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Get hold of your user behavior and
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A Google Analytics alternative
that refuses to be ordinary

Uber, Expedia, Twitter, and GoDaddy have already utilized
Mixpanel to collect and discover data analytics. Mixpanel
will make your business smoother than ever by studying
the insightful data and quick decision-making.


What next? Get the best out
of Mixpanel only with TechAhead

As a leading development company with the brightest data analysts, TechAhead leverages Mixpanel
to support your business. From setting up to execution, we have it all under control!

  • Business-specific Dashboard

    TechAhead will customize your dashboard according to skill analysis and the niche of your work. A simple dashboard will allow you to dig data and unearth the ways to improve products or services.

  • Track Events

    TechAhead brings tremendous experience in understanding business and therefore knows what consumer activity is good for you. We set up user activities and events that are relevant to your business.

  • Understandable analytics

    TechAhead knows that learning from analytics can be difficult. Therefore, we implement Mixpanel so that data is comprehensive and easy to understand.

  • Expert Consultants

    TechAhead guides you in clearly segmenting your data. We will make data available for both product and service performance so you can know how anything works individually on your end-users.

  • Actionable Findings

    Mixpanel is an excellent tool for experimenting with products, messaging, and personalizing it overall, and TechAhead will study your business to design the right experimentation from collected data.

  • Improved CRM Methods

    TechAhead will set up Mixpanel according to your product’s features. You can learn the granular details in user monitoring to understand what acquisition techniques are working and which are not to carry out a premium CRM operation.

Our featured clients

  • AXA
  • Audi
  • Allianz
  • ICC
  • Lafarge
  • Great American Insurance Group
  • ESPN-F1
  • Disney
  • American Express
  • Cengage

Futuristic Social Media Platform

We created a robust, systematic, and seamless social media
platform with an exquisite user experience.

Case Study

Drive engagement, accelerate
growth with Mixpanel

As a certified Mixpanel partner, we empower you with best-in-class analytical capabilities to
optimize your conversion rate and ensure higher ROI’s. With our experienced team of Mixpanel
experts, we integrate focus metrics to leverage data which driven insights and helps you
to innovate your product and deliver the best user experience to your customers.


TechAhead optimized the app to function perfectly on both Apple
and Android devices, and the app’s primary users are very pleased
with the new features. The TechAhead crew responded quickly and
acted as a part of the internal team. Their efforts to
meet client needs were noteworthy.

Bruna TadrossCEO, Access International School

backgrond image

Mixpanel is a powerful
tool to learn more about
your customers

Get answers to all questions about your performance.
Using the simplicity of Mixpanel, you can visualize and
interact with your reports. It can make revelations
about customer behavior so that you make
your next move client and business-friendly.

Let's talk

Data Warehouse Integration

TechAhead will leverage Mixpanel in integrating Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, etc., and import all your data. Use the connectors and explore user/product behavior data without SQL.

Interactive Reports

Discover the ease of querying your data with a few clicks. You can visualize the data swiftly. You can forget waiting to make business decisions and stay dynamic.

Scalable event-analysis

Backed by its robust Arb database, Mixpanel can perform queries on event streams, clearing pre-computation from your way. Analyze the most extensive datasets using Mixpanel for your business, like Expedia, Uber, etc.

Special integrations

Mixpanel comes with over 50 integrations to bring only the correct data so that you perform the right actions in the right business sector, be it marketing, A/B Testing, business monitoring, etc.

Enriching dashboard

You can customize the dashboards for your team and make it easier for them to understand the data. Display the right charts, order the cards, resize; possibilities are endless.

Efficient Documentation

Display names, event categories and property definitions, and many more lexicons will make your data documentation as easy as it gets. Never delay the understanding or access of data so that you can make decisions faster.

TechAhead is a name synonymous with technical
perfection & user satisfaction

You have made the right choice for a development company that cares. TechAhead is a mighty team
of experts who will take over your technical challenges and deliver the optimum solution.

