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We pride our experience in offering highly advanced
solutions to implement our clients’ ideas that require
innovative technology, such as proximity sensors,
pressure sensors, and augmented reality,
among others.

IoT App Development Company

Unlock full potential of cloud
technology: Our offerings

Leverage the power of the cloud to build or migrate your software easily. We provide
diverse cloud application development services so you can successfully streamline your
operations and scale up your business.

Custom App Development

Tailored-fit cloud application development solutions with hands-on design in making a custom-built app from the ground up or scale your current system so it can achieve its true potential.

Cloud Deployment

For businesses looking for effectively managing all components of IT infrastructure, we offer cloud engineering and management solutions so your business can scale without any technological limitations.

Software Integration

For today’s businesses, software integration is a must to drive higher business growth. To attain maximum profitability, we deliver scalable products that allow business cloud-driven environments to grow as a company prospers.

Cloud Maintenance

A dedicated Support Team will be assigned for your project which will monitor issue remediation and provide assistance against cyber threats, keeping business data security a top priority at all times.

Our Featured Clients

  • AXA
  • Audi
  • Allianz
  • ICC
  • Lafarge
  • Great American Insurance Group
  • ESPN-F1
  • Disney
  • American Express
  • Cengage

Walkthrough of success: Stories of our
cloud application development services

We are the experts of digital and mobility transformation, using codes, design, and
lots of passion and innovation. Find out some incredible success stories of our cloud
application development services that created history.

CPM - Cloud Engineering


We eliminated manual processes, developed
a feature-rich, Cloud-based mobile ERP
solution for contractors.


We empowered DailyHunt to serve 300 million+
users with customized news stories, delivered
swiftly via Cloud.
MicrosoftTeams image

More Sales For American Express

We empowered American Express to generate more sales, more revenues by leveraging the power of Mobile & Cloud.

Case Study arrow

TechAhead has delivered the full stack. They had been very
communicative and flexible with their management.
The internal team had direct access to their development team,
who led a responsive workflow, as well. Overall, the
team carried a out great quality of work.

Al Romero
Product Manager, Real Estate Company

Cloud app development:
Our methodologies

Our cloud development services are designed to satisfy your current and future business necessities. TechAhead developers provide far-reaching cloud implementation roadmaps so your company can grow while benefiting from a flexible and robust software infrastructure.

Requirements and analysis

We define the requirements of the system in detail with interviews and thorough functionality questions and expectations. Our experts then proceed to draw your business requirements to sustain efficient product results.

Quick design

A preliminary design is made, with no coding or programming involved. In this stage, our designers correlate the product with you and ensure all preliminary and intermediary expectations are characterized under a broad spectrum.

Build prototype

Once the design concept is approved by you, our engineers and IT development experts move on to building the first prototype with basic functionality and only the core features.

User evaluation

The prototype is tested via multiple users to evaluate strengths, from functionality to aesthetics and to identify weaknesses. Every input is taken into account and compiled before a final version.

Refining prototype

Using all information gathered, the advanced final version is displayed to the client. This phase is where most of the time and resources are invested as many iterations are often necessary to achieve the ideal end product.

Engineer product

Once the final product is approved, it goes through a series of quality controls and rigorous testing before it is deployed as a complete & capable final product.

Enhance your agility with
the power of cloud applications

Our cloud app development services are designed to revolutionize the way businesses
operate. By adopting cloud-based applications, we leverage our cloud expertise to guarantee
that your application will arrive with everything your business needs.

Pool of talents

We lead the digital transformation of companies worldwide driven by the top IT talents in the industry, from fully managed teams to individual expert engineers.

Powerful digital solutions

We develop cloud applications that digitize enterprise internal or external processes, modernize legacy apps, and improve the mobile experience in a fast and affordable manner.

Shining track record

We have successfully delivered 2000+ user-friendly apps, mobility solutions, and cloud transformation infrastructures that are impacting millions of users.

Innovative & competent ecosystem

Our dedicated designers in Los Angeles, USA, and our top-notch programmers in Noida, India is a standstill proof of never-ending commitment to strive full towards your success.

Industry acumen

With 13+ years of unbreakable experience in cloud computing services, TechAhead engineers dominate the digital-bourses in delivering assured digital solutions.

Global brands

Robust, out-of-the-box and disruptive product solutions are major reasons why brands like American Express, Disney, Audi, AXA, ICC, and others trust us and believe in us.

Let’s build your dream! Join
forces with #1 cloud application
development company

Cloud app development services
for all industries

In more than a decade of our existence, we were more than honoured to work with some of the
top global brands, across different industries, allowing us to impact innumerable users
globally. We specialize in both B2C and B2B cloud application development services.












