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IoT-Based Mobile App
for a Fitness Game Changer
Backed by Shark Tank

Client: Plunge
Industry: Health & Fitness

About Product


A Life Changing Plunge

Plunge is a groundbreaking fitness brand,
redefining well-being through the practice of
cold therapy, empowering individuals to
immerse themselves in icy waters with their
innovative cold plunge tubs.

A Revolutionary IOT Solution
to Boost Your Overall Fitness

TechAhead took innovation to the next level by developing a cutting-edge mobile app for Plunge,

enabling users to seamlessly control their cold plunge tub and sauna from anywhere
using their smartphones.

An Offbeat Gem That Nailed
Shark Tank US 2022!
In the May 2022 episode of Shark Tank, Plunge took centre stage, showcasing their innovative cold plunge. The concept and its myriad benefits left a lasting impression on the sharks. Impressed with the product, Robert Herjavec made an offer of $2.4 million for a 12% stake in Plunge.
Robert Herjavec

Watch Robert Herjavec
Taking a Plunge

Robert Herjavec
Award-winning Health & Wellness App


Expectation from Plunge

Plunge wanted a versatile app allowing users to control and operate their sauna and cold plunge tub from anywhere. The goal was to eliminate wait times, enabling users to start their plunge while on their way home, so it’s ready for use upon arrival.


Configuration and Features

Plunge had a vision to introduce features that would empower users to fine-tune settings as per their convenience to enhance the overall experience and ensure that users could enjoy their wellness routines to the fullest.


Maintenance and Supplies

Plunge was dedicated to assisting and guiding its users in maintaining their products to ensure optimal performance. They aimed to provide valuable support and resources to help users keep their saunas and cold plunge tubs in top-notch condition, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience every time.

Here's what
we cooked up!

Drawing on our profound expertise in

IoT, TechAhead developed the Plunge

mobile app, empowering users to effortlessly control their cold plunge tub and sauna from anywhere and create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and wellness routine as per their individual preferences.

Manage your Sessions

Seamless Control from Anywhere

With our intuitive app, one can operate their cold plunge and sauna from wherever they want. While the person is on their way back to home, they can activate their Plunge product and set temperature based on their preferences, having them prepped and ready by the time they return.

Manage your Sessions

We introduced an option to personalise and maximise the cold plunge and sauna experiences. With our user-friendly interface, one can effortlessly schedule weekly sessions, customise session timers and durations to cater to individual preferences and track their wellness progress.

Seamless Control from Anywhere
Maintenance Made Easy

Maintenance Made Easy

The app includes a handy instruction manual for the cold plunge, offering guidance on filter replacement frequency, water treatment, temperature settings, and proper plunge drainage. Plus, it’s not just advice; the user can conveniently add supplies like filters to their cart directly from the app and proceed with the purchase, making maintenance a breeze.


“This is a partnership, not a vendor relationship.”

The team we have is very good at developing mobile apps with rich features natively. They are also great problem solvers. Our lead, in particular, has been an excellent resource and has really helped the process along on their end.

Juan Beck
VP, E-Commerce and Technology, Plunge

Plunge emerged as a true revolutionary gem, captivating the interest of people far and wide with its exceptional product. In a dynamic collaboration, TechAhead joined forces with Plunge to craft a mobile application to empower users to operate their plunge products remotely, offering features like session management, wellness progress tracking, and customisation settings, all tailored to individual preferences.


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