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Formula 1 Racing

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TechAhead developed a unique mobile app, in collaboration with renowned
sports TV channel ESPN, that decoded Formula 1 racing, and provided an
adrenaline-rushing experience for all car racing fans.

In a path breaking collaboration, ESPN and
TechAhead launched a one of its kind mobile app,
for experiencing Formula 1 via smartphones.

About Formula 1 Racing

Formula 1 racing is considered the highest class of international auto racing, specifically for single-seater
formula racing cars, as sanctioned by Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). An audience of 1-2 billion
for all cumulative seasons is a common occurrence, making it one of the most viewed sporting events ever.


Expectations from ESPN

Right before the start of Formula 1 season, ESPN wanted a comprehensive guide for
car racing fans, across the globe: A mobile app that provided real-time information
and details about the F1 racing to the fans, and provided them insights and data
about the ongoing and current races.


Live commentary of races

The mobile app user should be able to access live commentary of the ongoing
Formula 1 races that were happening in real-time: One single platform to listen
to experts talking about the races as they were happening.


Calendar-based info matrix

One of the biggest problems that car race fans encounter is keeping up with the races,
and the scheduled events under Formula 1 season. A calendar-based information
matrix was required for this mobile app, for the current and upcoming F1 season.


Real-time race information

ESPN wanted a mobile app-based information repository that provided real-time
information about all the ongoing and upcoming Formula 1 racing via one single platform.


Access to historical information

The car race fan using this mobile should be able to access historical and interesting
information about the races, drivers, tracks, past wins, losses, and more.


Our secret recipe

Deploying cutting-edge mobile and Cloud technologies, we conceptualized and designed a robust
Android-based mobile app for Formula 1 racing, as per the expectations of ESPN. This mobile app
later became a benchmark for all sporting-related mobile apps, in terms of usability, user
experience, and information structure.


Complete Formula 1 racing experience on mobile

The mobile app we developed for ESPN provided a comprehensive and immersive Formula 1
racing experience for car racing fans, across the world. They were able to access news related
to the car races, features of the cars, information about the drivers & teams, with few taps.


Easy access to real-time information

The mobile app we developed in collaboration with ESPN provided easy access to
real-time information about all the ongoing Formula 1 races, happening at the
moment. Powered with features such as live commentary, the fans were closer
than ever to the high-profile Formula 1 racing.


Highly advanced information access via intuitive design

There is a wealth of information about every Formula 1 racing, and our mobile app
helped the users to gain access to that information via human-centric design philosophy.
We deployed an intuitive design platform, that helped the users to get critical information
such as live championship leaderboard status, race schedule information, history of the
track/circuit, profiles, etc via one single glance.


Live coverage of Formula 1 racing via mobile app

One of the cutting-edge features we incorporated was: Live Coverage of the Formula 1
race, right into the mobile app. This way, the car racing fans need not look for any other
medium to watch and track the race, and they were able to experience Formula 1
racing right on their mobile.

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Formula 1 racing is one of the most followed and viewed racing events in the
history of sports, and ESPN is one of the biggest sports channels covering 100
million+ viewers across the world. We at TechAhead collaborated and partnered
with ESPN to deliver one of the most popular Formula 1 racing apps,
that set new benchmarks in sports entertainment.

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