Technology powered innovation
triggered more business for this 188
year old building material czar

  • Client: Lafarge

  • Industry: Construction

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We used logic & codes to revolutionize
188-year old construction business

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By deploying the right technological stack and advanced programming and
logic algorithms, we triggered a revolution for Lafarge, a 188-year old construction
material behemoth from France. Find out how we empowered our client to
generate 40% more enquiries and an 80% reduction in GPS errors.

Enquiries and leads increased by 40%, sales, and
marketing costs reduced by 20%, and GPS-related errors
reduced by more than 80%. This translates to more
happy & loyal customers, for life.”

Meet our client: Lafarge

Headquartered in Paris, France, Lafarge is one of the biggest building material companies, with a
glorious history of 188 years. They specialize in providing high-quality building products such as cement,
construction aggregates, and concrete. With a presence across 80 nations and 75,000 employees, Lafarge
owns assets worth €34.804 billion and generates more than €1 billion in revenues every year.


Problem #1: Inaccurate GPS Data

WeatherMix branded concrete and cement products are extremely advanced and
sophisticated, and highly sensitive towards the prevalent weather conditions. Due to
incorrect GPS location, Lafarge was not able to understand their customers’ exact location,
and this prevented them from shipping the right WeatherMix product. They asked
us to solve this problem via technology and programming acumen.


Problem #2: Discovering right product

Lafarge customers were not able to ship the right WeatherMix product, due to inconsistent
information and details about their properties. Different kinds of WeatherMix products are
suitable for different kinds of properties, based on the location, size, soil composition,
weather condition, and more. Lafarge asked us to solve this major problem in their new
mobile app, by using scientific data and location-based information.


Problem #3: Connecting with dealers

Lafarge wanted to expand their sales and generate more revenues by connecting the
dealers with their customers in real-time. In their mobile app, they wished for a platform or
a feature that seamlessly connected their clients with the nearest dealers, and enable
them to order their WeatherMix and other products quickly for swift deliveries.


We accepted the challenge.


Our secret recipe

The needs and requirements of Lafarge with respect to the WeatherMix line of products, and
enhancing the user experience of their customers on their mobile apps was difficult and challenging.
We had to reinvent GPS-related technologies, optimize them, and then deploy them for solving the
pain points and ensuring optimal performance. We followed a human-centric design approach to
simplify the user journeys and helped Lafarge to accelerate business growth in a short time.


Solution #1: Highly Advanced GPS Data

We used triangulation technology along with fused location methods to gather location
data from multiple points and provide highly accurate GPS data of the end-users so that
Lafarge dealers are able to quickly find out which WeatherMix product will be suitable for
them. Due to this advanced GPS solution, Lafarge customers were able to receive the
right concrete and cement product, for optimal construction output.


Solution #2: Size & geometry of job site

We added new and advanced features in the mobile app, that enabled the customers
and construction workers to share exact geometry-related data about the job site, and
share the information with Lafarge dealers. With this data, the Lafarge management team,
and their dealers were able to swiftly understand the terrain and shape of the property
and accordingly shipped the most feasible WeatherMix product for ensuring
the long term success of the construction project.


Solution #3: Real-time connection with dealers

The manual tasks of documents and policy management became completely digital and
mobile. Customers are now able to quickly share the required documents, save their policy
details in a centralized Cloud server, and access them as and when required. With a powerful
document and policy management foundation, the app quickly became the most preferred
choice for insurance seekers.

The tech-powered innovation unleashed for Lafarge by TechAhead had a direct impact on their bottom
line: Enquiries and leads increased by 40%, sales, and marketing costs reduced by 20%, and GPS-related
errors reduced by more than 80%. This translates to more happy & loyal customers, for life.

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TechAhead conceptualized and developed next-gen mobility solutions for Lafarge, and
enabled them to get more leads, generate more sales, and save more money. They were
able to delight their customers with exceptional UX/UI and resolved their pain points
in a timely manner.
We empowered Lafarge to cement their position in the construction and building material
industry and triggered a business revolution for this 188-year old company.

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