We removed chaos & conflict
From social media & induced
curiosity & creativity


We designed & developed Ascend: A futuristic social
media platform that replaces chaos and conflicts with clarity
and curiosity that inspires the users to present their best
selves. We created a new dimension in the
social community.

  • Kotlin


  • Python


  • Angular


  • Swift


  • AWS Lambda

    AWS Lambda

  • Firebase


What is Ascend

Ascend is a new, exciting social media platform that curates meaningful content
and inspires the users to look beyond the normal, cliche & platitude content that is
dished out en masse via current social media apps. Ascend gives the power back to
the users, who are longing for meaningful connections & inspiring content
away from a fractured manipulated world.

Find out how we created history

Project Mission

The current social media platforms are snatching away control from the users, making them
addicted, powerless, and dependent on unverified, fake information. The primary objective of
this project was to change this trend, and offer a transformative user experience. The mission
was to create a social media platform that is fuelled by meaningful connections, curiosity, and
creativity, whose foundation is high-quality content, that inspires and creates a better world.


Collaborative, Verified Content

One of the key objectives of this project was empowering users with verified content:
the new social media platform should be able to deliver only high-quality content that is
verified by the community in real-time. Content is the soul and heart of any social media,
and there should be zero compromises on its quality.


Monetization of Content

The project roadmap had a strong vision of enabling a unique content monetization feature within
their new social media platform, wherein genuine and verified content creators can seamlessly
monetize their content in a fair and just way. Such monetization methodology also inspires
the users to create better content, creating a meaningful ecosystem.


Advanced User Filtering

There are billions of social media users, but a lot of them are bots, fake, which have been created
to sabotage the true principles of community, and unethically promote businesses. The mission of
this new social media was to stop this, by enabling advanced user filtering to ensure that only
genuine persons are active on the platform, and the users’ network.


Our secret recipe

The expectations from the clients were challenging, since they wanted to shift the paradigm of
social media communities, and infuse an entirely new, daring way to interact, communicate
and connect. We incorporated advanced technologies, sculpted a human-centric design
experience, and brainstormed ideas to include futuristic features and capabilities
never experienced before in a social media platform.

We reinvented the wonders of the social media community and changed its rules.
Despite Covid-19 playing havoc, and lockdowns hammered down everywhere, we managed
to deliver the project on time, without any compromises on the quality and experience.


Unleashing the power of content

We developed an advanced content moderation functionality, powered by the
community and driven by logic. Whenever any user posts any content, the experts
within the community will share their inputs and votes, to make sure that only
genuine, verified content is displayed for the other users. This translates to a close-knit
community, fuelled by high-quality content.


Unique way of content monetization

We designed a one-of-its-kind content monetization functionality that automatically
incentivizes the content creator, and at the same time, automatically deducts credits from the
viewer, without disrupting the overall experience of the community. For this functionality to
operate, we developed a unique social community-based economy within the platform.


Nurturing a meaningful community

We gave the power back to the users: The power to choose their network, the
power of choice and will. The users of this new social media platform are able to
define their own network, based on interests, locations, relationships, and more.
They can classify and categorize their connections, give them ratings, and much
more. This way, we empowered them to nurture a meaningful community.

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Ascend is a next-gen social media platform, that is stopping users to believe
unverified content, masquerading as truth. Ascend is helping to heal this fractured
manipulated world by offering a never-seen-before community that is powered by
genuine content, monetization features, and ultra-sharp user filtering. Together,
we shifted the paradigm of social media and community love.

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