Global Presence

We are a trustworthy brand worldwide and have been chosen by some of the recognized giants. Audi, Disney, Allianz, AXA, and many more have trusted our delightful work.

Multicultural Team

Being operational from the USA and India, TechAhead gives multicultural opinions to your projects. Go and take over the globe with the help of our team from the east and the west.

Popular Brand

Our outstanding work has reached far and wide. TechAhead has found its place in some of the biggest media channels like Forbes, HuffPost, Hindustan Times, etc. We are delighted to be featured for our services and continue to work even more challengingly.

Recognized Efforts

TechAhead is a recipient of several awards and has been honored for its unique frontrunner services. We have over 35 awards from across the planet, including the Clutch Awards 2022.

Effective Results

We assure you that our work will make a difference in business performance. TechAhead has a history of creating products and services that have garnered over 2 billion user interactions and continue to grow.

Transparent Pricing

TechAhead works on the foundation of business ethics and charges transparently. We keep our pricing models open before you for clarity to get the most satisfying results that aren’t troublemakers for your budget.

Discover more about your customers
using Mixpanel consulting company

Mixpanel consulting company:
Everthing you need to know

How is product analytics beneficial?

Mixpanel will remove speculation or uncertainty from the picture. You can address a bunch of data collected as events or particular actions performed. This benefits in understanding how your customers are using digital products.

How does Mixpanel calculate the price?

It involves two ways; one is the MTU (Monthly Tracked Users) which calculates bills based on several users, and the second way is to estimate using several events that happened across all projects in a year.

What are events in Mixpanel?

Events are fundamental units of analytics in Mixpanel. Any particular activity or trigger by the user will be counted as Events. These events can track and collect data regarding specific actions such as purchases made, clicks done, etc.

What are properties in Mixpanel?

All the events and users can be segmented using properties. This will help you distinguish your data collected in more specific ways. Like purchases can be segmented into ‘ delivery method,’ ‘payment method,’ etc.

Does Mixpanel integrate with other tools?

Snowflake, BigQuery, and Redshift are a few tools Mixpanel can be integrated with. This event analysis tool will make data more insightful. CNN and Uber use such tools to strengthen their teams.

How safe is Mixpanel for my data?

They have their all-around privacy sorted and assure your data remains yours. They keep their APIs wholly open, so you can put or pull your data whenever you desire. It can be integrated with many tools to secure it further.

TechAhead is a platform for
enthusiastic learners and growers

We don’t just work and wash our hands with the technology. Our team is motivated to study
further and research more in the tech world. TechAhead team curates articles that can benefit
you as well. Do read our blogs to know the latest in the modern world.

FAQs- More on Mixpanel consulting company

Have you worked on any projects in my industry?

We have glorious 13 years of experience in development and served several industries in due course, including healthcare, media, education, fitness, etc. We are sure we will prove to be an asset in your business.

Where can I learn more about your work or projects?

We take pride in our work since it has kickstarted the growth streak in many of our clients. It is our pleasure to share insights regarding our work with you. Check out our portfolio to know more about our work.

Will you involve me a lot?

It depends on you. We would love to have you around us and share the in-depth work involved in creating the most magical & technical solutions. We are open to the idea of thoroughly describing the functions of the product that will come in handy.

What if my product fails to launch or becomes erroneous?

We are an extremely professional and user-centric company. TechAhead will take full responsibility for fixing any bugs that might appear after the delivery from our end. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

How will you charge?

We have three pricing models: staff augmentation, time and work, and the fixed cost model. Depending on your staff, time, or project clarity, you can choose and negotiate your way into the most optimum plan for yourself. Connect with us to know more!

What about my business data? Is it safe with you?

Yes, it is. TechAhead trains its staff to handle the user data cautiously and make sure it isn’t breached. We have zero-tolerance for data leaks and promise the same on paper by signing NDAs that are legally binding.

Schedule a free expert session with our mobile app engineer

Vishal Sahu

VP- Technology


Vishal is a VP- Technology at TechAhead, where our team develops the next-gen mobile apps for global businesses. He will consult you on the Mixpanel consulting project.

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