Wellness & Fitness








Social Media


Food & Restaurant



Real Estate

Real Estate

Cloud application development:
Everything you need to know

Benefits of Cloud Application Development

Cloud applications allow your business to quickly and easily access store information anywhere and anytime using an internet connection. These apps also enhance an enterprises’ staff and client collaboration and lead to much higher productivity than traditional online/offline apps used in many workplaces.

How to choose a reliable partner for Cloud Application Development?

You should like the company and its principles. Find out their reputation, level of cloud experience. Read reviews, and talk to customers whose situation is similar to yours. Finally, the provider should hold a formal management structure and a formal process for assessing third-party service providers and vendors.

Why TechAhead for Cloud Application Development?

With more than 13 years of experience in delivering cutting-edge digital transformation and mobility solutions, especially in the domain of cloud & macOS platforms, TechAhead has been ranked among the top IT Services Companies by Clutch. We are among the top multicultural companies with a presence across Los Angeles and Noida.

What are the top Cloud apps developed by TechAhead?

We are a world-class digital transformation and mobility solution company. Over 2,000+ project developments with global brands like American Express, Audi,, AXA, Disney, and a lot more including the World’s #1 Mum’s fitness apps “Healthy Mummy” attracting over 2M+ users are one of the many of our success stories.

What about Data security and integrity of Cloud apps?

Our three tiers of top-quality custom services complement or supplement internal management operations: monitoring, remediation, and management. We ensure that our client’s data is encrypted, safe, and secured. We exercise a 100% transparency policy to keep us and our clients on the same page.

How to get cloud app maintenance help and post-Launch support?

Our role doesn’t end after the launch of the cloud app. Once the cloud app is live, we provide all-around app monitoring and tracking services to ensure your app is running without any bugs or issues. We provide customization solutions as well, based on our client’s business development and customer needs.

Tools & technologies deployed for cloud application
development services

We choose the most diligent approach when it comes to deploying the latest and most secure
cloud app development technologies. With full support from Amazon, Microsoft, and many more,
our Cloud & IT engineers are backed with the latest cloud software tools like AWS, and
Azure, guiding us towards our client’s ultimate goal.

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Insights on cloud application
development strategies

Cloud, being a cost-effective network technology, is leading global ventures to an agile, strong-worthy, and secure networking solution for data handling. Let’s explore in more detail how cloud computing services are becoming the next “Revolutionary” technology for developers and businesses.

Fintech AI Use Cases

Top 25 Fintech AI Use Cases

Best “Martech” tools you need for your Mobile App’s Success.

Best “Martech” tools you need for your Mobile App’s Success.

How to Leverage User & Product Analytics: A Guide to Boost App Engagement

How to Leverage User & Product Analytics: A Guide to Boost App Engagement

FAQs- More on cloud app development

Cloud app development cost depends on variable aspects. These can vary from business to business. But, in an overview, the cost of building a cloud application is mainly affected by the-

  • Complexity of app features.
  • Development method for app features (built with ready cloud services or coded from scratch).
  • Number of user roles.
  • Complexity of the application logic and workflows.
  • Number and complexity of integrations with other software systems.
  • UI design uniqueness and complexity.

The difference between a cloud-based app and a traditional app is where the data and infrastructure for the app resides. When you download a traditional app, you’re downloading an entire software package onto your device. Whereas, cloud applications store the user data on private hosted servers and is available 24*7 online.

Timelines for developing cloud-based apps also vary widely, often depending on some of the same factors that drive cost. Complexity of the app is obviously a factor- the more developers have to create, the longer it will take. Share a bit about what you’re trying to accomplish, and our team can provide you with options and potential timeline scenarios.

Though cloud services are multiplying by the minute, we could divide them into 4 distinct categories that are broad enough to encompass most of them:

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provides instant computing infrastructure over the internet, relieving you from the hassle of buying and managing your own physical infrastructure.

Platform as a service (PaaS) provides the same infrastructure (servers, storage, and networking) over the internet but it adds middleware, development tools, BI services and more.

Software as a service (SaaS) allows you to pay and use an app that’s running on the cloud and that was developed by a third party. The underlying infrastructure and middleware are all concerns of the provider while you only focus on using the software as it’s provided to you.

Serverless. Serverless services are more agile and easily scalable but provide less control over the development environment.

Embrace cloud-specific development platforms, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft’s Azure, or Apache’s CloudStack. Having cloud engineers that know their ins and outs is a must to truly leverage the power of the cloud.

Keep an eye out on performance issues. It’s essential to be aware of the design of the cloud network to anticipate potential bottlenecks and lag issues in the connections between web, database, and application servers.

Devise a robust integration strategy. With hybrid clouds becoming more and more, it’s crucial for your cloud developers to understand how to properly integrate the different moving parts of your cloud environment in the safest way possible. Failing to do so can lead to increased exposure and vulnerability.

Increase your visibility in all connections. In the cloud, there are so many parts that have to work perfectly for the whole system to work that you need to be sure you’re monitoring all of them at all times.

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