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Artificial Intelligence Development

Incorporate Artificial Intelligence into your apps, websites and bots to transform your business to the next level. Partner with TechAhead’s AI Services to design algorithms tailor-made for your specific requirements.


Artificial Intelligence Development

Accelerate business growth with TechAhead’s tried & tested Cognitive Services

Use Microsoft Cognitive Services to catalyze growth. TechAhead’s Cognitive services, whose core engine is integrated with Microsoft, enable you to…

  • Increase team performance while reducing operational costs
  • Run apps in self-training mode, making them scalable
  • Existing video, audio and text data to drive accurate data-driven analysis
  • Make faster, better and more accurate strategic decisions supported by our Artificial Intelligence applications.

We develop next-generation Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Video Moderation using AI

Identify, classify and index video data. Use features like face recognition, vehicle identification and human tracking to extract relevant information.

Image Moderation

Accelerate everyday tasks and make systems more efficient by image processing. Apply techniques like OCR and image classification to make existing tasks easier.

Multi language support

Leverage Microsoft Azure Cognitive algorithms to provide multi language support to users and potential customers. Equip your apps, products & websites to provide multi language support.

Speech Detection

Equip your apps with speech detection, speech to text conversion and natural language processing to understand what customers want. Train them with customized Azure Cognitive Services scripts to predict user demands.

Text Moderation

Incorporate Bing Search capabilities into your apps to moderate text from billions of webpages and provide quick solutions at the click of a button.

Sentiment Analysis

Add sentiment analysis capabilities to your apps to provide social context to customer behaviour. Analyze collected data to build effective digital strategies, identify opportunities and take better business decisions.

Leading Artificial Intelligence Solutions Development Company

Leading Artificial Intelligence Solutions Development Company

At TechAhead we have a passionate team of professionals invested in making businesses tech-savvy and AI-enabled. We understand AI and have developed our own core engine that maximizes output and minimizes resource utilization.

We are supported by a team of talented Artificial Intelligence technology enthusiasts experienced in using Microsoft Azure algorithms for varied business needs. If you are looking for a technically superior and customer-centric Artificial Intelligence solution provider, look no further.

Team up with TeachAhead’s Artificial Intelligence Experts

Industry standard self-learning algorithms

Industry standard self-learning algorithms

Our experts have developed industry-standard self-learning Cognitive algorithms hosted on Azure cloud. These algorithms are used to provide tailor-made Artificial Intelligence Solutions to the customers.

Reduced costs and effort

Reduced costs and effort

We use industry-standard frameworks to build, test and deploy solutions. These frameworks reduce costs and efforts for the clients.

Seamless communication to increase efficiency

Seamless communication to increase efficiency

Our team uses industry-standard communication tools for seamless and effective communication. This increases efficiency while decreasing effort. Our support teams are available 24X7 to solve problems, if they crop up.

Highly scalable

Highly scalable

The solutions developed by our AI teams are highly scalable because the apps use cognitive intelligence to learn from real time data. When your business grows rapidly over the next few years and demands on the solution increases, it is ready to scale up.

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