for you. Our pricing models are transparent so that you can choose the one best suited for your budget and service needs. Don’t look away when TechAhead’s got your back.

Our Featured Clients

  • AXA
  • Audi
  • Allianz
  • ICC
  • Lafarge
  • Great American Insurance Group
  • ESPN-F1
  • Disney
  • American Express
  • Cengage

The continued successful development has led to an ongoing partnership
between teams. TechAhead provides high-quality apps in a timely manner
according to the specifications of the third party client. The team is
hard-working, creative, and personable.

Amir Jafari
CEO, Fivespot

TechAhead makes the
unimaginable future
come true with AI

We use the modern age revolution of Artificial Intelligence to build intelligent applications. Make technology your reliable guide for running a business, decision making, automatically triggering functions, etc.


One of the most popular uses of artificial intelligence, TechAhead, makes automation a game-changer alternative to manual Work. It saves costs, reduces errors, and increases speed and productivity.

Guard against Cyberattacks

With AI as your ally, you can easily recognize a cyberattack before it happens and focus your attention on vulnerable configurations within your systems. You can use AI to backtrack the data, figure out the source of cyber threats, and resolve it.

Build Closer CRM

Your customers will stay longer with you, and your visibility will increase significantly. AI-powered CRM systems can self-update and auto-correct the data displayed. It can trigger promotional offers when users browse your niche. In short, AI can scale up your customer base.

Digital Assistants

Forget managing everything yourself. AI gave rise to digital assistants tracking emails, sending reminders, and interacting with customers and staff with minimal or no input from you. When AI takes care of other operations, you can focus on devising effective business strategies.

Targeted Marketing

AI can use facial recognition and geospatial software to target the right potential customers for the business. AI can learn the pattern of purchases and decisions made and assist in making changes in how business offers products and services.

Intelligent SCM

Cost-effective management of supplies is made possible due to AI. It has changed how the business handles collections by predicting the events and choosing the optimal time to deliver goods. It can generate alerts when you’re low on stocks or possible theft or damage. All-in-all a remarkable asset for Supply chain management.

Our business acumen with powerful
AI tools will revolutionise your Work

TechAhead has excelled for 14+ years in the development agency, and this remarkable business
acumen collected over the years is engineered with AI to serve exceptionally.

Intelligent Business Functions

Improve your customer service with modern chatbots that don’t just understand what’s being told but also the mood, tone, and urgency of the Work requested by customers. Make your customers feel validated using TechAhead expert software development.

Save Operational Costs

TechAhead develops software that can save costs on your support or sales resources. Worry not about managing the tiniest aspects of your business as AI handles and prepares a report for your suitability.

Fraud Detection

TechAhead can help you learn more about your customers and their personality. Our AI developers will use NLP to gauge customer sentiments from their comments, feedback, and tone. You can use these details to address them and make the right decisions.

Upscale Technological Partnership

Put up your arms against frauds and thefts when AI-powered software can prepare predictive analytics reports and insights into daily operations. Learn more about user behavior to predict any unwarranted activity

Data Insights

Discover the relevant insights from unstructured data. TechAhead will design AI that can collect and learn more from the massive chunk of unstructured data which otherwise goes unnoticed. Utilize it to grow your understanding of business functions.

Drive Sales

TechAhead will relentlessly study your business functions and develop AI software to suggest the right time and product to your customers. This is significantly beneficial for businesses to drive sales when they know whom to target and when.

Turbocharge your business with futuristic Artificial Intelligence solutions

Targeted industries for our
AI development company

With an experience of more than 14 years, TechAhead brings forward the best solutions for
the targeted industry. Be it retail, eCommerce, healthcare, logistics, travel, fintech, or
any other- we have got you covered!












Wellness & Fitness










Social Media


Food & Restaurant



Real Estate

Real Estate

Artificial Intelligence development:
Everything you need to know

What exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

It is a branch of computer science that is programmed can emulate human behaviour. They can make decisions based on the data they have learned and reduce the chances of error.

What are the popular programming languages used for AI development?

There are several languages, and more or less, they can all perform AI. Still, if considering the most popular languages, Python, Java, Julia, R, and PROLOG are taking the lead.

Where is AI used in famous examples?

Look around, and you can find several examples of AI in action, such as self-driving cars, sales prediction, facial recognition, natural language processing, etc.

What are intelligent agents in artificial intelligence?

They are the sensors that are exposed to the real-world situation and make an understanding of them. Their sense of the natural world is used to make decisions, and actuators perform it later. Think of it like a vacuum cleaner, sensing the space to move around using agents and moving ahead using actuators.

How does AI Recognize speech, objects, etc.?

Artificial intelligence is used with neural networks. They are mathematically modeled to replicate the working of a human brain. This programming helps machines in thinking and learning, just like humans.

What are weak and strong AIs?

The difference lies in the scope. A weak AI cannot behave like a human and has limited abilities to be independent. An example can be Alexa. Strong AI has human-level intelligence and processes data in massive clusters. It has a great scope and lands under advanced robotics.

We never get tired of anything remotely technical,
and we aren’t slowing down!

TechAhHead is a place of learners and our team is eager to explore technical fronts every day. In their endeavour to keep progressing, they’re researching more and sharing it with the world. We promote the idea of extensive knowledge and therefore compile our brilliant team’s blogs. Do check them out!

AI powered mobile apps

AI-powered mobile apps can help tech startups to conquer their market: Find out how?

artificial intelligence

This is how startups, SMEs can leverage the power of AI to compete with bigger organizations

artificial intellgence

How is TechAhead manoeuvring AI innovations to enhance UX?

FAQs- More on Artificial Intelligence development

Yes, absolutely. TechAhead is sincere towards their clients, and our consultants will always keep in touch with you. We will walk you through every stage of our stellar Work with transparency and patience.
We can do that for sure, and that too with utmost intrigue. Our developers enjoy getting their hands-on experience with developed software. TechAhead will inform you about any flaws or updates required before it reaches the critical stage.
We are officially operating from Los Angeles and Noida, India. This allows us to serve people from across the globe to connect and make your software efficient. It gives a comprehensive perspective on the functioning.
TechAhead has the experience and that too of over 13 years. Our team has worked with gigantic brands like Disney, Starbucks, Dailyhunt, and Audi, and we are proud to be a recipient of Clutch Awards 2022. Our Work speaks for itself.
Bring it straight to us without any second thoughts. Our team takes complete responsibility for their deliverables. If our software turns buggy or you wish to have something change, we would be happy to help. All we care about is the satisfied clientele.
That is a very valid question. TechAhead wouldn’t stay in business for over 13 years with features in Forbes, CNBC, ABC, HuffPost, etc., if it weren’t ethical or careful for client data. TechAhead revolves around a moral code of conduct and signs legal NDAs to safeguard your data.

Schedule a free expert session with our
Artificial Intelligence engineer

Shanal Aggarwal

Chief Commercial & Customer Success Officer

Shanal is the Chief Commercial & Customer Success Officer at TechAhead, where our team is scripting stunning success stories for global brands. He will consult you on the Artificial Intelligence development project.

Shanal Aggarwal

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