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Triggered a sales revolution

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We deployed an industry-first, fully immersive 3D visualization app for Audi’s
sales team that enabled them to increase their sales by 15%, and enhanced
user engagement by 42%. This was a sales revolution for Audi.

Audi: Luxury on wheels

Audi denotes luxury & premium automobile experience, promising an adrenaline-rushing adventure on the
wheels, with an unmatched aura and feel. Founded in 1909, Audi is the perfect example of the finest German
automobile engineering, having a presence across 10 countries, and a workforce of 90,000 employees.
Audi is worth more than €66.878 billion.



Audi’s expectations & needs

Audi wanted to adopt and embrace the shift in the mindset of their target audience,
who are now more digital, more demanding, and totally uncompromising when it comes
to buying luxury products. They wanted a digital platform to enable their sales team with
more ammunition and more features to generate more sales, and delight their target
audience with never-seen-before digital innovation.


Tech-powered sales platform

Audi wished for a unique, technology-powered sales platform for their sales team, who are
present inside their showroom, convincing their visitors to opt for Audi. Since Audi has a
premium benchmark, they wanted this new sales platform to match their vibes.


3D visualization

Since Audi’s targeted customers are now more digitally savvy, and aware of the
advancements in technology, they wanted a 3D visualization of their premium
cars, right on the digital app.


Connected & optimized CRM

And lastly, Audi demanded a connected and integrated Sales platform that
not only connected with their Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
tools but also other departments within their company.


Our secret recipe

Audi’s specific and highly advanced requirements motivated us to conceptualize and design a
sales platform that the automobile industry has never ever witnessed. We deployed multi-paradigm
programming logic along with highly complex algorithms to ensure that the iPad app we developed
for Audi is able to fulfill all their requirements, and their sales team is able to showcase their
products in a unique, breathtaking way.

Our digital solution empowered Audi to increase its sales, lower lead
generation costs, and boost user engagement.


3D Visualization on iPad app

Our industry-first iPad app called ‘Sales Assist’ empowered Audi’s sales team to
present at the showroom to showcase & compare their cars via 3D visualization,
providing a deep, immersive experience in real-time. This was a game-changer
moment for the German auto brand.


Optimized app performance

To optimize the app’s performance, we deployed a DCT based compression
algorithm on MATLAB, an innovation that allowed us to showcase ultra-high quality
images and animation without disrupting the app’s performance.


Integrated sales channel

To assist all sales experts and dealers associated with Audi, we integrated the
sales app with their CRM software, and this was a masterstroke. With connected
sales apps and CRM platforms, conversions happen faster.


Stunning sales transformation

As a direct result of our innovation and creativity in developing this sales app, Audi
reported a massive 42% increase in user engagement, 15% increase in productivity of
their sales team across various dealers, and 3% reduction in lead generation cost.

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TechAhead triggered a Digital Transformation for Audi, unleashed a sales
revolution by developing an iPad app that stunned the automobile industry. 3D
visualization, without slowing down the app, and a completely connected sales app-
enabled Audi to delight their customers, sell more cars, register more revenues
while lowering down the lead generation cost. Audi’s iPad app development
is a landmark moment in our history.

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