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    Audi, AXA, Disney, ICC, and other companies choose us as their digital transformation partners.

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    Over 250+ talented individuals in LA and India are working towards building state-of-the-art products.

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    Complete digital transformation solution with services in domains like low code, IoT, iOS, Android, Web, and more.

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    We’ve been instated as ‘Market Leaders’ by standards of Clutch Leaders Matrix in the category of ‘Top Multicultural App Developers.’

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    We’ve been recognized and talked about by media houses such as Yourstory, Entrepreneur, CBS, and more.

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Hiring NodeJS Developers: FAQs

How to hire the best NodeJS developers?

Before you finalize a NodeJS developer, make sure that the candidate has a passion for coding, debugging, and front-end development protocols. Familiarity with HTML5 and CSS, along with knowledge of web application frameworks is desired.
Relax! TechAhead will make sure that only talented and skilled NodeJS developers are provided to you, via our highly advanced and ROI-centric Staff Augmentation model.

How can NodeJS developers help to get results for my project?

Web platforms, applications, and tools developed by NodeJS developers are highly scalable, feature-rich, and deploy full-stack JavaScript for both front-end and server-side applications. This means that our NodeJS developers can materialize your vision in a better way, and launch your app swiftly, ensuring success and growth from Day 1.

How does TechAhead make sure that only high-quality NodeJS developers
are available for selection?

TechAhead deploys a rigorous and detailed recruitment procedure that includes assignments, interviews, and exposure to real-time programming on live projects. We conduct in-depth background checks of the candidates and properly test their skills and experience before onboarding them on our platform.

How much time does it take to hire and finalize NodeJS developers via Staff Augmentation?

Within 3-5 days, you can select, hire and finalize skilled and experienced NodeJS developers from our platform, and start your project instantly. Based on the specific business requirements, this selection period can be short as well. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

Can you please describe the procedure to hire NodeJS developers via the Staff Augmentation model?

We will provide you with a comprehensive list of expert and experienced NodeJS programmers, out of which you will select the desired candidates. Once they accept your project and prospects, you can start working right away. It’s that simple! All documentation and other formalities will be handled by our team in the backend.

What if the work done by NodeJS developers is unsatisfactory?

This is highly unlikely because we on-board only talented and skilled NodeJS developers. However, in case there is any discrepancy in skills and job requirements, we will try to rectify the errors, and brief the developers about the shortcomings. If not, we can also change the developer, and bring along more experienced and expert NodeJS developers

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NodeJS: Everything You Need To Know

What is the history of NodeJS?

NodeJs was created by famous programmer Ryan Dahl in 2009. NodeJs is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment. It runs on the V8 engine and executes the JavaScript code outside the web browser.

What is the link between NodeJS and Java Library?

With NodeJS, programmers can use JavaScript to write command-line tools along with server-side scripting. With NodeJS, Javascript becomes the common programming language to write both client and server-side scripts.

Why are fast-growing startups opting for NodeJS?

NodeJs is lightweight, feature-rich, and extremely fast, which enables developers to create web apps and mobile apps swiftly and without any delay. Debugging protocol is easy, which means fewer bugs, and fewer expenses.

Which tech companies are using NodeJS?

Companies like Uber, Linkedin, Paypal, eBay, Medium, and even NASA are using NodeJS for developing their high-end applications and platforms.

What can I make with NodeJS?

With NodeJS, developers can build web apps, real-time applications, messaging apps, Virtual Emulators, Collaboration tools, mobile apps, multi-player games, chat apps, and more.

Can applications developed via NodeJS work on both Android and iOS?

Yes, applications developed by NodeJS can be used on both Android and iOS ecosystems, and this is made possible with a native library, which is used to embed NodeJs into Android and iOS platforms.

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