Backend Architecture and Development for Mobile Applications

Backend Architecture and Development

Most of the mobile apps need a solid backend for features which require resources more than those available solely on-device, for example, processing and sharing data from multiple users or storing large files. Experts at TechAhead perform solid server or backend development and cloud deployment for Mobile apps which are robust, scalable, strong, and secure.

Where Is Backend Server useful?

Where Is Backend Server useful?

Our mobile app developers can connect your applications to backend cloud storage and processes, whether you need a native iOS, Android, Windows apps or cross-platform (Xamarin or others) apps. Common features provided by backend server includes:

  • Enterprise systems connect
  • File storage
  • Custom Objects (Database)
  • Push Notifications
  • User Management
  • Geolocation
Cloud Deployment

Cloud Deployment

TechAhead works with our partners on their choice of hosting strategy, but we highly recommend cloud hosting because of its scalability and security features. Our experts have years of experience deploying server and other back-end applications for our clients on most trusted cloud services providers, including Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, and more.

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