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Introducing ETHOS, where
conversations make social change

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Extensive solution for a social platform
that brings together like-minded people which
work towards social positivity


ETHOS is a mobile based Social Platform that is about things that affect us all.
The platform allows the users to create and ingest content about social justice, charity,
sustainability, and anything positive with ethical drive.


Technology Stack.

What we did.

Our objective was to develop a mobile-based app for iOS and Android which
would facilitate operations excepted from a social media platform but targeted to
positivity and ethicality. The app architecture is required to be scalable, secure,
and high performant given the global reach of the platform.

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Requirement Analysis

Complete requirement analysis to make sure all the
edge-cases and all the functional aspects of the platform
are captured and well documented to ensure smooth
development, eliminating any potential bottlenecks.

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Native IOS & Android

Ensuring smooth interface interactions, pixel-perfect
execution for the design elements, and high performant
front-end. We made sure the app does not have excessive
battery usage and adheres to the latest security guidelines.

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Backend Development

Developing the entire backend architecture along
with the Back-office administrative panel to ensure the
complete control of the platform. Leveraging the latest
implementation practices to create a highly scalable
and secure infrastructure.


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