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AngularJS Development Company

As a leading AngularJS development company, we at TechAhead have worked with businesses to create powerful landing pages that convert. Whatever your industry, we have the expertise as well as experience to create secure and fast applications with amazing and highly responsive interfaces. We use AngularJS to ensure quick turnaround times while maintaining quality and speed.

Hire Skilled AngularJS Development Team

Hire the best AngularJS development company to help you develop fully customized applications, design user interfaces or provide consultancy. TechAhead specializes in building robust, efficient, secure and super quick single-page applications as well as web apps using AngularJS.

AngularJS Development Services

AngularJS Consulting

AngularJS Consulting

AngularJS Development

AngularJS Development

AngularJS Maintenance & Support

AngularJS Maintenance & Support

Advantages of AngularJS Mobile App Development

Developed by Google

AngularJS was developed by Google to enable use of JavaScript in creating robust web pages. Google has kept its promise and its large team of programmers combined with independent developers maintain AngularJS and ensure that it is never out of date.

Great model-view-controller

AngularJS automatically breaks down each component into the MVC framework. Reducing manual intervention, this decreases lots of work and saves time.

End to end testing

In keeping with the modern Agile approach to new product development, AngularJS is designed to supports end-to-end as well as unit testing. The tests are conducted automatically for each piece of new code.

Two-way data binding

AngularJS performs data binding not at each instance of change but at particular points during code execution. This improves performance as hundreds of cascading events do not hijack time and computing resources.

Dependency injection

Dependency injection it is not part of most of the frameworks. AngularJS has an injector subsystem that controls building components, resolving dependencies, and making them available immediately upon request.

Easy synchronization

AngularJS keeps the views in sync with data without requiring any DOM manipulation. This makes processes faster and less resource intensive.


Google, the parent company of AngularJS, believes strongly in localization of all software. It has passed on this legacy to AngularJS as well. It is very easy to localize your app, making users literally feel at home.

Why Choose Us for AngularJS Development Company

Why Choose Us for AngularJS Development Company

Expert analysis and consultation: Our team of AngularJS mobile app developers provide a quick analysis of your business idea, complete with market analysis and feasibility reports.

Fast and Secure development: We are experts in fast and secure development of solutions using the latest libraries and frameworks compatible with AngularJS.

Agile Methodology: Our team of experts adopts agile methodology from idea to delivery stages of product development.

AngularJS Development Expertise in a Wide Array of Industry Verticals


Be it patient management, critical care management, health record updating, TechAhead has prior experience developing some of the most engaging healthcare applications for our clients. Give the users what they desire the most – intuitive interface, access to health records, easy bookings and hassle-free prescription refills.

Retail and e-commerce

If you wish to be part of the booming retail and eCommerce industry, you must start out with innovative shopping apps developed by our experts to ensure rapid growth. Our team analyzes your unique requirements to create efficient, effective and engaging apps for your business.

Banking & Finance

Revolutionize the way people use financial apps by getting TechAhead experts to develop simple yet engaging and contextual apps. Tap into the increasingly mobile consumer who hates the traditional banking in favour of ease of access and transaction.

Travel & Tourism

Travellers are 100% digital. Disrupt the old order and reinvent the way people look at traveling through innovative and engaging app. Bring your ideas to us and our experts will transform it into futuristic app.

Media & Entertainment

Whether you are in the business of audio, video, ticket booking, chat shows, streaming, or something else, TechAhead has the right expertise to develop inventive apps that use the latest technologies. Injecting AI in your apps, you can even learn from user behavior to continually improve user experience.

Education & E-Learning

Build architecturally powerful apps that ensure single-click information dissemination to the users. Partner with TechAhead experts to enable learning in the mode the user wants – interactive sessions, e-books, multimedia lessons, practice tests and live problem solving.

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