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Effective & Result-Driven Piping Management System

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With a unique collaboration of technology and civil engineering, TechAhead created a
powerful piping management system for AquaTherm, a leading plastic pipe manufacturing
company from Germany. Created exclusively for employees and contractors, this piping
management app not only educated the employees with the latest information related to
pipes and engineering, but also engaged them, and empowered them with knowledge.

Using this highly advanced piping
management and engineering support system,
Aquatherm employees can seamlessly perform real-
time tests, get updated information, access manuals
and guides, and offer top-quality services
to their clients.

Precise & data-driven

TechAhead collaborated with Aquatherm to understand their requirements related to
pipping management and discovered the challenges that their employees and contractors
face while maintaining existing piping systems or installing new systems. Accordingly, our
team at TechAhead developed this powerful piping management system, which is exclusively
for their employees and contractors.


Tailor-made for different profiles

The piping management services offered by Aquatherm are handled by different
employees, handling different departments and having different specializations. This is the
reason that we developed this piping management system, tailor-made for different types
of employees such as Installer, Project Manager, Foremen, Engineers, and others.


Seamless Tracking Of Active Projects

The piping management system for Aquatherm has the capability to create different
projects, and seamlessly track active projects for higher productivity. With a single glance,
the project manager, or the supervisor can have a 360-degree view of the intrinsic details
related to the project, and take appropriate decisions, swiftly.


Employee Education & Awareness

Besides helping the employees to handle all projects related to piping management and
services, this app also provides timely, relevant, and updated information/news/updates
related to piping manufacturing, piping services, engineering related updates. This way,
employees are more engaged and more aware of their industry.


Highly Precise & Data Driven Piping Tests

In order to make sure that the piping system is working, and that there are no anomalies
or errors, engineers must perform some tests and experiments regularly. Tracking and monitoring
these results is tough with a manual system. TechAhead resolved this problem with this piping
management system, which offers highly precise and data-driven piping tests.


Hanger Spacing Calculator

In order to find out specific details related to hanger spacing, Aquatherm
employees can quickly insert critical details such as pipe SDR, pipe size and
maximum temperature in the app, and then find out the exact spacing
needed for optimal results.


Fusion timer test

The piping management system developed by TechAhead for Aquatherm
has a powerful and effective Fusion Timer Test simulation, wherein the
employees need to insert details such as pipe SDR, pipe size, tool used,
and drag pressure for getting accurate results.


Pressure Test Submission

For finding out about pressure tests, TechAhead incorporated an effective
simulation-based feature, wherein the employees need to enter details such as
system operating temperature, presence of copper in the system, and more.
Based on the details, this app will showcase the current testing pressure,
and reveal the maximum allowed testing pressure.

Project management
Project management

Aquatherm employees can swiftly create
projects, and categorize them based on the
clients and properties.

Data-driven test
Data-driven test

Aquatherm employees can perform highly
precise and accurate piping tests by inserting
relevant details, in real time.

Project specific details
Project specific details

Based on the projects and clients, employees
can not only perform advanced tests but also
get access to test results in a systematic way.

Outcome: Feature rich & data driven piping management system

Aquatherm Piping Management System is a unique amalgamation of technology and engineering,
which helps contractors, foremen, engineers, and other employees to swiftly check and detect
issues, and suggest the most result-centric piping solutions for their clients.


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