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American Express

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Around a decade back, when digital and mobile platforms were still evolving,
and very few global brands had any digital presence, we partnered with American
Express and boosted their sales and customer acquisition process with a unique
Mobile & Cloud platform. Find out how we empowered a 171 year old financial
behemoth with technology and changed their vision about the future.

We partnered with American Express and boosted
their sales and customer acquisition process with a
unique Mobile & Cloud platform

About American Express

Founded in 1850 in New York, USA, American Express is one of the biggest global finance brands
with revenues of more than $36 billion, and employing 64,000 employees. At one time, 22% of all
credit card transactions in the US were processed by American Express. Last year,
they made a profit of $3 billion, a record in the finance industry.


The problem

Few years back, American Express, the 170-year-old financial behemoth, faced the daunting
task of information collaboration for their 62,000+ employees. They had tons of data but
lacked a comprehensive platform to access that data when they needed it. Faced with
stiff competition from new, emerging startups, it was a matter of their survival.


Real-time access to information

American Express has millions of customers and tera-bytes of data about them. But they
didn’t have any robust platform to access that data in real-time. This prevented their sales
and marketing professionals from using that data when it needed it most: While interacting
and dealing with customers, and while pitching new services and products to them.


360-degree information about clients via mobile app

Although American Express boasted of a massive expository of data about their millions of
customers, they wanted access to that data instantly, via mobile apps and hand-held devices.
Their sales and marketing experts and customer service representatives were not able to
access that information in real-time, while interacting with their potential leads, and this
impacted their overall productivity.

It was a matter of survival for the 170-year old financial behemoth.
We accepted the challenge.

American Express App

Our secret recipe

Based on our decades of experience and expertise in understanding business problems,
we brainstormed ideas with American Express management and tried to decode their pain points,
related to the sales and customer acquisition process. We ensured that state-of-the-art technology
is deployed to provide both real-time and off-line information to their massive workforce of 64,000+
employees and empower them with data and information to make the right,
timely and powerful business decisions.


Mobile-based sales CRM for real-time information

Deploying cutting edge Mobile & Cloud technologies, we sculpted a unique mobile-based
Sales CRM for their employees, that enabled them to access real-time data and insights about
all their customers. Armed with real-time data and insights, their sales, marketing, and
customer representatives were able to generate more sales and more revenues.


Customized sales platform for making
quick business decisions

Imagine the power you hold, when you are able to get detailed information about your
potential customers, and their pain points in real-time. We conceptualized and designed
a fully customized and tailor-made mobile-based Sales CRM, that empowered American
Express employees to make quick business decisions, and enabled them to convert
more leads, and sell more products and services.


Empowering 64,000+ employees with insights,
data & communication channel

The Sales CRM we developed was based on Mobile and Cloud technologies, and this enabled
64,000 + employees of American Express to not only access real-time information about their
clients but also communicate with one another, and share ideas, data, and wisdom for
understanding their customers in a better way. We helped American Express to ignite a sales
revolution, and trigger more revenues using information and insights optimally.

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In the technology services space, it all boils down to the vision you have:
You will need to think and plan what the next generation of users/customers will
want to experience, and plan your today accordingly. This vision of TechAhead was the
reason why American Express selected us to develop their Sales Platform, and we left
no stone unturned to ensure that their business objectives are met and satisfied.

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