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Understand your users, improve user
experience, increase engagement using
behaviour insights for better ROI

Mixpanel app consulting partner

Mixpanel App Consulting Engage
Customers, Improve Results

As a certified Mixpanel partner, we empower you with best in class analytical
capabilities to optimize your conversion rate and ensure higher ROI’s.

With our experienced team of mixpanel experts, we integrate focus metrics
to leverage data which driven insights and helps you to innovate your product and
deliver the best user experience to your customers.

  • Define

    Define and segment any metric to
    understand behaviours that matter.
    Dig into any trend Find interesting

  • Measure

    Measure the impact of features &
    use A/B tests to experiment. Know
    which features have maximum
    impact on KPIs.

  • Innovate

    Decide which product ideas are worth
    pursuing, in what order. Weigh ideas
    against each other and prioritize
    important features first.

Benefits of Mixpanel Integrated
App Development

With our tailored analytics strategy, we help you optimize key metrics
and create better experience for your users

Analyse User flow

Analyse User flow

We help you map user’s interaction, identifying
both popular and unpopular parts of the app and
make suitable changes through updates

Integrate Marketing Tools

Integrate Marketing Tools

We enable you to seamlessly integrate external data
and marketing tools to take actions on the insights
we provide without hustle

Measure Features’ Impact

Measure Features’ Impact

Through integrated analytics solution, you
can measure the impact of the features and
take decisions based on users’ preference

Track Product KPIs

Track Product KPIs

We help you with seamless tracking of key performance
indicators for your product that can help you make
changes in the right direction

Analyse Cohort

Analyse Cohort

Better gauge the effects of changes, optimizations,
and monetization for your product by grouping
customers into cohorts utilising our data insights

Monitor User Engagement

Monitor User Engagement

We provide insights about user engagement
and behaviour that help you devise customer
retention strategies

Seamless integration with modern
data and marketing tools

Data cannot be linked to your revenues unless it’s actionable. We architect seamless
integration with external tools to put data to the best use for your benefit. With inbuilt feature, you
can also import data safely from multiple sources. Some of the notable actions facilitated
by this integration are:

Customer Engagement

Data Warehousing

Customer Data Platform

Campaign Attribution and Deep Linking


A/B Testing and Experimentation

Mixpanel App Development expertise

Our Mixpanel app development team comprises experts with experience in developing elegant,
efficient and robust apps integrated with focus metrics to analyze and use data efficiently. Have a question
about Mixpanel integration, Talk to us to explore how we can benefit you to engate customer engagement.

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Why choose TechAhead as your Mixpanel
App Integration Partner

Our Mixpanel experts have experience in setting up focus metrics, design funnels and
cohorts – helping our clients figure out which features are helping in increasing engagement. With the
actionable data driven insights, we empower you to make customer centric decisions that
translate into healthier bottom line

Certified Partner

As a certified Mixpanel partner,
we bring the best in class expertise
to help you increase engagement
with your customers

Dedicated Team

Collaborate with our highly qualified
Mixpanel experts for end to end
support starting from strategy
to implementation

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