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At TechAhead, we are always striving for the most unique
experience for our clients. To ensure the best output that
guarantees converts, we put the expertise of our crew to
good use so that an inefficient, slow interface never
hampers your business. Let us handle all your web
development needs and sit back while we create a
seamless experience for your customers!


Leverage a team of experts
at your disposal

With an aim to provide best-in-class services, TechAhead team relentlessly supports all your needs.
We don’t limit ourselves to just developing AngularJS applications but rather go beyond. Our
services include consultancy, development and maintenance and support. Be it single-page
applications or web apps, we got your back!

We Work Together

TechAhead works closely with you to turn your objectives into reality. We consider your work as our personal goal.

Diverse & Innovative Brains

Having a real-world presence in India & the USA, we bring diverse perspectives around your project and curate it beyond expectations.

Time-oriented & Productive Vision

We respect your time and maximize our efforts for faster delivery with no compromise on quality. Timely delivery gears TechAhead’s vision.

Ethical Work Guaranteed

When you put your trust in us, we return the favor by driving to provide you with no hidden costs or data loss. Our professional relations are exemplarily faithful.

Design for Future

TechAhead is a place of thinking forward. We place our abilities to develop feasible applications that you can rely on.

Client-centric Policies

Our operations revolve around you. TechAhead keeps customer satisfaction as a priority. Whatever road you choose in the journey, we follow you!

Successful implementation of Angular JS
app development services

It was back in 2010 when Angular JS was launched. Since then we have successfully
integrated this robust technology into hundreds of applications and ensured a smooth operation.
Here are a few of our success stories.


Reinvented Cricket With ICC

We partnered with ICC, World’s 2nd biggest
sports federation to re-invent cricket & delight
460 million fans.

Find Out How

Robust ERP for Contractors

We eliminated manual processes, developed a
feature-rich, Cloud-based mobile ERP
solution for contractors.

Find Out How

Our featured clients

  • AXA
  • Audi
  • Allianz
  • ICC
  • Lafarge
  • Great American Insurance Group
  • ESPN-F1
  • Disney
  • American Express
  • Cengage

Delighting Pickleball Players

Designed & nurtured a community of passionate
Pickleball players to interact, play, and forge
lifelong relationships.

Case Study

TechAhead delivered a user-friendly, well-designed, and
functional app that has already garnered high praise from early
users. The personable team communicated seamlessly and
demonstrated an impressive work ethic. Internal
stakeholders intend to maintain a long-term
partnership with them.

Austin Ollis Founder & CEO, PicklePlay

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AngularJS- Innovative Technology that bundles benefits

Unlock the benefits of Google-powered AngularJS that
simplifies development and hastens the process so
that your customers never complain about speed!

Let's talk

A Google product

Backed by Google, AngularJS is maintained by the tech giant so it never fades out of the market and creates a vibrant community of developers who work together. Additionally, plugins and frameworks come handy for both developers and designers.

Time Saver Architecture

The model-view-controller architecture or the MVC speeds up the development process by offering quicker debugging, developer collaboration, and simple update techniques. The framework caters to the needs of growing app demands.

Unit and End to End testing

AngularJS comes handy in unit and end to end (E2E) testing. By integrating specified components together, E2E testing helps in ascertaining the desired result while unit testing checks isolated pieces of code well therefore ensuring your application never falters.

Two-way data binding

With two-way binding, synchronization of data is an easy task. The data is automatically updated amongst the components. A feature that benefits a lot in web development by cutting the need and time to manipulate complex DOM.

Built-in Dependency Injections

A mechanism that provides the dependencies to the components instead of coding them. This is especially beneficial for modularization of the application and reusing code, configuring, and testing it.

Localization that Caters All

AngularJS takes care of the linguistic and cultural challenges that come with applications being used globally. Welcome users in their local language, list prices in their currency, and make them home!

Make the right choice for
your AngularJS development

Your search for an expert team of developers ends here. TechAhead is home to creative
solutions with a knack to handle all your requirements.

  • Expert analysis and consultation

    Our experienced developers understand your business idea and provide market analysis and feasibility reports to guide you through and through.

  • Fast and Secure Development

    We understand the integral need of speed and security of applications and our skilled developers will provide just that!

  • Agile Methodology

    We adopt agile development methodology so you are always at the helm throughout the development journey.

  • Innovative Team

    Our most significant aspect is our ingenious team of 250+ that handles your tasks with creative, robust solutions.

  • Business Acumen

    With a vast experience in the industry, we manage to provide guidance to our clients to boost revenues and brand recognition.

  • Creative SPA ideas

    TechAhead recognizes the transition capacity of single page applications and implements creative ways to use AngularJS for your SPAs.

Are you ready to leverage the right
technology for your business?

Latest insights on Angular
application development

If you feel stuck, go ahead and read our exclusive blog where our analysts and
developers reveal detailed insights on the upcoming changes in the tech world. This will help
you to make an informed decision.

FAQs- More on Angular app development company

What makes you different from other agencies?

We provide diversified efforts for our clients since we have real-world presence in New Delhi and Los Angeles. Our hardworking programmers from India meet the creative brains of the USA to deliver robust and fleek digital services.

Can you deliver all our expectations?

Glad you asked! For over 13 years, we have pioneered in developing 2000+ applications that have gone live and successfully managed to create a sound impact for our clientele. Moreover, we have received 35 awards for our outstanding work and have been featured in leading media channels viz., CBS, CNBC, abc, Forbes, and many more.

Will you maintain and support my site post-development?

Yes and a huge yes. We strive to take our work to the next level. Our AngularJS
services include consultancy, support and maintenance to deliver top-notch customer satisfaction. We prioritize you.

Is my data safe in your hands?

We are built and work on the foundation of your trust and therefore take utmost care of your data. It is against our revered ethical integrity to mishandle your data. Your data is always safe, our promise.

What technologies do you mainly work upon?

You name it! We have technological prowess ranging from web development, mobile
app engineering, enterprise technologies, IoT and ML, to even Content Management
Solutions, Testing and QA, and smart TV apps. We have a skilled team backed by their industry-relevant experience.

Schedule a free expert session with our Angular app engineer

Vishal Sahu

VP- Technology


Vishal is a VP- Technology at TechAhead, where our team develops the next-gen applications for global businesses. He will consult you on the Angular app development project.

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