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You can have a fancy, unique frontend but without a
reliable backend, that designer button is not going to
help your customers in any way. TechAhead creates
scalable and robust backend solutions that keep in
mind your business needs so that storing and
processing data never hurdles growth.

Backend Architecture and Development

Trusted by Global brands TechAhead is the
the finest choice for backend architecture and development

We, at TechAhead, understand that your business needs are always evolving. TechAhead masters in
cloud or on-premise backend solutions that cater to your unique requirements.

Rich Experience

TechAhead brings 12+ years of industry relevant experience to the table for their clients to develop premium, out-of-box creative solutions that set them apart.

Global Brands

Our extraordinary services are utilized by mega brands all over the world like Disney, AXA, Audi, Dailyhunt and many more.

Vast Portfolio

Having developed more than 2000 projects, we have revolutionized every industry with our apps including fitness, logistics, retail, healthcare, insurance, and more.

Innovation Partner

TechAhead’s inclusive culture brings creative designers from the USA and talented developers from India together to provide only the best business solutions.

Enterprise back-end services

By using PHP, Java, and .NET, our developers create complex EDA workflows, distributed SOA-systems, message-oriented middleware layers, and SOAP web services for providing enterprise business solutions.

Amalgamation of Ideas

TechAhead’s inclusive culture brings creative designers from the USA and talented developers from India together to provide only the best business solutions.

Our benchmark work in
Backend Development

TechAhead is an expert in digital transformation, using the best codes and design to
create innovation and excellence. Find out some incredible success stories of our backend API
development company that created history.


Robust ERP for Contractors

We eliminated manual processes, developed
a feature-rich, Cloud-based mobile ERP
solution for contractors.

Find Out How

IoT-Powered Smart Homes

We leveraged IoT, human-centric design &
powerful tech to bring a never seen before smart
home solution.

Find Out How

Our featured clients

  • AXA
  • Audi
  • Allianz
  • ICC
  • Lafarge
  • Great American Insurance Group
  • ESPN-F1
  • Disney
  • American Express
  • Cengage

Enhanced Deliveries For OrderNow

We created a robust backend system for food
order processing to swiftly process food orders,
and manage a surge in demand.

Case Study

TechAhead’s support has allowed the client to effectively
scale according to rising demand. The team has provided
exceptional leadership, filling all of the client’s technical
gaps. They go above and beyond to ensure that
the client is completely satisfied. They’re also able
to hit all deadlines.

Mike Stafiej Founder, B2B Startup

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Backend development
that puts your needs

TechAhead operates on customer satisfaction and
therefore puts your needs on priority. Our developers
bring innovative ways to handle your backend using
agile methods so your business never halts.

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Custom backend development

With a team of experienced backend developers, we deliver unique backend solutions for simpler and more complex web applications that store, process and manage data served from different sources.

Backend API management

By using API tools such as soapui, katalon studio, and postman we create, manage and deploy application programming interfaces in scalable and secure environments both in the cloud and on-premises.

Data storage backend app

We build the perfect backend application that can store relational data in cloud-based distributed database systems and let you scale easily when hosted on cloud-based computing services.

Backend CRM development

At TechAhead, we develop, design, and help you implement a complete CRM platform that meets all
your requirement. We follow all the guidelines through our professional technical experts.

Event-driven backend development

By using Node.js and MongodB development aptitude and NoSQL data schema, our highly experienced backend developers create real-time communication applications and event-driven backends.

Backend app admin

By using the backend admin engine, we can easily add powerful analytics tracking, cloud database, and
push notification services in your mobile apps, whether you need iOS, Android, or cross-platform apps.

Accelerate business growth with TechAhead
as your technology partner

With more than 12 years of experience in app development, TechAhead is trusted by global brands
and innovative startups. We have won more than 35 top app development company awards for our
high-performance apps with human-centric experiences.

  • Top-notch Security

    We have in-depth knowledge of MDM/MIM/MAM principles, access controls techniques, identity federation, generating API keys, which sits well with our ethical practices to keep your data secure from every threat.

  • Technical expertise

    TechAhead’s visionary staff offers expert consultancy so that you can choose the most appropriate backend tech for your business.

  • Follow SDLC

    TechAhead handles the entire lifecycle of your mobile application backend from planning, UI/UX design, app implementation & testing to app delivery made possible by our professional team of technical gurus.

  • Proactive approach

    With clear project management and monitoring, we handle your network 24/7 for identifying and addressing issues before they take a drastic turn. We keep everything aligned in advance.

  • Migration to cloud

    By utilizing a wide range of cloud computing services, TechAhead helps migrate backend systems to public, private, and hybrid clouds according to your business requirements.

  • Back-end connectors

    To allow analysis and processing of multiple distinct sensor signals from connected devices, we create smart data access tools and ETL solutions that will catch and fortify this information into your backend application.

Are you ready to strengthen the
backend of your business?

Our Incomparable experience in a
broad spectrum of industries!

We believe that we can create an app for you, no matter which industry you’re coming from. The
reason being that we have an arsenal full of apps belonging to different niche sectors and more.

Amplify your understanding
of backend development

Read our expert developers sharing their valuable input in the backend development and get
an idea about our always learning and sharing approach.

FAQs- more on backend development company

Where is Backend Server useful?

Our mobile app developers can connect your applications to backend cloud storage and processes, whether you need native iOS, Android, Windows apps, or cross-platform (Xamarin or others) apps. Common features provided by the backend server includes:

  • Enterprise systems connect
  • File storage
  • Custom Objects (Database)
  • Push Notifications
  • User Management
  • Geolocation

Does TechAhead provide Cloud Deployment services?

TechAhead works with our partners on their choice of hosting strategy, but we highly recommend cloud hosting because of its scalability and security features. Our experts have years of experience deploying server and other back-end applications for our clients on the most trusted cloud services providers, including Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, and more.

Why does my business require a backend architecture?

Backend API development is a requisite for every business since it allows you to create a seamless user experience and meet the current market needs. It is responsible for organizing and storing data, and ensuring that everything on the client-side works perfectly. The role of backend is to communicate with the frontend, sending and receiving key information to be displayed.

Do you provide website and app maintenance?

Absolutely! Our partnership does not end with the deployment of the application, but continues to track how it is performing. We analyze the user behavior and analytics, and suggest necessary changes and upgrades.

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Deepak Sinha

Chief Technology Officer


Deepak is Chief Technology Officer at TechAhead, where our team develops the next-gen backend APIs for global businesses. He will consult you on the backend development project.

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